Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take the Flavor Over Fizz Challenge With Crystal Light

Summer is finally here and with the temps climbing higher every day it's just a matter of time before they hit the triple digits. Good thing I took the Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge and found the perfect way to quench my thirst this summer!

Crystal Light is challenging women everywhere to give up soda for the summer and drink Crystal Light instead. Since I've been planning on giving up diet soda for quite some time now I was ready to jump on board. I received several packets of Crystal Light, all in different yummy flavors: Lemonade, Raspberry Green Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Iced Tea and my personal fave Peach Iced Tea. Just tear open the packet and pour it into 16 oz of water, shake it up and enjoy! These little packets are ideal for tossing into your handbag or even tucking into your jeans pocket for on-the-go refreshment.

And speaking of refreshment, there is nothing like a tall glass of Peach Iced Tea with sliced lemon and orange for a little added kick. With so many choices of fresh fruit at the local farmer's market I have been adding berries, cherries, lemon and lime to dress up my drink! With so many different flavors of Crystal Light the flavor possibilities are endless. And for those meltingly hot days, Crystal Light over crushed ice is absolute perfection!

So join me in taking the Crystal Light Flavor Over Fizz Challenge - ditch the soda the summer and get refreshed with Crystal Light!

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