Friday, June 28, 2013

Introducing Fitting Room Social!

Fitting Room Social is an exclusive social shopping destination where women find fashion that fits. When you join Fitting Room Social, you serve as inspiration for the style choices of our other members while you gain the confidence that your favorite looks will also fit you great. Instead of relying on size charts or dressing room mirrors to make size choices, Fitting Room Social members get great size recommendations by leveraging the collective fashion savvy of our ever-increasing membership. By participating in our collaborative shopping platform, you can shop with confidence because each recommendation has been personally tailored based not only on your style and fit preferences, but also validated against other members who share your style and size. 

We know how much time you spend defining and refining your personal style statement. Each unique note, whether an article of clothing, an accessory, or a hair style, reflects how you view yourself and how you hope the world will view you. Achieving that personalized style in today's world is becoming more difficult as the act of shopping becomes less physical and tactile in the e-commerce age. We find style tips and suggestions from all corners, whether they be our favorite blogs, social media or from our girlfriends, but the very final act of confirmation - trying on the fashion we love - has been all but lost in the digital age. The solutions are many, but the results are inadequate. 

At Fitting Room Social, we aim to bridge that space between the online store and the physical fitting room with a social shopping experience crafted to replicate the confidence of shopping with friends. We hope that each of our members will contribute content to our community so that ultimately each of you can serve as a model and a muse for the style of other members while gaining inspiration for yourself. 

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