Monday, December 29, 2014

Make New Year’s Eve a night to remember this year by puckering up for someone special!  Leave behind the chapped lips and less-than-pleasant breath and reach for your ultimate kissing essentials. Supersmile has all the secret weapons that you can keep in your clutch to help you feel confident and sexy with the perfect pout at midnight!

On-the-go instant stain removing formula with Calprox® guarantees whiter teeth and fresher breath without brushing or rinsing. Gets rid of coffee, tobacco and red wine stains while promoting long-lasting fresh breath.

Safely removes surface stains, cleans teeth, freshens breath and protects against cavities, while maintaining and enhancing the vibrancy of professionally bleached teeth.

Take care of your smile with Supersmile’s replenishing complex which incorporates Amino Acids, Marine Filling Spheres, Collagen Microspheres, Boswellia Oli and Hylauronic Acid to provide a truly ultimate lip treatment that hydrates, exfoliates, nourishes, conditions, and restores.

Safely removes bacteria and plaque, eliminates stains, and fights against gingivitis between the teeth and under the gums.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Brows on Fleek at the Wink Brow Bar in NYC’s West Village!

Umbreen Sheikh and her BEAUTIFUL Wink BrowBar, located in NYC’s West Village shares her definition of "Brows on Fleek".  

POWER brows matter MUCH more than lipstick these days AND it's perfect prep for the holiday party season and countdown ‘til 2015!

Brows on Fleek means the perfect brow for, YOU!  Not every shape looks good on every face.  If you have a strong brow, own it - If not, FAKE it till you MAKE it! 

  • First start out with a cleaning around the edges.  Never pull hairs out above the brow bone, leave that to a professional.  If you don’t know how to shape them yourself, go to a local brow bar to shape them and then just follow the outline. 
  • I recommend going to a threading bar because threading is extremely accurate, they can pull one hair at a time (which really can make a difference when it comes to shaping) plus it helps to stimulate brow growth, if you over-tweezed  
  • FILL IN, FILL IN, FILL IN! With or without brows? Make them strong or STRONGER using a brow fill in, OR brow tint.  I prefer a brow powder and wax to look more natural and not as harsh.  Make sure that you dab colored powder (one shade lighter than your brow) with a brush and go over the natural shape (or ENHANCE for you thin-browed ladies) of the brow and tail of your brow, then brush out with a mascara wand or brow comb. SET with wax! This will also train your brows to go in that exact direction so you don’t have those awkward brow cowlicks. 
  • Throw on a little BB Cream, mascara and a statement lipstick and ta-da you have Brows on Fleek! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

All I Want For Christmas is The Moto 360 Smart Watch!

Look what Santa is bringing me this Christmas! The fabulous Moto 360 smart watch! Looks like a watch, acts like a personal assistant! Sets reminders, gives weather/traffic/flight updates, voice controlled for total hands-free action, a built-in activity/fitness tracker and so much more! Sooo glad I was a good girl all year long!

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EO's Annual Warehouse Sale - 60% off retail prices!

EO, the Marin based manufacturer and distributor of amazing personal care products, is spreading joy this season with its Annual Holiday Warehouse Sale - it's gotten so big, they are raising a tent!

60-80% off retail prices.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Lovers in Your Life!

ABOUT: Rich with antioxidants, this premium organic BaiMudan white tea is blended with Goji berries, elderberries, and Zante currants to fight skin-damaging free radicals. With a fruity flavor and a clean finish, no one will be able to tell you missed out on your beauty sleep.

AVAILABLE: Big T NYC is currently being sold at the Republic Collective Pop Up Shop in Soho until Dec 29 and also is available at select gourmet coffee shops as well as online at and


ABOUT: A holiday exclusive, these petite moisturizing balms combat all kinds of beauty ills, from head (frizz and flyaways) to toes (pedi-needy feet). Includes 3 scents: passionate for plumberry, sweet on lemon sugar and crushing on coconut.

AVAILABLE: or through your local Avon representative

ABOUT: Avon Luck for Her is a sparkling fragrance for the woman fortunate in love and life. The luxurious fragrance instantly seduces with dazzling notes Sparkling Citrus and luscious red berries blended with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood. Celebrate your lucky moments from day to night with this long lasting fragrance.

AVAILABLE: or through your local Avon representative

ABOUT: Lancôme’s new nail tattoos provide the ultimate sparkle with mistake-free application to add just the right amount of chic glam to your beauty look.

AVAILABLE: Lancô or Lancôme counters nationwide; Limited Edition for the Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to Train Like a Pro Surfer with Tia Blanco

We've all seen them, the long, lean, gorgeous girls of summer.  I'm talking about those amazing surfer girls with their finesse and sheer grace who make it all look so easy.  But surfing is anything but easy.  It takes dedication, stamina and innate athleticism combined with intense training and an impeccable sense of balance, both physically and mentally to be able to surf at a professional level.  We've got Tia Blanco, pro surfer and Ambassador for REEF footwear here to share her tips on training like a pro surfer:

To be a pro surfer you have to stay dedicated and work very hard. I train twice a week with my trainer at Forged In Fitness. My trainer and I work on getting my legs and core strong. For my legs I do plenty of tuck jumps, forward lunges, and mountain climbers and for my core we hold planks, do pikes, and curl ups.  For surfing it is also important to work on your hip and ankle mobility. We are constantly engaging my hips in my exercises and we use a stretching band to work my ankle mobility. I also like to go on a long distance runs at least once a week to build up endurance. Along with that, I love to go to yoga consistently throughout the week. Stretching is very important because you do not want your muscles to be tight while you are surfing. My surfing always feels stronger and looser after yoga. I usually go surfing everyday.

 Surfing is a fun and great way to stay active. It is good for the mind, body and soul.  Whatever I am doing, I never can go a day without being active. I always want to stay active and be in good shape because if I am not, it can affect my results in competition. The ocean is constantly changing and throwing new things at you, so it is smart to be prepared and ready for it. For example, if the current in the water is strong that would involve a lot of paddling and running around.  Next, eating healthy plays a key role in being a pro surfer because what you eat is your fuel. I think it is important to become fueled with healthy foods so you can surf at your highest level.  I eat a vegan diet that consists of eating lots of fresh/clean foods. My diet includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, and fruit. These clean foods help me to stay nourished and compete at my highest capacity.  By staying active and healthy you can train like a pro surfer.

More About Tia Blanco

Blanco, a Trestles local, has become one of the hottest up and coming West Coast surfers. Being a daughter of a Coast Guard, Blanco was born in Puerto Rico and has lived in Hawaii as well as several spots in Southern California. This graceful goofyfoot is a member of the prestigious Surfing America team. She also an Ambassador for Reef¹s boots, shoes, and fashion-forward sandals that combine exotic styling with instant comfort.  Additionally, Blanco is committed to Surfing America Prime and NSSA events, she is extremely well rounded, enjoying painting and yoga while living a vegan lifestyle. While she is focused on a National title and maintaining her 4.0 GPA at Connections Academy, her long term goal is to make the ASP Women¹s World Tour.

Instagram:  @tiablanco
Twitter:  @tia_blanco

Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend’s Holiday Hair Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Braids are all the rage these days, so try a festive fishtail for this year’s family holiday party! Keep it simple and sophisticated, or pull some pieces out around your face and loosen the braid for a more laid back look.
  • Part dry hair to one side and gather in front of the shoulder; create two even sections.
  • Begin the braid by taking a small piece of hair from the outside of the first section, crossing it over and adding to the inside of the opposite section.
  • Continue until the braid is complete and secure with an elastic.

*Bonus Tip! For next-day texture, remove the braid and shake hair out. Apply Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo to roots and lengths to absorb oil and refresh and revive hair

Tip 2: A textured bun is a great alternative to the side chignon, and an elegant yet fun look for your holiday office party. Take the look from the office to the after party by adding a touch of sparkle with a beautiful holiday hairpin!

  • Take small sections of dry hair, beginning at the hairline, and twist upward – continue picking up hair as you go until you reach the back of the head.
  • Secure each twist with a bobby pin and repeat 4-5 times.
  • Gather the remaining hair and blend it with the twists, twisting all of the hair into a loose bun – secure with additional pins as needed.
  • Finish with Dove Style + Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep the style in place all day!

Tip 3: All it takes is one good hair day (or night) to send your confidence through the roof, so start the New Year off right with a timeless style and own the night with a shiny, voluminous blowout!

Tip 4: If soiree season has you strapped for time, opt for a trendy top knot for a sleek and sophisticated look!

*Bonus Tip! Spray hairspray on a reusable mascara wand and use it to smooth down any flyaway hairs, especially around the ears and at the nape of the neck.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Holiday Hair - Go From Work to Play!

With holiday parties starting, Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist, shares her favorite style to take your readers from work to play – and the best part – readers can achieve this look in under 10 minutes!

Disheveled French Twist

  • Start with day old hair as you’ll have some texture in your hair and it will be easier to manage
  • Use dry shampoo to really boost the texture of your roots (Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo is excellent).  Spray throughout your roots and even the mid-lengths to create body and texture.  Shake through with your fingers.
  • Use a light hairspray for a little hold - Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray works best as it is a versatile spray.  Mist over all and shake up with your hands to really create body and movement.
  • Section out the crown and front area and pin to one side.
  • Sweep the sides and back together and then twist upwards and pin.  Make sure to use hairpins (U shaped pins) so they can really anchor the hair.
  • Take your top section and roll under and pin at the crown for a little height in this area. 
  • Loosen the hairline a little with your fingers to work suits your face shape best then add a hair accessory of your choice.
  • To finish, add a little shine by misting Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist all over – this is very light but gives just the right amount shine you need.