Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny Come Rain or Shine!

Summer may be officially over, but the weather is still hotter than ever and it’s never too late to restore the shine and moisture back into your hair with a hair masque at the beach! With this braided hairstyle from Butterfly Studio Salon Expert Stylist, Jill Engelsen, you can multitask while working out or relaxing at the beach.

For extra frizz fighting at the beach or pool, apply a masque to towel-dried hair.  Once applied, divide hair into two sections and braid.  Pin up to help the product penetrate and to conceal hair from sun exposure.  See below for a few of our other favorite hair product options to try!

An intensive oil-free treatment that leaves coarse or curly hair feeling bouncy and silky-soft. Amazing for frizz-prone hair types.

  • Fights humidity and makes curls springy without weighing them down
  • The squeaky-clean version of a deep-conditioning treatment: You get all the vibrant shine and silkiness you could dream of without a trace of added weight or residue
  • Unique, clear-gel formula sinks right in to plump up fine, limp strands or calm and smooth unruly, tumbleweed hair
  • Paraben free; color & keratin-treatment safe

Packed with ultra-light essential oils, our legendary conditioning treatment sinks in instantly to transform even the driest, most frazzled hair, leaving it bouncy and gleaming.

  •  Ultra-light: Unlike other oil treatments that coat the hair and weigh it down, Rejuvenating Oil sinks inside the hair shaft to plump it up from the inside out. Any excess on the surface simply shampoos away
  • Instant, dramatic results: Restores hair's strength, shine and elasticity. Prevents breakage
  • Detoxes your scalp: Dissolves scalp oils and product buildup for extra lift at the roots
  •  Paraben free; color & keratin-treatment safe

KMS California MOISTREPAIR therapy treatment

  • Rescue and repair for damaged hair
  • Penetrates deeply to reconstruct damaged hair. Strengthens and moisturizes hair after just one use. Restores luster.
  • Apply to shampooed hair and comb through. Leave in 3-5 minutes. Rinse

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