Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What to Wear to a Wedding

Hi She She,
First of all, thank you for all your valuable insights to fashion/beauty! I am hoping you can help with this fashion dilemma. A very good friend of mine is getting married in roughly a month. (we've known about the plans for about a week) She is only having her 2 sisters as bridesmaids, and the rest of us will be considered "house party". We will have flowers and sit in the front, just won't be considered bridesmaids... which I think is great! Except, I asked the darling bride-to-be if she cared what we wore, and she actually wants us to wear coral...which is what the bridesmaids are wearing. Her day, her choice...but I am having a very difficult time finding something cute and affordable, without looking like a bridesmaid. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hi darling girl!

How fun!  There is nothing more exciting than attending a wedding! (I love to go just for the fashions)  I recently attended a wedding where all of the bridesmaids (and there were SEVEN of them!) wore black and white dresses. No two dresses were the same, they were all different styles, different lengths, but all had a black & white pattern in either a floral, or a graphic and it looked GORGEOUS! So with that in mind, I think it would be perfectly fine to wear a dress in any length or style, solid, patterned, or floral, as long as it is in some shade of coral. This one from J.Crew is ideal - the surplice bodice is very flattering and provides great coverage with just a hint of curves.  The A-line skirt is great for sitting, standing and dancing!

Here’s another option - a vibrant floral print This is a dress that will carry you through spring and summer parties and festive occasions!

Another option would be to go with a white or cream colored dress, (which you could definitely get tons of use out of this summer) and accessorize with a coral scarf, lightweight sweater or statement accessories in coral. It used to be taboo to wear anything in white or black to a wedding, but those rules went out with matching handbags and shoes and wearing white after Labor Day. 

 If you do choose to wear white, make sure that you accessorize boldly with color. A vibrant scarf, a bold necklace or bracelet, an elegant clutch, a pair of gorgeous heels - any of these will add the perfect finishing touch to a white or cream dress.

Hope this helps! Happy bridal party shopping!

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