Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Currently Coveting: Boho-Chic Braid as seen on Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s effortlessly chic boho side braid is the perfect style for these sweltering Summer months. The beloved braid has been worn since the beginning of time, but it has recently taken on a more “undone” and laid back feel, perfect for keeping cool and still looking polished during all outdoor activities.

KeratinComplex International Creative Team member Abraham Sprinkle provides tips on how to easily recreate the look at home!

“The boho side braid trend is all about texture.  When creating texture, the most important step is priming the hair in order for the hair to react properly to later steps.  In the picture above, a loose disheveled braid is created by using a product that contains grip in order for the hair to look lived in and unpolished.”
  • Start by applying Keratin Complex Lift Off Root Amplifying Styling Gel to wet hair. 
  • A rough finger blow-dry will add to the imperfections needed.  
  • Making sure not to add tension when starting the braid to keep body throughout, take three unequal sections and begin braid on the far side of the nape.  
  • If hair is extremely fine, use a slight back comb technique and lightly mist with Keratin Complex Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray to give added grip.  
  • Begin loosely braiding and secure at the end.  
  • Once braid is complete, lightly mist the palm of the hand with Flex Flow and then run hands upward over the braid to release bits and add to the lived-in feel of a boho braid.

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