Monday, February 10, 2014

Top tips for nails this Spring!

Kick off your week with a helpful tip from Sally Beauty’s Nail Artist, Jessica Washick, and stay on trend this season!

 “We currently are loving glitter polishes. Not only does it last on a nail as well as gel manicure, but glitter adds some dimension and spice to any manicure! Try the new FingerPaints™ Professional Artistic Nail Color Collection ($5.29 exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and and play around with painting Amazing Glaze (center) on top of a light color such as Peach Picasso (right) and a dark color such as Black Expressionism (left). The glitter literally picks up light differently based on its background and allows you to get a variety of different colors off of the glitters' background.”

Glitter removal has a reputation of being difficult, but if you add two base coats to the nail before you apply the glitter polish, removal will be easier!

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