Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Netflix for Fashion? Introducing Shecky's Closet - Everyday Basics to Luxurious Apparel & Accessory Rentals

HI there girls! I have something really exciting to share with you: Shecky's Closet! Think of Netflix for fashion. Shecky's Closet allows fashionistas to have access to a fabulous array of apparel, accessories and jewelry in the form of everyday basics to luxurious items from emerging designers at an affordable one-time monthly fee starting at under $40/month.


With monthly membership charges starting at $39.99, consumers can borrow up to $250 worth of merchandise at any time/as many times throughout the month. 

Shecky's Closet items ships to your door along with gratis to-and-from delivery charges!  Returns are made easy with a 30-day timeframe and a pre-paid package toShecky's Closet.
If you like the item - keep it at a discount. Here's a video explaining a few pertinent details:

Founded by Chris Hoffman, Shecky's Closet was inspired by events where people were very excited to try new designers, without the commitment.“We decided to launch Shecky’s Closet because of the gap in the market that allowed people to try new designers as well as established designers on a regular basis without a true commitment. Shecky’s Closet was a natural extension of our 12 years of working with emerging designers,” states Hoffman.
Here's a sampling of what's available:

For more information, please visit www.sheckyscloset.com.

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