Friday, November 11, 2011

Save Face: The No-Look – Winter’s Biggest Makeup Trend

Following the recent Harper’s Bazaar spread featuring a confident Lady Gaga sans-makeup, a beauty trend was born. And going bare couldn’t have come during a better season. In an about face to winters past, women aren’t covering it up any longer; the nude makeup trend beckons women to let their natural beauty shine. As winter presents its own unique challenges when it comes to skin, less makeup means caring for skin is more manageable. Women who are simultaneously rejoicing and wondering, just how exactly to achieve this simple yet complicated look – look no further. Here, makeup expert, CEO & Founder of FACES Beautiful, and creator of the Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup Gail Sagel offers tips on how to get the most out of this minimalist trend.

Winter Skin Care

When it comes to winter, some people throw skincare concerns out the window. If you’re not willingly exposing your body to the sun, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right? Wrong. “Everyone forgets that the key to a beautiful, well-put-together makeup look is maintaining the health of your skin, first and foremost,” says Gail. “In the winter, I suggest copious moisturizing, drinking lots of water, and using sunscreen no matter how chilly it may be outside.”

Insider Tips

· Find a moisturizer that is aloe or oil-based, as opposed to most products, which are water-based. According to Gail, an oil or aloe base allows the skin to more easily absorb nutrients.

· Limit shower time. Because it doesn’t penetrate tissue, water actually dries out the skin’s moisture.

· Don’t forget sunscreen. Between the sun and the glare coming off of the snow in the winter, skin is up against many obstacles, and this is one that can be controlled.

Apply Like a Natural

Gail suggests using a light hand when applying makeup. Even though there are steps that are present in any makeup routine, the look here is minimalist and natural. “The key here is to create the illusion that makeup wasn’t needed at all to achieve the desired effect. Make sure to avoid the common pitfalls of foundations and powders, like caking and oil, because the look should be fresh and dewy, not stiff and full of product.”

Insider Tips

· If just a tinted moisturizer does the trick – that’s all the makeup needed. However, most women need a bit more coverage. Reach for a liquid foundation and apply it with a makeup sponge in quick, short strokes, being careful to blend. Don’t set with powder; if your skin tends to get oily, use makeup wipes to remove excess oil in trouble spots. In keeping with the powder-free idea, reach for a cream blush to get that “just flushed” look; nothing over the top.

· For the natural eye look, only use mascara. Stick with a reliable product here, making sure to rid lashes of clumps, since they are the star of the show. Add light eyeliner if desired.

· Keep it subtle. Stick with a color that is close to that of the actual lip, without being too glossy.

Spice It Up

Want to make things a bit more interesting? Try highlighting one specific feature. Gail says, “I think its fun to go a little crazy with one facial feature when you’re keeping makeup to such a minimum. The smoky eye and the bold lip are all the rage right now, and playing down other features will accentuate the beauty of these targeted elements.”

Insider Tips

· For bold lips: first, moisturize with lip balm. Next, line the outer edges of lips, which will prevent unwanted bleeding once the lips are set. Gail suggests using a lip brush when applying, as this will make it easier to fill in the smaller spots and stay inside the liner. Wipe away any buildups or excess with a q-tip, keep other makeup simple, and lips are ready to wow.

· For smoky eyes: To keep this look from budging throughout the day, prep eyes with a primer. . Use black eyeliner to create lines on both the top and bottom of lashes. On the bottom, once the line is drawn, gently roll a finger over it to create a smudged-on-purpose look. Apply the light base color; something in a light cream is generally the best choice. Next, apply the darker color, a black or a dark gray, only below the crease of the eyelid. Blend until the colors appear to be running into each other. Finish with ample mascara, and let the eyes do all the talking.

Gail says, “My favorite thing about makeup is that trends come and go, and knowing yourself and what works for you is really the key to developing any look. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to experiment!”

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