Monday, June 01, 2015

Acne Awareness Month - Skincare Routine!

Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?  No?  Well, it is!! 

No matter what age you are, skin color or race, those pesky little things always crop up at the WORST times!  So how do we deal with it and how do we get rid of it FAST? Check out these great tips and products for brightening, nourishing skincare and non-pore-clogging makeup!

TIP 1: EXFOLIATE TO BRIGHTEN –Try a gentle face wash or treatment with VITAMIN C - It’s crucial to release the dead cells from the surface and allow the incredible nutrients in our skincare products to actually penetrate.

TIP 2: WATER, WATER, WATER – as Amanda Foti, Selvera’s Registered Dietitian states, “Staying hydrated is so important especially in the hot summer temps when we lose much more fluids from our body. Staying hydrated will keep energy levels up, boost your metabolism, and some studies suggest protects your skin and eyes from sun damage or fake it with products containing water AND Glycerin, which pulls moisture and water in the air into skin! 

Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor Amanda Foti, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.
a Licensed Nutritionist specializing in clinical nutrition 

TIP 3: EAT VIBRANT FOODS – THE MORE COLORS THE BETTER FOR HEALTH! – thought you’d seen the last of veggies? Think again. The brighter the veggie, the more nutrients and vitamins it has, so LOAD UP and paint your plate every color OR fake it a little by popping open one of these capsules containing essential Vitamin C

TIP 4: OIL-FREE MAKEUP TO COVER AND CONCEAL – Always make sure to reach for oil-free makeup and skincare, because, who needs to be an oil slick in the summer? Even primers should be oil-free to ensure that pores remain clog-free! 

TIP 5: MOISTURIZE!!! – Just because you have oily/dry/problem/sensitive/acne prone skin, does NOT mean you should skimp on moisturizer. Pick one: oil or cream. Trust me – slathering on a good moisturizer with brightening/nourishing properties helps skin to heal and reveal a brighter, refined texture STAT!

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