Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kate Upton + David Kirsch

From Hollywood films to Sports Illustrated covers, Kate Upton shows off her covetable figure in every shot. But how does the model of the moment get her enviable body? She turns to fitness and wellness expert David Kirsch who keeps her looking her best. Along with managing her training, David Kirsch also ensures that everything she puts in her body helps toward her fitness goals—that’s where his Thermo Bubbles and KirschbarsTMcome in. Kate Upton’s spring training essentials, the fat-melting supplements and appetite-curbing protein bars work from the inside out to help shape one of America’s most famous bodies.

The 100% natural KirschbarTM is delicious and contains only 100 calories while providing 8 grams of casein and egg white protein. Unlike conventional protein bars that have as much sugar as candy bars, the KirschbarTM keeps snacking smart with very little sugar and no artificial additives. And casein protein digests slowly, keeping you full for longer than other protein bars can. Kate also pairs her diet with David Kirsch Thermo Bubbles—a unique supplement that fizzes up in your water to create a tasty, pink lemonade-flavored drink. The exclusive David Kirsch Weight Management blend of Guarana, White Tea, Green Tea, L-arginine, and Chromium naturally boosts metabolism and energy, getting your body to burn calories and fat at a faster rate.

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