Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sneak Peek: NEW ShadeScout Nails App, the Nail Polish Search Engine that Puts Hundreds of Nail Polishes at Your Fingertips

Just in time for fall fashion, FaceCake Marketing Technologies has announced the upcoming launch of the NEW ShadeScout Nails today — a color-inspired app that brings thousands of nail polish shades from your favorite brands right to your fingertips with the help of the brand’s groundbreaking color search technology. The app will be a new addition to the ShadeScout product line, which includes the color search engine for makeup, the original ShadeScout app

How ShadeScout Nails Works:
  • Simply aim your mobile device’s camera at any color that inspires you, from a lavender handbag to a red cocktail dress.
  • Instantly get matching product results from top brands in over 1,000 nail colors.
  • Tap any color swatch to see how it looks.
  • Share photos via social media.
  • Purchase your favorites.

Additional Features:
  • Featured Shades highlight trending colors and celebrity and red carpet-inspired looks.
  • Find complementary colors with unique Shade Mosaic feature.
  • Create a list of nail polish favorites to prep for your next manicure appointment.
  • Brand filter allows users to see results from preferred nail polish brands.
  • Connect with ShadeScout to find matching makeup from the same color search!

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