Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What to Wear to a HOT Summer wedding!

Hi She She!!  I am going to a casual outdoor wedding next month and wanted to know if it is okay for me to wear a pair of dressy white capris and a nice blouse.   I don't like showing my legs (due to scars), and wanted your opinion on bottoms to wear.  Keep in mind, it will be in South Carolina; where it is HOT!  Suggestions would be welcome.  Thank you! 


Hi Taylor!

Aren't summer weddings fabulous?  I just adore outdoor weddings, and one of the benefits is that they are usually a bit more on the casual side due to the venue.

A pair of dressy capri pants and a gorgeous top is absolutely acceptable.  I would suggest finding capris in a luxurious fabric - perhaps a light brocade or lined linen. If the fabric is lightweight, be certain that the capris are lined, no one wants VPL (visible panty line) marring the look of the ensemble.

Another option would be a skirt in a longer length - there are so many gorgeous maxi's and mid-calf length styles out there this season!  Again, I would opt for something in a lighter weight, perhaps even an embellished gauze or cotton blend.

As for tops, go with something dressy, in a silky or chiffon fabric, perhaps with embellishment.  To keep things cool, opt for a sleeveless top or something airy.  Depending upon the fit of your trousers or skirt, your top should be just the opposite.  For instance, if you go with a pair of form fitting capris, then opt for a more flowing or airy top.  If you go with a loose or fuller skirt, pair it with a more fitted top.

For footwear, I would go with a pair of gorgeous wedge sandals.  Outdoor venues tend to have unstable surfaces (grass, gravel pathways, sand, etc) and wedges are the safest (and most styish!) way to go

Keep cool and have a fabulous time  - I know you will look just gorgeous!! 

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