Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sweet Fashion Inspiration, powered by the 'Intel Ultrabook™, the Ultimate Accessory for every Fashionista.

Easy breezy summer style, cool colors, hot accessories and a pair of skyhigh skyscrapers - these are the things that fuel the fashionista in me.  I like to take my fashion inspiration from the world around me - from the geometric shapes seen on sailboats in the marina to the ombre hues of a beach sunset.  I even felt the muse strike while watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics!  Case in point - my uber-cool tribal print tunic!

Lately, I've been taking my cue from my everyday surroundings.  From the fun and fabulous print on my cute kitchen chairs:

To the shot-silk pillow shams and satin ruffles on my bed! Girly enough for me, but manly enough for my man!

Which inspires my love for handmade accessories!

Vibrant hues and textures play a role as well - I adore the colors of these gorgeous photo frames:


In fact, it has inspired my most recent pedicure!

I've even been inspired by these two adorable little darlings!

Is there anything more adorable than a toddler in a hat?  Especially a sleepy toddler?

Take a look at the things around you and see what inspires your style.  It may be as simple as a single standout feature, like my favorite messenger bag:

Or it may be the fantastic collection of vintage necklaces that everyone raves about every time I wear one:


Find a look you like, a style that suits, a shape that flatters...and make it your own!  Here are a few of my favorite looks for summer:

A sweet sherbet colored chiffon blouse paired with skinny jeans, gold sandals and earrings. Gorgeous!

One of my favorite necklaces - handmade by a local artisan!  Looks fabulous paired with a vintage lace top!

I also love the way a brightly colored scarf can pull an ensemble together!

Royal blue maxi skirt paired with a lace keyhole top and gold sandals.  Finish with a double wrap metallic belt and gold earrings.  Chic and sleek!

 Ahhh, there is nothing like a sexy pair of skyscrapers to melt my hearts!  And they go with everything.  Seriously.  Skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts, even a swimsuit (if I were in the Miss America Pageant)!

 Sheer print blouse, colored jeans and my fave Michael Kors flat sandals.  The perfect weekend look!

And I just had to share my favorite go-to wedges.  I wear these pillows of perfection absolutely everywhere!  They are my Goldilocks wedges:  not too high, not too low, juuuuust right!

 So there you have it my dears!  She She's favorite fashion inspirations.  But then again, if you had my adorable workspace you, too, would be fashionably inspired!

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