Thursday, May 18, 2017

“Meet Cathleen” - First Film Released from Dove & Shonda Rhimes Inspired by Body-Positive Dancer

I am awestruck and inspired by the talent and confidence of this amazing woman - Cathleen Meredith.  Dove & Shonda Rhimes have released the first film today titled “Meet Cathleen.”

The film follows Cathleen Meredith on her journey to realizing her own beauty through her love of dance. Cathleen has hopes of encouraging women to take on challenges and be fearless to find self-love and real beauty through the celebration of their passions. Her experience powerfully brings to light an inspiring message for all women – you know real beauty when you see it for yourself. Through her body-positive modern dance movement, Fat Girls Dance, Cathleen has found a renewed confidence in watching herself perform fearlessly and fell in love with her body and beauty with every move.  – and through the process, unknowingly encouraging others watching to do the same.

The three-minute film was produced by an all-female crew (including award-winning documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus who was selected by Shonda and Dove to lead the project). Together with these women, Shonda and Dove put power of storytelling directly into the hands of real women and girls to truly represent who they are as beautiful and confident individuals. 

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