Monday, April 30, 2007

Stylish Workout Wear

Hi she she me! Thank you so much for helping people with fashion/beauty issues. You have no idea how much it is appreciated. So, I have questions! Summer's coming here in SoCal, and the weather is warming up. I run a lot and I started to take jazz/ballet dance lessons, and I am at loss about what to wear. I love to wear short shorts... but not leggings. Any suggestions on how to look cute while working out? Thank you so much! hugs&kisses, Esther

Hi Esther,
Kudos to you for keeping physically fit! Not only does it keep you looking fabulous, but it helps a girl feel fabulous as well. As far as workout wear goes, too many girls just toss on an old sweatshirt or tradeshow tee and a pair of ratty shorts figuring, "Hey, I'm gonna sweat anyway so why go to the bother of spiffing up?" I promise you that your workout will be more enjoyable and more productive if you take the time to invest in a few pieces of stylish, supportive and breathable workout wear.

I love the camis with a built in support bra. Stylish, chic and supportive all in one! For those of you with a larger bust, go with a tank style top with thicker straps for extra support. If you are uncomfortable baring that much skin, toss a sleeveless workout shell over the top, or even a great fitted tee shirt - just stay away from big and baggy.

For jazz classes, ballet, yoga etc there are so many stylish separates out there these days! I love yoga pants, because they are sleek and comfortable, and stylish enough to wear while running errands before class! For warmer weather, a pair of sporty crops or capris is great, or even a pair of shorts. You can go with bike-type shorts, or a looser, low-rise style. Just be sure to choose a fabric which allows for good movement and provides aeration and ventilation. I especially love the Champion Double Dry sport soft cotton fabrics which wick and evaporate moisture, while drying quickly. The last thing you want is a soaking wet tee shirt which takes forever to dry.

Be sure your footwear is geared specifically toward your workout. The support structure is different for each shoe, depending on whether you will be using them for walking, jogging, cross-training, dance, etc.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Corporate Chic

Hi! I work in a position as admin to some high level executives, so attention to dress 'code' is particularly important. I basically agree with tradition that sleeveless dresses are not acceptable in the corporate workplace, but recently found a fabulous ivory linen double breasted dress with black stitching and black buttons from Talbots. The problem is that even though it has a classic collar and beautiful cut to it, it is sleeveless. Should I try to work a blouse of some kind under it, or what?! I am a young 63 year old lady in good shape - no swingin' underarms - but no athlete's tan either.
Thanks, Katie

Dear Katie,
First of all, I must know your secret to avoiding the ever-dreaded UADD (which we girls refer to as Under Arm Dingle Dangle!) I, too, adore sleeveless dresses and tops and admire you greatly for maintaining trim and shapely arms!

As for the dress, it is still considered taboo in most industries to wear sleeveless dresses or tops in the workplace. The standard solution to this, of course, is the classic blazer. With your particular dress, however, a blazer just doesn't work (too many buttons!) Fortunately, today's styles embrace the concept of layering. So it would be very simple to layer a lightweight top under the dress. Stay away from the classic button down blouse however; it would compete with the double-breasted dress front. I would go with a lightweight cashmere or silk tee shirt type top. One that fits close, with either a scoop neck or a turtleneck. Stay away from crew-neck styles as they are a bit too casual for this type of dress. You can go either short sleeve, three quarter or long sleeve, depending on the air conditioning situation in your office. One of the new sheer, lightweight silk tees would be ideal, as well as comfortable during the hot summer months.

Versatile Sandal Style

Hi She She, I'm planning on vacationing in the tropics and I need to pack as lightly as possible. I'm interested in buying a comfortable, stylish and versatile sandal for walking around, hanging on the beach and going out in the evening. Any suggestions? Thanks for your advice! ~lise
Whenever I pack for vacation the things that always take up the most room in my bag are my shoes! But what is a stylish girl to do? Besides, where is the fun in wearing the same pair of shoes all the time? While I highly recommend traveling light, I would also recommend you pack two different pair of sandals, and wear one pair on the plane. No need for any other footwear for a trip to the tropics.

For plane travel I would recommend a very comfortable pair of sandals that will cushion your feet as well as let them breathe. Thankfully, there are many stylish sandals that fit this description. These same sandals can also be worn for any shopping or sightseeing excusions during your trip.

For beach wear, the classic flip flop is still my favorite. Easy to slip on and easy to kick off. Here again, there are oodles of styles to choose from. The key, I have found, is that the sole is completely flat (no discernable heel) to make walking on the sand easier. Anything with any sort of heel tends to sink into the sand, causing you to teeter and wobble (and when one is at the beach the last thing one wants is anything to wobble!)

For going out to dinner, dancing and other night time activities, the skyscraper is still Queen of the Jungle. There is nothing like a warm tropical evening to make a girl feel sexy, and her footwear should reflect that. Strappy, sexy and totally chic!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Chic and Stylish Informal Bridal Gown

Hi, I have been a long-time subscriber of sheshe email updates and really love the variety of website sources you come up with for such fabulous dresses! I thought you might be a great source for finding websites for dresses that I could wear as my wedding dress. I am looking for something unique and informal, but with flair! I don't want anything strapless or poofy, so I have been scouring eluxury, bluefly, nordstrom, couture candy, edressme, jcrew, etc. for something that might work.... Do you have any other suggestions? I sure hope so! Thanks so much--Amanda

Hi Amanda,

One of my all-time favorite informal wedding gowns is at Stylish Bridal, a great site for both formal and informal bridal gowns. This gorgeous flowing gown is very simple, very chic and very flattering. I especially love the deep V-back. It comes in either white or ivory and would be perfect for a beach wedding. It's also one of those dresses that you could wear again and not look like the perennial bride.

Another option would be this gorgeous gown from Boston Proper. It is semi-fitted so it skims the body and flows to the ankle. Love the criss-cross back.
And one more from White House Black Market. Very stylish! Best of luck!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Styllish Fun

I am going with my husband next month for a little weekend vacation to Six Flags, SeaWorld, and a waterpark. I would love some suggestions for a few cute things to wear over my bikinis (as they all have water rides)...oh and cute shoes! A little extra support would be wonderful up top! Thanks!

What fun! I adore water parks, and since a misfortunate wedgie incident a few years ago I have taken to wearing swimsuits with boyshort style bottoms, or even board shorts over my regular swimsuit or bikini. I would also advise against any swimwear with dangling ties (believe me, it causes quite a commotion when you arrive at the bottom of a waterslide in the altogether because your swimsuit got caught on something on the way down .)

As for cover-ups, I like the idea of a sundress as a cover-up because it can pass for everyday casual wear as well as a cover. Be sure to check the fabric content and washing instructions, however. Waterparks are notorius for their higher chlorine levels and a wet swimsuit can cause your cover to bleach and/or colors to run. I also like long tunics. They are so much more stylish than big tee shirts don't you think? (Whatever you do, DO NOT toss on a big tee shirt!) Another option is to toss a cotton tank and floaty skirt over your swimsuit. Cotton will absorbe the excess water, but will also dry quickly. Stick with lighter colors however, so you don't look like you had an "accident.

Footwear? Something that candle handle a little water, natch! And something you can slip into and out of when you need to. Word of caution however: amusement parks like Six Flags won't allow you to wear flip-flops or thong footwear on the rollercoaster type rides, just in case one (of the shoes, not the people) goes flying off during a loop-de-loop. I would go with a comfy pair of sandals with great cushion and arch support for walking around the amusement park. If you go with leather, make sure it has the leather sock lining, which helps absorbe moisture so you don't develop blisters.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Professional Chic

Dear Fashion Goddess SheSheMe, I am about to start a new job at a busy hotel chain where I will be in Sales/Marketing. I need to look very sharp on a cheap budget. I've met with some of my associates during the interview process and they always wear professional looking suits. Where can I find some great suits and what other looks can I wear in my new professional environment? Any help would be much appreciated. Amanda R

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was a cliche, albeit one that still applies: "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." So, although you have scoped out your associates, keep a close eye on what your superiors are wearing also.

The hotel industry as a fashion venue is one of classic simplicity and professionalism. Suits, sweaters, skirts, blouses, dresses and jackets. Start with a basic professional wardrobe and build from there. Do not go quick and cheap here. Buy good quality separates that can be mixed and matched to provide more wardrobe options. Check out Bluefly, Zappos, SmartBargains, and other online sources for great deals on top quality fashions and accessories. Choose a basic neutral, like navy, brown, tan or black, then add patterns and color to enhance. It doesn't have to be stricktly suits. A great wrap dress paired with a structured jacket is a chic professional look.

Stay away from anything too frilly or frou frou. Keep it simple and sleek. Same goes for accessories and shoes - the work environment is definitely the place for "less is more" with the makeup and jewelry. Mid-heel height pumps are your best footwear investment, and I mean investment. (Good shoes and a great handbag always make an image statement so don't go cheap here either.) You could possibly get away with a slingback too, but stay away from sandals, open toes, or heels that are too high. Nothing too sexy; remember, it is possible to be professional and feminine at the same time.

New York State of Mind

I am leaving in a couple of days for my 30th birthday trip to NYC! Now I live in the south where it is pretty warm right now, and we are wearing shorts and sandals, however, I think it is still quite cool in the Big Apple. My question is what kind of outfits should I pack to be comfortable and stylish while turning 30! Any suggestions would help! I really don't want to be breaking back out the sweaters and boots! Thanks! We plan to shop a lot, eat a lot, and see a show on Broadway!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of twirty!!! I am so very envious, as I love, love, LOVE New York! Word to the wise: when in New York, dress as a New Yorker: wear black! I know, I know, it is such a cliché, but that's the way it is dearest one! I'm not talking Morticia Adams here, just sleek and elegant black attire. Black denim jeans and a flirty scoop neck blouse. Crops or capris and an edgy jacket. A gorgeous LBD, natch.
For daytime tourist type activities, go with dark washed jeans, a crisp white blouse and a structured jacket. Classic perfection. Also, a great pair of mid-heel height boots will work with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses in an equally stylish manner, with the added benefit of comfort and support (miles and miles of walking, shopping, and sightseeing!)

An elegant little black dress is a must for an evening out, dinner and a Broadway show. And since you couldn't possibly be expected to wear the same dress the next evening, be brave and go with something a little more bold and edgy. Here again, keep the heels mid-height, no stilettos. Trust me on this one: dashing for a cab in midtown is hard enough without adding vertigo and a twisted ankle into the bargain!
Since you mentioned doing a little shopping, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the many and varied boutiques and shoppes to stock up on dual-purpose accessories. (Handbags, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. which are not only stylish and practical, but also serve as cherished mementos of your fabulous birthday trip!)

Happy birthday you darling girl and happy shopping!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Get a Glimpse of Great Fashion

Hey girly girls!

Just wanted to let all of you fabulous fashionistas in on a fantastic new website, Glimpse is getting ready to launch, but they need a little input from the most chic and stylish girls out there, so of course they thought of She She girls right away! Here is what they have to say: is pretty unique in that it brings together all the big retailers (Neiman Marcus, Saks, Banana Republic, Design Within Reach, etc.) and all the big brands (Betsey Johnson, Chloe, Kiehls, Michael Kors, etc.) in a convenient location. It also has an amazing search function that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for (not a laundry list of search results).

Before we launch though, we are looking for a select group of savvy, female shoppers to weigh in with their input on what they truly want from a fashion, shopping site. We are offering some stylish ‘thank you’s’ for some of those who help us out...Marc Jacobs handbag, Chloe dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, etc.

Please check it out: and feel free to pass along to any of your fellow fashionistas.

So check it out girls!

Fashions for the Stylish Statuesque

Dear She She Me, Since moving away from my girlfriends in Raleigh, I have found it harder and harder to stay stylish! So thank you for your constant insight! I hope you can help me with my spring dilemma: I am a tall twirty-something, 6'0" without heels (which I love to wear) and have a hard time finding clothes that are long enough. In addition, I have a larger bust that makes it virtually impossible to find cute spring dresses. HELP! Where can I find cute dresses and clothes that are made for tall people but still stay stylish? Sincerely, Anna

Darling girl it is an ongoing battle to stay chic, stylish and statuesque all at the same time! Here are a few of my favorite tried and true sources for chic attire:

Shopbop. Great source for any and all things stylish. Many of their trousers and jeans are made specifically for tall girls. New York & Company has a dedicated tall pants section. J.Crew has a section dedicated to tall women. Saks Fifth Avenue is also a great source. Much of their designer wear comes in tall sizes, with pants that can be hemmed after purchase for perfect tailoring, even with heels! Also, check out for a fabulous selection of items for tall women.

For businesswear, try Georgiou Studio. Also, Banana Republic now has a dedicated tall section, not just pants either! Another fave is Couture Candy, hot designers and the latest fashions, with tons of really great dresses for those long, long legs of yours. Another good source for dresses is , and they have a great selection of skirts, trousers, suits, tops, even shorts! not only has clothing for the tall girl, but tons of links to other great sources for fashion and footwear. As an added bonus, the best site out there for shoes for girls with larger size feet is Barefoot Tess. Great selection, great designers, and their sales are good.

Also, here is a fabulous website with tons of info just for you!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Alternative for the Halterneck Addict

Hi Shesheme, I love your blog! I hope you can give me some advice with this. You see, I'm a halterneck top-holic. I've got tons of halterneck tops, some slouchy, some with lovely patterns, some with more of a clubbing vibe, and I love them all and I can't stop buying them! The problem is, it doesn't seem like the weather is warming up where I live, and it's likely that these tops are never going to see the light of the day. I'm thinking of layering but halterneck tops on top of turtlenecks or plain long-sleeved tops look strange. I'm feeling guilty looking at the stack of unworn pretty halterneck tops in my closet and sad that I don't get to wear them. I hope you can help me out with this. Thanks so much! Me

Dearest fashionista! I, too, love a sassy halterneck, but the climate where I live is more conducive to fleece and faux-fur for the better part of each year. I can only wear my sundresses and halters with bare shoulders for a couple of months each year. So what are we stylish girls to do? As Captain Peter Quincy Taggart from Galaxy Quest would say, "Never give up, never surrender!" In our case that would mean buy as many of those gorgeous halter tops as you want dear girl, because we will find a way to wear each and every one!

While I admit that I have yet to layer mine over a turtleneck, I have found that halter tops look fabulous when worn with a skinny tee. I would go with a tissue weight tee if you are going to go 3/4 length or long sleeve. Halter tops also look spectacular worn under a great blazer or jacket. I especially love the look of a patterned halter with the neck ties hanging down the back of a blazer. Très chic. Another option would be a cropped jacket or sweater. I have a great bolero jacket which looks fabulous with my halter tops, because it has no buttons or zippers and doesn't compete with the neckline of the halter. And my personal favorite: a denim jacket, which looks fabulous every time!

If you are feeling a bit on the brave side, sartorially speaking, try pairing a crisp, white button-down blouse with one of your more structure halter tops. Leave the blouse unbuttoned to the top of the halter neckline. Happy halter-necking!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Parisian Chic

Hi She She, Even though I'm in my early 50s, I still care about style. I'm going to Paris at the end of May for a business trip with my husband & will be there for a week and a half. What should I take to wear so I will look nice but not stick out. My daughter studied in France for a semester & she said that you could always tell the Americans because they dressed in such bright colors all the time. I'm thinking of taking lots of black & white with just a little color. I'll be doing mostly touristy, casual things but want to look nice. I'll be in Cannes, Monaco, Paris & maybe London. I also want to take as little as possible. My enjoyment will diminish if I have to carry too much luggage. Thank you!

You lucky, lucky lady - springtime in Paris and all that! And I am so very glad to hear that style is important to you. I am of the personal opinion that style should never be relegated to the back seat of life. The day that one stops caring about fashion, style, shopping and shoes is a very sad day indeed, one that I hope never to see!

You are definitely on the right track as far as packing goes. Keep it simple, yet stylish. The best way to do this is to decide on a basic neutral color to build your travel wardrobe around. Because of the season, springtime, I would advise against making black your base color. I would suggest khaki, tan, or navy as a base and go from there. However, a great LBD is a necessity, as it will take you to dinner, the theatre or a great night on the town in any cosmopolitan city.

Choose items of clothing that will travel well, meaning do not wrinkle easily and are easy to clean. A couple of pair of trousers in khaki or tan, two pair of nice jeans (or navy trousers), and a skirt (perhaps two, as well as the LBD mentioned earlier. I would also take a gorgeous wrap dress. The weather in Paris in May is still a bit iffy, so you will want to layer your clothing. A blue blazer to wear with the khaki and tan trousers and a lighter neutral colored blazer to wear with the jeans or navy trousers. I would also pack a couple of lightweight cashmere sweaters which can be layered under the blazers. This is where you could add a pop of color. Perhaps a rich red or a deep jewel-toned saffron yellow. Add a couple of white and/or cream silk tee shirts and your basic wardrobe is complete. I like to wear tee shirts instead of button-down blouses because they are so much more travel friendly and can be rinsed out in a hotel sink if need be.

Shoes are key to your travel success. You will be walking miles and miles, I guarantee, so take shoes which are stylish, but comfortable at the same time. A couple of pair of chic flats for those touristy little side trips and a pair of killer slingbacks or pumps for those romantic evenings.

As far as handbags go, I would opt for a nice, roomy tote or perhaps even a leather backpack style bag. One that has plenty of room for all your girly necessities and a camera. When I travel, I only take ONE handbag with me. That gives me the perfect excuse to pick up another one as a travel souvenir! (And what girl wouldn't want to return home with a genuine Parisian handbag?) Another great travel souvenir? Silk scarves. They can be tied on the handles of your handbag for a punch of color, draped stylishly around your neck, tied around your hair à la Grace Kelly or even given as gifts to the friends at home.
Best of luck and have a fabulous time!