Friday, June 19, 2015

Long-Lasting Nails = More Summer Fun!

Spend more time this summer enjoying the sunny skies than in the salon – choose a long lasting polish instead. Keep your summer mani/pedi looking sleek and fresh with great Sally Beauty products  And did you know? Sally Beauty has an UNREAL new 12-foot Nail Studio Wall with more than 750 shades of polish.

Sally Beauty

  • No other beauty supply has as extensive an assortment of colors and brands showcased side by side to facilitate easy color and texture comparisons.
  • More than 750 shades of polish, 150 kinds of nail art and over 70 treatments to care for your nails, hands and feet.
  • An enlarged polish section will house 12-feet of polish and allow room for expansion within each brand.
  • An additional dedicated 2-foot section will showcase seasonal and “on-trend” nail and cosmetic collections.

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