Friday, June 12, 2015

Worldwide “Knit in Public Day” is June 13th!!!

Worldwide “Knit in Public Day” is June 13th, and Wool and the Gang has everything you need to join in.  Offering knit kits – with needles, yarn, patterns and more, plus online video tutorials to learn each stitch — Wool and the Gang has you covered, from those just starting out to the most advanced knitters.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day was created in 2005 to show that knitting can be a community activity and is no longer just your grandmother’s hobby.  It started with 25 local events throughout the world and has since spread to more than 700 knitting events in countries including the United States, Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Croatia,  Italy, Sweden and more.  Knitting truly is the new yoga!

Find a Knit in Public event near you: 
And, grab a knit kit from Wool and the Gang to get started: 

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