Thursday, August 16, 2012

Closet Raid: Every Fashion Designer’s Must-Have Items

Every fashionista needs a little inspiration. When it comes to dressing up your day-to-day look, peeking in your closet you find your fashion staples and items that spruce up or give any basic outfit a certain edge. There is no rulebook when it comes to fashion. However, inspiration is key. Every girl has her favorites she just can’t live without. Here, Claudia Patel, fashion expert and emerging fashion designer, shares her favorite must-haves to inspire fashionistas everywhere.

Skinny Black Pants
It’s always easier to update a basic look, than downplay a one hit wonder. And what better classic basic look than the skinny black pant? This versatile item works any season, day or night and can help you achieve any look, depending on your top and shoe pairings. “I personally love a translucent blouse showing off a cute laced cami for a little sexiness and sass, matched with edgy gladiator heels,” shares Claudia.  

Tuxedo Jacket
What better way to glam up an outfit instantly than with a tuxedo jacket? Whether dress, pant or skirt, a tuxedo jacket can bring a fresh new look to your outfit. “When it comes to my favorite must-haves, I stick to timeless basics,” explains Claudia. “ Great to pull over any outfit for an instant glammed up look, I keep my tuxedo jacket handy for a quick meeting or to throw on for an ultra chic look for dinner with friends.”

Laced White Blouse
The laced white blouse is the new take on the crisp white shirt. With many intricate lace patterns and styles to choose from, it is an updated look for a classic clean look. “Throw on a short, flared skit and cute pumps for a date night or with skinny black pants for a sleek look for the office,” adds Claudia.  

Striking Little Red Dress
Want to make the heart race? It’s easy to stand out at any party with a striking LRD. Make sure to wear muted colored heels like black or nude for that touch of elegance vs. notoriety. Perfect for when you want to spice it up for a corporate affair— classy, yet sexy. I would steer clear of a very short hemline for corporate functions. Keep it classy with the length rising a few inches above your knees.
Tip: A designers’s secret can be your biggest savior—hem tape.  Have a knee-length dress tucked away in the back of your closet? Give it a quick – yet stunning style makeover with simple alterations.

Colored Denim
Adding a pop of color to casual Fridays is always fun. Rock skinny canary yellow denims with a billowy blouse for a fun night at the bar or wear it with a basic T-shirt for an everyday look. Everything is much more fun—in color!

About Claudia Patel, Fashion Designer
Claudia Patel’s modernist philosophy extends to fashion and beyond.  She believes clothing should fit the way women live: with designs that are feminine, comfortable, contemporary and functional.   Born in Singapore, Claudia’s love of her heritage continues to be a big influence on her as a designer and fashion adherent.  She spent her early years in the United States traveling with her parents and studied abroad in Australia.  Claudia’s diverse upbringing has always led her to believe that life takes unexpected turns driven by passion and purpose.  She soon realized fashion was more than just a pastime, it was her calling.  Claudia’s passion for clothing involves more than love for color and fabric.  Claudia will debut her collection exclusively online in February 2012 – a line of signature kimono tops and dresses that are versatile enough to take you from day to night, all with a playful twist that brings to life her Asian heritage on the modern canvas.   Her clothing is made only with hand selected quality luxurious fabrics like silk chiffon and silk crepe.  Claudia’s clothes elicits more than style or emotion, it frames art. Claudia will also launch her line of jade accented and crystal frosted jewelry bringing her brand full circle.  In the meantime, she wants to invite you on her journey in bringing to life her dream, and to share in the excitement of the next phase of her journey as possibly a new found friend, entrepreneur, mentor, stylist and fashion designer on Visit Claudia Patel’s Facebook Fan Page or follow her on Twitter @Claudia Patel.  

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