Thursday, March 08, 2018

International Women's Day: 6 Women-Owned Businesses

With an estimated 11.6 million women-owned businesses just in the US, which generate more that $1.7 trillion in revenue and employ more than 9 million people, every day is International Women’s Day. Here, a few women-owned businesses with “smart” style.

A frugal farm girl at heart, eyebobs founder Julie Allinson couldn’t bear the thought of spending a fortune for a pair of reading glasses that would inevitably end up lodged between the sofa cushions. When she inquired about a reasonably priced alternative, she was directed to the local drugstore “off-the-rack” versions. If what she was looking for didn’t exist, then she would just have to make it. Eyebobs—a collection of distinctive, high-quality eyewear for people like her, irreverent and slightly jaded—made its debut in 2001 and the company never **looked**back. 

Bezels & Bytes
Two Bay Area women – Sarah Shapiro and Melissa Koerner – who hailed from Bloomingdales and Gap Inc., respectively, were introduced by mutual friends and realized they had a lot in common. They were both new moms with a love of fashion who wore (and loved) fitness trackers, and both were disenchanted with the bands that came along with their trackers. They quickly joined forces to launch Bezels & Bytes – a collection of bands to tech-cessorize wearables like the Apple Watch.  

W.H. Petronela
Covet quality, not quantity. That’s Judy Vojtech’s mantra, and it’s the inspiration behind her collection of handbags designed to last a lifetime. What’s more, a portion of each sale is donated to H.O.P.E a nonprofit organization founded by Judy that addressing the needs of at-risk youth. 

Skeem Design
Founder Suji Meswani ditched the corporate world to pursue her passion for design. The result is Skeem Design, a collection of chic home accessories including match bottles, candles and incense. Not only is everything made in the USA, candles and match bottles come in containers designed to be repurposed. 

November Rain
Belinda Coker’s collection of waterproof rain ponchos is her second successful business. As the founder of Envirosax, a collection of reusable market bags, Belinda believes that friendly environmental practices are a non-neogtiable part of anything she designs. Not only are the rain ponchos printed using a waterless method, 10% of November Rain revenues are donated to organizations dedicated to clean water initiatives in developing countries.

And of course, our ladies at Ann Magnin Inc, an agency founded and run by women since press releases were printed on paper. :)