Friday, December 19, 2014

Brows on Fleek at the Wink Brow Bar in NYC’s West Village!

Umbreen Sheikh and her BEAUTIFUL Wink BrowBar, located in NYC’s West Village shares her definition of "Brows on Fleek".  

POWER brows matter MUCH more than lipstick these days AND it's perfect prep for the holiday party season and countdown ‘til 2015!

Brows on Fleek means the perfect brow for, YOU!  Not every shape looks good on every face.  If you have a strong brow, own it - If not, FAKE it till you MAKE it! 

  • First start out with a cleaning around the edges.  Never pull hairs out above the brow bone, leave that to a professional.  If you don’t know how to shape them yourself, go to a local brow bar to shape them and then just follow the outline. 
  • I recommend going to a threading bar because threading is extremely accurate, they can pull one hair at a time (which really can make a difference when it comes to shaping) plus it helps to stimulate brow growth, if you over-tweezed  
  • FILL IN, FILL IN, FILL IN! With or without brows? Make them strong or STRONGER using a brow fill in, OR brow tint.  I prefer a brow powder and wax to look more natural and not as harsh.  Make sure that you dab colored powder (one shade lighter than your brow) with a brush and go over the natural shape (or ENHANCE for you thin-browed ladies) of the brow and tail of your brow, then brush out with a mascara wand or brow comb. SET with wax! This will also train your brows to go in that exact direction so you don’t have those awkward brow cowlicks. 
  • Throw on a little BB Cream, mascara and a statement lipstick and ta-da you have Brows on Fleek! 

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