Friday, March 25, 2011

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I've been putting off getting a new pair of reading glasses for about, let's see...3 years now. In fact, my old reading glasses are scratched, the earpiece is bent from where I slammed it in my desk drawer (totally an accident), one of the frames is cracked and they are just a knocked-off-the-nightstand away from being held together with electrical tape. And they do absolutely nothing for my sense of style. So why haven't I replaced them yet? I just don't have the time to go to try on frames! Now don't get me wrong, I go in for my yearly eye exam, but when it comes to trying on and choosing new frames while I'm there I always end up waiting in line behind the adorable little girl who can't decide which Disney Princess frame to choose and the sweet octogenarian needing industrial sized frames. Then my lunch hour ends and I'm out the door...with my same old boring glasses.

Well, no more Ma
rian the Librarian for me darlings! PearlVision has come to the rescue with The Try-On Tool - the easiest and most convenient way to find eyewear styles right from the comfort of your own home! And it is so, so simple. All you do is go to and start trying on frames! You can upload a photo, take a photo with your webcam, or just use one of the models available on the site. I found it was best to use the webcam because it allowed me to immediately start choosing frames and let me see exactly how they would look on me. (Which is the entire point!)

There is also a Style Recommender, which is a quick and simple survey that helps you determine the best style frames for your face shape, activity level, and style interest.

You can try on as many
different styles as you want, then save your favorites to a Voting Gallery to compare styles and let friends pick their favorites. You can also share photos on Facebook to find out what your friends think of your new look! Not only is it simple but it is fun! Check out a few of my new looks!

Pearl Vision offers
a clearly different optical experience by helping you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses before going to the store. Try frames online, vote for your favorites, or get a style recommendation at

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