Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Go Under the Veil, Not the Knife

It’s every woman’s dream to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day, but some brides-to-be take it to the extreme. According to a study by Cosmetic Surgery Today, the number of brides going under the knife before their big day has risen 25 percent. With shows like E!’s BridalPlasty, glorifying the women’s decision to turn to surgery, the number is sure to rise...

Famed plastic surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher has experienced this strive for perfection in his own practice, as many brides have come to him for pre-wedding consultations. His most recent bridal patient, Donna Gregory, worked with him to come with a more moderate plan, but did you know that Dr. Fisher actually turns away 40 percent of his patients?!

Dr. Fisher’s reasoning is that they simply because they do not need it! Luckily, he offers an alternative to plastic surgery to ensure that brides look perfect on their wedding day. His CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatment system, gives a more affordable option to plastic surgery. Each skincare product works to leave skin looking fresh, flawless, and visibly younger in just a few weeks!

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