Friday, April 24, 2015

Get The Look: Reem Acra Spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week Joseph DiMaggio for Davines

Inspiration: Reem Acra’s intricate bead work and sexy silhouettes are true works of art. Rather than accessorizing with jewelry, she wanted all attention centered around the hair - creating an unexpected piece of bridal ‘jewelry.’ With that, I was able to push my own limits and dream up an avant-garde bridal style. Using long extensions, I crafted a strong structured braid and romanticized it with diamond and pearl accessories of Ms. Acra’s creation.” -  Lead Stylist, Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines

Hair Step-by-Step:
  1. Prep hair by spraying a generous amount of Davines Essential VOLU Mist at the root. Follow up by brushing Davines More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse from root to tip to keep it smooth and in place. 
  2. Section hair evenly from ear to ear, creating front and back sections.
  3. Sweep hair back in the back section into a ponytail at the occipital bone, secure with an elastic cord. Create a strong center part in the front section and allow to hang loose temporarily.
  4. Apply More Inside This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse throughout three wefts of extensions. Brush through the length before creating a 12” braided ponytail that falls down the entirety of the back. Attach this extension to the actual ponytail using an elastic cord.*
    • Pro Tip: If the natural hair is long, create a braid below where the ponytail is fastened at the occipital bone and fasten to the underside of the extensions using clear elastics. For short hair, wrap hair tightly around the elastic and extension.
  5. Brush the front section of the hair back towards the ponytail, smoothing as you go with Davines More Inside This Is A Medium Hair Spray
  6. Lace the hair from the front sections underneath the ponytail (including extensions) and continue to wrap around the base creating a thick band over where the extensions meet the base of the head and ponytail. Use pins to secure. 
  7. Using a variety of diamonds, pearls and golden wraps, pin and tie throughout the length of the braided ponytail.
  8. Apply iron on stars sporadically around the head. Adhere carefully using a hot curling iron. 
  9. Control whisps and secure the look by applying Davines More Inside This Is A Strong Hair Spray for all over for shine and hold. 
*At-home: Following step 3, braid your own hair and tie off with an elastic at the bottom of your natural length. Continue on with steps 7, 8 and 9. 

Styling Products Used:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Beauty Counter in Your Pocket: Introducing the ShadeScout App, the First Makeup Color Search Engine from FaceCake

We are excited to share that FaceCake Marketing Technologies launched ShadeScout recently — a new beauty app that uses first-ever color search technology to allow you to virtually try-on in real time any type of make-up in ANY shade you desire. (It’s like a Sephora on your phone - scan the color and it searches for matches in the database; the matches appear on your face in real time as if you’re FaceTiming a makeup artist that applies your makeup for you)— turning your mobile device into your own virtual beauty counter!

Whether admiring the color of a celebrity’s lipstick in a magazine or a flower in a garden, ShadeScout allows consumers to use their mobile device to capture any color they see and quickly and easily locate its cosmetic counterpart. Using proprietary color search technology, ShadeScout sorts through an unlimited number of products from more than 40 major and luxury beauty brands and instantly delivers direct product matches in any makeup category. From eyeshadow and blush, to lipstick, foundation and more, ShadeScout enables shoppers to find and virtually try on any product and make a purchase directly from the app. Consumers can also take selfies, receive personalized recommendations, and get feedback from family and friends through the easy in-app social sharing option.

Link to download ShadeScout in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get Your Pamper on With Soap and Paper Factory Tuberose Luxe Bubble Bath!!

There is nothing as relaxing as a bubble bath.  Honestly, I just love sliding in a tub full of fragrant, soothing bubbles and soaking away the cares of the day, especially when I am surrounded by rich fragrance.  And Soap and Paper Factory's Luxe Bubble Bath in Tuberose is so rich and luxuriant you will think you are royalty!

Check out this gorgeous bubble bath and all of the other exquisite products at Soap and Paper Factory.

About Soap and Paper Factory:
We created this line to combine all natural, beautifully scented, handmade products wrapped in exquisite, earth friendly packages. Each pattern and fragrance are created together. Each fragrance is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Each pattern starts as a hand drawing often inspired by nature and finished with a modern flair.

Our products are hand crafted here at our factory in New York. So much care and attention goes into each item, from sketch to production line, making each product is totally unique and great for your home and body. We use the best oils and go organic whenever possible.

Natural, Beautiful, Recyclable, and Reusable! Our line is designed with the environment in mind. We never test on animals. We never use petroleum, parabens, or phthalates. We chose recycled papers to wrap our boxes. We chose boxes and tubes made from recycled materials to hold our products. We chose the Italian glass for our candles because they are tailored, unique and feminine and can be reused for wine, water, or juice. Beautify your home - reuse all the boxes and containers!