Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Ways to Perk Up Your Wardrobe

It may be Spring, but Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo.  You know your winter wardrobe is going to have to keep you covered for several more weeks, so what do you do when you have fashion cabin fever? Here are a few tips for giving your seasonal fashions a style boost:

Add a pop of color. Your tawny tans, burnished browns, and muted greys will have a whole new life with a little pop of color. Switch out your brown jacket or blazer with a figure flattering jacket or sweater in a vibrant hue. Add a gorgeous ruffled blouse to your basic work suit. Or a pair of suede maryjane' s will really give your wardrobe some extra mileage.

Fabulous Florals. There is nothing like a floral print to add a little life to an ensemble. Trade out your basic black pencil skirt for a flirty floral. Or try pairing a floral sweater with that black pencil skirt, instead of your usual blazer. A pretty floral print dress worn with a belted sweater or jacket is also perfection!

Sweater Girl. Pair a gorgeous cardigan in a soft sherbet shade with your tweed or wool trousers for a sassy spring look. You've been wearing heavy sweaters all winter long, so choose something a little more lightweight, like a tissue cashmere or a soft silk knit. So many great styles — like the cropped-sleeve cardigan and the wrap cardigan, and a veritable smorgasbord of colors!

Ruffle things up
. Nothing adds a more feminine flair than ruffles. We're not talking Shirley Temple ruffles, but gorgeous textured ruffles on knits and sweaters, skirts and dresses, even handbags and shoes! Just remember: less is more when it comes to ruffles, so limit this trend to just one piece.

Accessory Accents. Every fashionista worth her Louboutins knows that the best way to give an ensemble a little oomph is with great accessories! And the best thing about it is that accessories can be mixed and matched with so many different outfits that suddenly the possibilities are endless! That's why I like to treat my accessories as investments. Excellent quality handbags and shoes, a classic and stylish watch, simple yet elegant fine jewelry and totally fun fashion jewelry. Accessories are like frosting on the cake, and let's face it, a cake without frosting isn't worth the time or the calories. 

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