Friday, October 07, 2011

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Where Time Stands Still

Minus417 is the lowest point on Earth and situated at 1,373 ft (-417 meters) below sea level, where time stands still. -Minus417 specializes in combining ancient knowledge with high technology. Their products are based on an optimal balance between the components’ proportions and their cosmetic effects. These products present a unique cosmetic development, the Vitamin Mineral Complex, a scientific combination of natural active components, like moisture-balancing select minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing anti oxidant vitamins and unique plant extracts from France, designed to assist in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. All –Minus417 products are paraben and mineral oil free. For the first time ever they are now available to American consumers.


  • A special intensive treatment cream fights wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • High concentration of retinol (vitamin A) that plays essential roles in appearance of skin, growth, development, and maintenance of healthy skin.
  • Collagen and essential oils with the Vitamin Mineral Complex that prevents moisture loss.
  • Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin and prevent signs of aging.
  • Effective for all skin types.


  • Highly concentrated serum for firming and smoothing skin.
  • Because the serum is solely water-based, a higher concentration of active ingredients can be combined with it than other creams.
  • Energizing vitamins that aid in cell rejuvenation and minerals improving the balance of moisture in the skin.
  • Effective for all skin types.


  • Deep cleansing action with micro loofah beads.
  • Massaging micro natural loofah beads dislodge impurities and dead skin cells.
  • The foaming gel reduces the appearance of dark spots, speeds up the skin's micro-circulation and provides a deep cleansing.
  • The gel is based on the Vitamin-Mineral Complex, a combination of natural active ingredients, including moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead-Sea together with nourishing plant extracts and active vitamins as well as jojoba oil, olive oil and grape oil, that leave the skin clean, soft fresh and glowing.
  • Encourages skin regeneration
  • Effective for all skin types.


  • Combats the skin’s aging process and laxity.
  • Contains a high concentration of moisture balancing minerals and unique vitamins together with Horse chestnut extract chamomile extract that help in firming the skin.
  • Fights the skin aging process.
  • Contains their Vitamin Mineral Complex
  • Effective for all skin types.
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