Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Clean Look of Fashion

There are some things that I really do NOT enjoy doing. Laundry used to be one of them. Honestly, when it came to separating my laundry into all the various subcategories of whites, colors, denim, delicates, hideously stained and possibly unsalvageable, and the always malodorous workout wear, I practically needed a graduate degree in rocket science to figure out what settings, water levels, capacity, temperature etc. would be ideal for each load. And the fact that my crisp, formerly white Egyptian cotton sheets are now pink is proof that I often got it wrong. That all changed when I got the new Kenmore® Elite top-load washer and dryer. Not only is this dynamic duo the best thing to happen to laundry, but they are positively gorgeous as well. Isn't this polished ginger just perfect?!
What I love about these remarkable appliances is that they are the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The high-efficiency top-load washer has Smart Motion™ Technology, which custom-blends six different wash motions to ensure the right cleaning and care for entire wardrobe. No guesswork, no mistakes. There is a cycle for everything from your most delectable delicates and glamorous gowns (yes, I did wash my Marc Jacobs little black lace dress and it looks fabulous) to the kids' grass-stained soccer uniforms and whiffy workout wear. You can even customize a cycle if there is a particular setting that you use often!

I absolutely adore the large capacity, especially since there is no central agitator. (Don't you just hate it when your bra straps get all tangled up on that thing?) The stainless steel drum is a spacious 5.2 cubic feet, which means that I no longer have to haul my giant king-sized fluffy comforter to the cleaners. It also appeals to my eco-conscious side as a serious energy saver thanks to its Save Energy+ feature, which reduces water and energy consumption on select cycles.

The matching dryer, with it's extra-roomy 7.3 cu. ft.capacity, uses Sensor Dry technology to achieve a gentler way to dry. This technology automatically detects the moisture content in clothes to apply the right drying temperature and time. And my favorite feature: the drying rack. Now I can dry my sneakers without having them bang around the drum! It also keeps sweaters and delicates in excellent condition because they can dry flat. Love it!

And now for the bonus — no unnecessary trips to the dry cleaner! The innovative Steam Refresh feature works to reduce odors and relax wrinkles for less ironing. Clothes come out fresh, dry and ready to wear. You can rejuvenate your office suits and revitalize your chic and stylish cocktail wear. And the NSF®-certified* Sanitize cycle eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria. You can even sanitize items like pillows and teddy bears without washing them.

Both machines feature control panels that are very user-friendly and easy to follow. No longer is laundry a nightmare...and my Egyptian cotton sheets are no longer pink!

Disclosure: a free review sample of this product was provided by Sears Kenmore via Glam Media

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