Thursday, October 29, 2015

Create a Gourd-geous Nail Look with Nails Inc. this Halloween

What better way to top off your Halloween look than with the perfect Halloween mani?  Nails inc, the British brand that now lines the shelves of Sephora and has celeb fans such as Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Beyonc√©, has created four terrifyingly chic looks for you to sport this Halloween.  These fun looks range from a scary sophisticated ‘Bloody Tip’ as well as a sexy look appropriately named, ‘Leather &  Skulls.’  

Look 1 - Bloody Tip
Using Victoria one coat gel polish, available from Nail Kale basecoat and Caviar topcoat

  • Apply basecoat
  • To create the V, starting at the edge of the nail, pull the brush towards the middle of the tip
  • Repeat on other side, apply a second coat for a denser look
  • Apply top coat to finish

Look 2 - Chic Witchy talon

Using Mayfair Lane, Black Taxi and Nail Kale basecoat and Gel Effect top coat
Tools: Striping brush
  • Apply basecoat
  • Paint two coats of Mayfair Lane
  • To create the point, with a striping brush, paint the outline of a V using Black Taxi 
  • Fill in the V
  • Finish with gel effect top coat

Look 3 – Googly ghost eyes
Using Black Taxi, Floral street, Westminster Bridge Matte top coat
Tools: Dotting tool
  • Apply basecoat 
  • Paint two coats of Black Taxi followed by the Matte top coat
  • To create the whites of the eyes, with a dotting tool, dot one drop of Floral Street
  • Leave to dry
  • Finish with a dot of Black Taxi, applied with the dotting tool, to the edges of the white to create the googly eye effect.

Look 4 – Leather & skulls 
Using Silver skulls and glue from the Nails inc leather & skulls kit, Alexa Leather and Nail Kale basecoat 
  • Apply basecoat
  • Paint two coats of Alexa Leather
  • Leave to dry
  • Affix a skull to each thumb with nail glue.

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