Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tips from ACE to Keep the Treats and Your Waistline This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, all of the tempting treats might actually be tricking you! To help you make healthier candy choices the American Council on Exercise (ACE) created a nutritional slideshow with some of Halloween’s favorite pieces:

·         All sweetness, zero fat: You can spoil yourself with pumpkin marshmallow peeps - eight pieces add up to 130 calories with zero grams of fat (equivalent of 1 ½ peanut butter cups).
·         Forcing self-control: Try a dum dumlollipop, or three, at just 59 calories these candies will last longer, but won’t rack up the calories.

·         Guilty pleasure: It’s hard to resist a peanut butter cup but they are one of the worst candies coming in at 105 calories per cup, and 50 of them from fat you may want to stick with just one.
·         Can’t get a break: Kit Kats go on the worse list because only three pieces of this candy equals 210  calories and 90 of them being from fat. 

 Willing to work for your food? Try these fun Halloween themed exercises to balance your sweet tooth:
·         Soaring Witch:  This challenging lower body exercise will engage your core and strengthen leg muscles.
·         Walk the Plank: Add this dynamic exercise to further engage the core and feel the burn.

Visit for additional candy calorie breakdown and Halloween exercises.

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