Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Travel Essentials: Good for You, Comfy Shoes!

Summer is in full affect and for those celebrating summer break with children, attending a destination wedding, or taking a much needed escape on their own, it is the prime time to travel!  Check out these comfy travel shoes by Vionic - with proper arch support, heel cushion, sole, etc - basically good-for-your-health-and-looks shoes (designed by a podiatrist and recommended by the APMA and Dr. Andrew Weil) that are ideal to travel in.  Great for airplanes to minimize swelling, great for boats to maximize balance, and ideal for walking which is what they were designed for.

Beach Stroll in Hawaii:

 Tide Sequins $69.95., Bella Toe post $74.95, Lizbeth t-strap sandals $99, Adrianne Backstrap Sandal $79, Adelie toe-post sandals $89

Climbing the steps of Montmartre in Paris:

 Vionic Women's Sydney Driver $129, Glenda Wedge $99, Sandal, Sondra Backstrap Slide $109, Tatiana Sandal $119

Recreation on Catalina Island:

Shopping In London 

In addition, consider these travel tips from Vionic Innovation Lab members: World Leader in Podiatry Trevor Prior, Renowned Podiatric Surgeon David Armstrong and Sports Physical Therapy Specialist Brian Hoke:
Air travel: Sitting and being immobilized in one spot at high altitudes poses the threat of circulation issues, not the least of which is the swelling of ankles and feet. To help minimize these uncomfortable travel hazards: 
  • Fly with shoes that allow you to loosen up the laces, such as jogging shoes: loosen them when you get up in the air and then tighten again when swelling comes down after disembarking.
  • Functional sandals can make it easy – and comfortable - to walk distances pain-free while minimizing swelling. They are also a must for people with prior pain.
Sightseeing: On an average day we take 8,000 to 10,000 steps, causing our calf muscles to lift up and our joints to tense. While on vacation, sightseeing can drastically increase the amount we walk. The following exercises are designed to help travelers go the distance:
  • Stretching for the Achilles tendon. Stand on the edge of a step to perform a negative stretch for tendons – bend knee for 25 secs to stretch Achilles tendon– then straighten. Repeat up to 5x whenever tightening occurs.

  • While seated and barefoot, squeeze your foot as if you have a small marble under the ball of your foot. This stretches and helps strengthen the muscles that run under metatarsals that hold feet muscles together.

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