Saturday, July 30, 2011

PacSun's Dress Irresponsibility Style Challenge on Facebook

PacSun is asking fans to show off their unique personal style with Dress Irresponsibly Style Challenges on Facebook launching August 1st, 2011. PacSun and NYLON Magazine are teaming up to give fans a chance to put their fashion skills to the test with different Style Challenges each week and a chance to assist NYLON’s Fashion Director, J. Errico, in an upcoming fashion shoot in New York City.

From August 1 through September 19th, contestants who “like” the PacSun Facebook page ( pacsun) can go to the Dress Irresponsibly Style Challenge, upload a photo of themselves that delivers on that weeks challenge and get their friends to “like” their look. With a new Style Challenge each week fans can compete for the best look in denim, accessories, flannel, layering and shoes.

Six weekly finalists will win gift cards from PacSun to style their own head to toe look and one lucky winner will be flown to New York City to assist in an upcoming NYLON fashion shoot. Keep up with the different challenges or vote for your favorite look by becoming a fan at

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