Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dangerous Side-effects of Nail Polish

Nail polish is known to contain potentially toxic chemicals. Now according to researchers at Duke University, some of these chemicals could end up in your body. Triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP, a suspected endocrine-disrupting chemical, is commonly used to make plastics and as a fire retardant in foam furniture. And if you wear nail polish, it could be in your body too. “Researchers at Duke University tested the urine of 26 women who had recently painted their nails and found evidence of TPHP in every participant. Evidence of the chemical in the women’s urine increased sharply after they applied the nail polish.” – EWG.ORG

THPH is listed as an ingredient in many popular nail polish brands.  Luckily if you wear Lauren B. Nail Lacquers, your body is safe from this chemical. 

Lauren B. formulas are eco-and vegan-friendly, 5-free, cruelty-free, contain no harsh chemicals, and are proudly crafted right in the U.S. From base to color to topcoat, the groundbreaking treatment system is good for your nails and highly functional and fashionable for the modern woman.

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