Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fashion Inspired Wedding Invitations from Bliss & Bone

Your Wedding should be perfect, but planning it shouldn’t ruin your life. At Bliss & Bone, we believe that the entire process can be memorable and fun without the stress and anxiety. Our approach helps keep the decision-making to a minimum and the planning process more manageable, while offering top shelf, unique designs that look like you agonized over every detail.

Bliss & Bone has meticulously created fashion-forward Wedding Collections that provide you with everything you need for your big day. No shopping around, inconvenient appointments or wasted time trying to get it all together on time and on budget. We’ve done it for you and put everything in one simple place.


Bliss & Bone Prana Collection:

Bliss & Bone Reverence Collection:

Bliss & Bone Collections are seasonal, and only available for purchase for one year. Every summer a new season is released and the old season is retired, so your Collection is yours forever.  We go beyond paper to incorporate materials such as acrylic, chiffon, tulle, wood veneer and more. We are always exploring and experimenting to bring you the most unique and luxurious products around.

For the discriminating bride and groom, Bliss & Bone will make your day uniquely memorable and stylishly chic!

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jenewang said...

All of these Wedding Invitations are so nice, especially the second one.