Thursday, August 13, 2015

6 Ways to Wear a Summer Fragrance

The fragrance you choose is important part of your overall well-being and gives someone an idea of who you are. It’s how you will be remembered and become familiar to other people. Not only is it important to choose the right fragrance, but you also need to wear it the right way whether it’s the location you wear it or how much you apply. According to fragrance developer and creator of Arquiste, Carlos Huber, there are many six different ways he likes to apply a fragrance.

6 Different Ways to Wear a Fragrance

1.        Layering: Only layer fragrances that have only one or two overall notes. Don’t layer complex eau de parfum scents that are finished works of art by themselves.

2.       Spritz Your Hair: Lightly spray on your hair to keep the scent lingering longer.

3.       Bath: After filling your bathtub with water, add a few squirts of your favorite fragrance.

4.       On Your Neck: Always spray the fragrance on your neck – think of the places where you want to be kissed. That’s where you should spray!

5.        Pulse Points: Places like behind your ears, inner elbows and wrists heat up the scent, allowing it to diffuse more.

6.       Clothing: Clothing can hold a fragrance longer than your skin.

One fragrance that Carlos like to wear in the summer is Arquiste L’Etrog Acqua.  This citrusy scent will add a burst of energy to your day

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