Friday, October 27, 2006

Equestrian Style Boots

Annabelle asks:
I absolutely LOVE the equestrian style boots. They are so classic! Most of them tend to be very flat however, or with just a tiny bit of a heel. Since I am quite short and flat boots tend to make me look like a midget, I would like to find a pair with a higher heel. Any suggestions?

This darling pair of equestrian style boots by Bally are perfect for you Annabelle! They have the classic styling of a riding boot, but with an elongated toe and higher heel for a more feminine feel. For a more casual type boot, check out these by Peter Kaiser. I love the buckle detail, and the heel height is manageable.

Another great choice, and a bargain at the sale price, is this pair by DKNY. The styling is classic, and the stacked heel gives height as well as stability.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fabu Flat Boots

Hey, I really need your help! I bought really cute straight jeans from h&m the other day, and I love them, but I need boots to go with them! I'm 5'9" and can't wear heels! Sometimes I do wear kitten heels, but I just can't find any cute boots with kitten heels or no heels at all. Do you have any ideas? Love, Maya

With the current fashion focus being on skinny jeans, straight legs and even leggings, it really is all about the boots this fall. Fortunately, there is a vast selection of boots out there, even for tall girls, in every price and budget range.

For casual wear, check out this gorgeous pair of suede flat boots by Steven Madden. They are soooo comfy and can be worn slouched or pulled up straight. This smooth, sleek leather boot by Nine West kicks it up a notch, and can be worn with skirts as well as jeans.

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of riding style boots. Chic, stylish and oh so sophisticated. I especially love the buckle detail on this pair of Peter Kaiser riders. Very "weekend at the country house."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Handbag Heaven

Please let me know if a dark navy blue handbag with dark brown straps should be used with any outfit these days, or should I stick with a brown handbag? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A great quality handbag is always an investment and an enhancement to your ensemble. Your choice for a basic everyday handbag is determined primarily by your own personal style. In a conservative environment, since most of your ensembles will probably be in a fairly neutral color palette, a navy handbag with dark brown straps would work quite nicely, as well as be a change from the usual basic black or brown handbag.

Your bag doesn't have to match exactly, but there should be some coordination. If you tend to wear colors in the cool, clear shades, then a black, white, grey or navy handbag would be a good choice. If your wardrobe leans more toward warmer shades, a brown, tan, beige or ivory bag would be best.

I have a fabulous navy and brown suede bag that is a staple for me. I use it with my navy pencil skirt, cropped blazer and platform pumps or my Michael Kors trousers and a cashmere turtleneck. It can also be very casual chic when I wear jeans, a warm sweater and gorgeous deep brown boots. A great idea for tying an ensemble together, particularly with the brisk autumn weather, would be a pair of supple deep brown leather gloves the same shade as the leather trim on the handbag.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What To Wear To Your Class Reunion

Hello She She Me! I need some help finding a 10 year class reunion outfit! It is going to be held at a casual bar so I am looking for something along the lines of designer jeans and a great top. Can't wait to hear your ideas!

Well darling girl, you are definitely in luck with all the fab fashions out there! First of all, be sure to check out Shop Girl's advice on what denim selection is best for your body type. That will make all the difference in the world. You could be wearing a $250 pair of designer jeans, but if they are wrong for your body you may as well be wearing a $25 pair from Target that actually fits and flatters! If you are going to spend serious cash on designer duds, make sure they are right for your silhouette.

Your 10 year reunion is all about Who Still Looks Great. And not to be snarky (as if I ever would be!) it is intensely gratifying when She Who Was Voted Most Popular and She Who Was Voted Miss Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Bod show up looking like the Anna Nicole Smith and Kirstie Alley BEFORE! Unless, of course, YOU were the one voted Miss Whatever, then you just want to show them that you've still got it baby!

A classic pair of chic bootcut jeans is the most flattering fit for just about every body type. This season it is all about sleek style, so give the embellishment a pass. Also, I would go with a darker wash, or even black, which is a little more dressy (as well as more slimming!)

If you have really great shoulders and arms, this is the perfect time to flaunt them! A chic halter or a sexy sleeveless tunic top will look fantastic, as well as be comfortable in a warm and crowded room. Another great choice is a surplice style top, which flatters the waistline. A classic blazer style jacket worn over the halter is a good way to start off the evening, and it can be draped over your chair once things heat up. A sassy cropped jacket would look fab too!

Glam up your jeans with sexy skyscrapers. Go with a little bling here. Or, if you are into the skinny jeans thing (and have the legs to pull it off) a great pair of heeled boots would look fantastic, as well as elongate your gams. A bit of frosting, a great bag and you are good to go!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What's in Your Wallet?

Dear She She Me,
First off, I want to say love your blog! My question is this: what should girls carry in their purses? What are the basic necessities that girls should have with them at all times? Thanks a lot! Love, Rachel

Hi Rachel,
The very question we girls ask ourselves every time we leave the house! My general rule of thumb is what would I like/want/need if I happen to get stuck on the subway/train/tarmac for an extended period of time.

Basics: Wallet with ID, credit/ATM cards, cash. Auto and house keys, cell phone, PDA. Mirrored compact w/pressed powder, lipgloss, breath mints, girly necessities otherwise known as snickers. iPod (this is a definite necessity for being stuck on subways, trains, and airplanes, but perhaps falls into the bonus category otherwise.)

Girly girl extras: zippered cosmetic bag with mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and blush. Travel tissues, travel wipes, travel size Tylenol, nail file, small notebook and pen.

Total bonus: Journal, book or magazine, iPod, photo wallet.

This list could go on and on, but this covers the very basics for glamorous girly girls!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Skinny Boots

Hi there!

Quick question. I am a tall girl with skinny legs, with the teeniest calves ever. So, I love tall boots because they are always stylish, but I can never find a pair that fit my calves. Oh sure, you can have them expanded if you have bigger calves, but the only way to fix the opposite problem is to take the boots to a leather guy and have them taken in for a few hundred dollars. Of course this limits my options for types of boots I can purchase. Do you know of a boot company that makes narrow calved boots, or a place that maybe lets you order the calf size? Before you ask, no, the stretchy boots don't work either. They end up looking like scrunch socks from the 80s. HELP! Thanks, Gen

Hi Gen,

One of the girls here at the office has amazingly skinny calves, and she swears by Charles David Crave boots. They have an amazingly narrow calf, just 12 inches. The Steve Madden Luciah is also a good choice. The lace tie top is an added bonus for style and a more snug fit. Both of these boots have a leather upper, which makes for a much better quality boot.

Another possibility is the Frida by Nina. The upper is a man made suede, but the circumference is only 11 inches. Very snug fit.

However, if you want the absolute perfect fit in boots, and are willing to pay a little extra, and wait a little longer for delivery (they come from the UK) then check out Duo Boots, for custom made boots.

Ivy League Fashion for the Big Game

Dear She She Me,
I am having a fashion dilemma. My fiancé and I are going to the Harvard vs. Yale football game in November, and I am at a loss as to what to wear! I live in the South, so my wardrobe lacks great cold weather clothing. Also, I have never been to Boston, so I am not sure what the style is there. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Southern Girl Headed to Harvard

Well, dear girl, from the sound of things you should definitely wear crimson! (Am assuming you are Harvard fans; if not, change that to navy blue!) This is "The Game" and you will find a very definitely divided crowd, sartorially speaking. Everyone will be sporting their school colors so you may as well join in the fun! Just promise me that you won't paint half your face.

It will definitely be cold, and you will be spending hours outdoors, so dress accordingly. Flashing back to an extremely frostbitten derrière at the Northwestern v. Purdue game a few years ago, I have just one suggestion: Jockey No Panty Line Promise Thermals. These are not your brother's thermals! These are exquisite. Extremely thin, extremely comfortable and extremely warm! Thin enough to wear under your snuggest jeans and guaranteed to keep you nice and toasty. Also, they come in several colors and can be worn as leggings too!

Dress in layers. A turtleneck (silk or cashmere is warmest), warm sweater, and jeans with a little stretch (comfort is the rule of the day!) topped off with a toasty shearling coat, or even a soft down jacket. Don't forget a scarf, warm knit cap (this is a good way to show your school colors) and warm gloves. Comfortable boots (fleece lined for warmth) are a good choice because they are not only warm, but protective.

Don't forget your sunglasses, and sunscreen if it's a sunny, warm day. I would opt for a large tote bag or perhaps even a stylish backpack for your girly paraphernalia (including a rain poncho, umbrella and large trash bag to slide over your stadium seat if it rains).

Go team!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Perfect Patent Leather

Dear She She Me,
What season is appropriate for patent leather shoes? Thanks!

Remember the old addage No White After Labor Day? Or Before Memorial Day? Well, the same used to apply to patent leather footwear. These rules no longer apply, thank heaven! Patent leather has evolved along with the rest of fashion. It is perfectly fine to wear patent leather in the fall and winter. Just stick with season appropriate styles, such as pumps, loafers, flats and boots. Keep the shiny pink sandals for summer.

New York State of Style

Hi She She Me! I am in a fall fashion quandry. My family and I are headed to New York for Thanksgiving this year. Fun, yes? Only if I can figure out what to take! We are going to a great restaurant, The View atop the Marriott Marquis, and two Broadway shows. Any suggestions for what to wear? I want to look elegant and stylish and I am desperate not to give away my tourist status. Love your blog!

Oh you lucky girl! I am so envious. As far as fall fashion goes, do as the New Yorkers do and wear black! I know, I know, it is such a cliché, but it is absolutely true. I'm not talking goth here, just sleek and elegant black attire. Black wool trousers and a cashmere sweater. A calf length skirt and an elegant silk blouse. A gorgeous little black dress.

For daytime tourist type activities, go with dark washed jeans, a crisp white blouse and a warm wool coat. Also, I would strongly suggest comfortable boots; boots that you can walk all over town in, jump rain puddles and curbs in, and step over dog poop in. It's November in New York, rain puddles and poop are a way of life.

An elegant little black dress is perfection for an evening out, dinner and a Broadway show. One suggestion, keep the heels mid height, no stilettos. Stilettos are difficult enough to walk in when you are on familiar territory, let alone trying to snag a cab at midnight in midtown.

Top tips for not looking like a tourist: Never stop in the middle of the sidewalk to gawk. Never, never, never block the flow of bodies in forward motion! This means not stopping at the top of the subway stairs to figure out where you are. If you aren't sure, just keep walking about twenty paces, then move out of the flow of bodies and regroup. Also, when traveling with a group, do not walk side by side by side. This, once again, blocks the flow of bodies in motion. You can walk in pairs, but just keep it moving!

Dont's: Never wear a fanny pack. Never wear white tennis shoes. When with a group, do not wear matching tee shirts.

Do's: Get a city map and a subway map and study them! Preferably before you get to NYC. Learn the basics. Avenues run north and south. Numbered streets run east and west. You can even download maps onto your cell phone. Do see all of the tourist sites! There will be a zillion other tourists there and when they see you in your chic attire, walking briskly and with a purpose, they will say, "Wow, there goes a native New Yorker!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Singing (and being stylish) in the Rain

Hi She She!

I recently moved from Atlanta to Seattle. Summer was gorgeous here, but the fall/winter rain is starting to settle in. I live in town and walk everywhere. Any suggestions for a styling hat to keep my head dry this winter? Thanks for the help!

Hi Karen! Rain can definitely wreak havoc with your coiffure. Hats, very often, tend to do the exact same thing! It's a bit difficult to find a stylish solution, especially of the waterproof variety. Personally, I have a couple of the Seattle Sombreros (one in red, one in black) which I wear here in the equally wet and blustery San Francisco area. They do the job well, and without causing hideous hat hair. Another option is this weatherproof cloche, which is also fleece lined for extra warmth. A little sleeker, less sporty than the Seattle Sombrero, but great for tucking into a pocket.

As a general rule, however, I like to wear a knit cloche or newsboy cap for warmth, and carry a large, very chic umbrella (the kind with the hook at the end, which allows me to hang it over my arm when not in use, and free up my hands) to protect me from the rain. You will probably find the ubiquitous umbrella everywhere in Seattle, as I do here in the Bay area. In fact, it's a good idea to keep a few on hand; in the car, at the office, etc. because they tend to disappear (only to resurface in your best friend's closet come July!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fashionable Fitness Wear

Hi Shesheme!

I love your website and have a question for you. Do you know where I can find stylish activewear? I am especially interested in yoga wear, and I have recently taken up rock climbing. Where can I find cute workout wear that won't make me look like a girl jock?Thanks! Andie

Hi Andie! Here are a couple of my very favorite activewear sites. I love Lucy. Chic, sleek, stylish and top quality. I especially love their yoga wear. During the weekend, I practically live in this darling wrap front sweater and roll waist crops.

Londomondo is another great source for activewear. More main line brands and products, as well as swimwear and skate accessories. Great shoes.

I also like Shakti Activewear. Their clothing is a little more trendy, with fun colors and patterns. A good source for more sturdy gear, as well as rock climbing accessories is REI or Patagonia.