Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Celebrate Bubble Bath Day with LUSH!

Today is Bubble Bath Day and LUSH wants you to have some fun in the tub! LUSH is the original creator of bath bombs—but we also have other goodies like bath melts and bubble bars, to make your bath a paradise. In fact, in 2011, LUSH used 985 pounds of baking soda to make over 4.1 million Bath bombs. So this Tuesday, draw some water and hop on in!

LUSH was the original creator of the bath bomb. They are made primarily of baking soda and citric acid (fermented citrus sugars) and beautiful essential oils.  To use, toss one into a full hot bath and watch as it releases essential oils, softens the water and turns your bath into beautiful colors.

These luxury bath melts were created to make skin feel like it was dipped in lotion by combining cocoa butter and essential oils.  Unlike ordinary bath oils, these melts emulsify into the entire bath and coat your body like a milk bath.  To use, drop one into a hot running bath.

LUSH Bubble Bars use cream of tartar and Cocamide (coconut derived) to make thicker, smaller bubbles to last through the entire bath and to soften your skin.  These truly create that “Hollywood-style” bubble bath that you always see in the movies!

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