Thursday, November 03, 2011

5 Tips to Achieve Shiny Healthy Looking Hair this Fall/Winter Season

Shiny, glossy and vibrant—the three hair attributes on women’s wish lists worldwide. How do you achieve it? As temperatures drop, you find yourself with a little more time to maintain and upkeep your appearance. With these tips from Italian born Pirri brothers (, you will end up with gorgeous glowing tresses. Try these simple tips at home and watch your hair lifeless hair come to life.

Wash Your Hair Properly

Your simple daily regime could be all wrong. Washing your hair properly keeps you hair healthy and shiny, while keeping your scalp free of dandruff. Are you washing away the dull and bringing in the shine? To properly wash your hair completely soak your locks with lukewarm water, rinsing for about a minute or two. Rub a small amount

of shampoo, about the size of a quarter, into your hair and massage your scalp gently. I recommend trying Pirri Elements Mediterraneo Daily Shampoo ( This product normalizes the hair, scalp and PH balance whi

Dry Your Tresses Properly
le keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny. Completely rinse your hair of all shampoo. Grab a wide-tooth comb and gently comb out any knots prior to applying conditioner. Rub a small amount of conditioner, about the size of a quarter, and leave in hair for about 3-5 minutes. With your wide-tooth comb, brush and rinse your hair. Make sure to rid yourself you hair of any products by rinsing thoroughly. End with a rinse of icy cold water. The cold water will close the pores of your hair so you end up with shinier hair as it dries.

Now that you have mastered washing your hair properly, it does not end there. With the cold weather, air drying is a big no-no. Since you find yourself grabbing the blow dryer more often, you must blow out your hair properly to achieve the best results. Gently pat you hair dry with a towel after showering, removing any excess water. Brush and detangle your locks by gently brushing with the same wide-tooth comb used in the shower. When blow drying, point the nozzle down from scalp to ends of your hair. The nozzle should steadily follow your brush at a 90 degree angle leaving you with shiny hair. Be sure to thoroughly dry your hair.

Maintain Shine

Over-brushing your tresses will only lead to a greasy mess. And with the wind at its peak this season, try to avoid brushing you hair regularly. Put on a hat to avoid tangling from windy weather. Also, avoid stroking or touching your hair often or at all. This will also make
your hair greasy. Avoid blow drying your hair on a daily basis to maintain healthy hair. To protect your hair, apply a heat protection spray when blow drying. And, don’t wash your hair everyday.

Trim It

Don’t be scared of a trim. A regular trip to your hair salon can really transform your hair. So grab your coat and drive to meet your favorite stylist to trim off those split ends that will result in a dry and damaged look. Have some extra time? Ask your stylist to deep condition your hair. You will leave flaunting a shiny and healthy looking do.

Homemade Mask

Has the cold weather kept you cooped up at home? Create a mixture of mayonnaise and avocado oil. For every half a cup of mayo, use 1 teaspoons of avocado oil. Apply for at least a few hours prior to showering, cover with a shower cap. Rinse thoroughly prior to applying shampoo.

About the Pirri Brothers, Piero and Luigi

Born in Italy, the Pirri Brothers first developed hair styles for the elegant salons of the southern region of Calabria, then moving to London to continue their education for advanced technical skills. Being surrounded by Europe’s most prominent talent, in a city with sharp and constantly evolving style they possess the essence of Europe at their fingertips and have created and conceptualized trend setting styles that have graced fashion and beauty magazines worldwide.

Fast forward to 2009, the Pirri brothers now have two successful salons in Greenwich, Connecticut and Eastchester, New York; and have launched their own product line, Pirri Element (www.

With over 20 years of experience, the Pirri brothers want to share their knowledge and technical skill with the hairdressers of today and tomorrow. The Pirri Education Academy was designed to work with the individual to elevate their skills for cut and color to the next level

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