Monday, July 16, 2007

Accessory Hide and Seek

Hi, I know that this is not a current trend but do you know anywhere that I can find a very wide dark purple belt? I would appreciate your advice a lot....I have been looking for one everywhere (online) to find one. By the way, I am a huge fan of your blog. -Amber

Hi Amber!

A couple of options for you dear girl. First, this gorgeous purple leather studded belt has an edgy look for a very stylish finale to your ensemble. At 3" it is substantial, not wimpy!

Another great option is this fantastic wide leather wrap cumberbund belt. Soft, supple leather to wrap and cinch your waist for a very chic look.
And the finale, a fabulous 10" suede belt with enormous circle cinch! Gorgeous!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maternity Styles for the Petite Mommy

Help! I am looking for cute maternity clothes for petite gals. I am 5'2", and a size 10 or 12 normally. I found some cute stuff at A Pea in the Pod, but would love some other (perhaps less pricey) options. I can get away with shorts and pants from Target, but their tops just aren't made for someone who is petite! Oh, and I'm also chesty (36-38D), so nothing with spagetti straps or inadequate coverage. Thanks She She

Pretty Mama is our go-to girl on this one. Check out Bella Blu Maternity. They have an entire petite section geared just for girls like you. They carry everything from jeans and tops to cocktail dresses and evening gowns!

Another favorite site is Isabella Oliver, whose maternity fashions are so very chic and stylish, and there is an entire petite section too! This adorable ruched top is very of-the-moment and I adore the wrap dresses.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cool Fashions for Looking Hot

Hey, SheShe! You have kept this post-twirty (38) girl stylish for years now. And, now, I'm coming to you with a question. My husband and I are attending a really nice (read: fancy) charity auction for the local Humane Society (our favorite charity) and was wondering what would be a smashing outfit to wear (dress, shoes and jewelry, please!). Add to this I'm emailing from Alabama where it's 110 in the shade now and I'm *not* a summery/sundress kinda girl (I'm very comfortable in the dark colors and shimmery/satiny dresses of Fall and Winter!). Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Stephanie

Hi there Stephanie! What a fun party - anything to benefit the darling kitties and pooches out there (big high five from my little Westie Zac!) is a worthy cause indeed. And of course you want to look smashing, and you shall dearest girl!

Since you say you are not a sunny sundress kind of girl, let's do chic and sophisticated for you. Keeping in mind that it is meltingly hot, but hoping this event will take place in a lovely air conditioned event facility, let's go from there. Go with a knee skimming dress that will float around your body, (air circulation aids tremendously in keeping a girl cool!) A halter neckline is very flattering, especially because there are actually so many halter styles to choose from. This gorgeous deep v-neck halter gown would look smashing with a pair of strappy metallic sandals, and a sassy little evening bag.

Or you could go with a high-neck halter style - very, very sophisticated. Paired with glam slingbacks and a sleek handbag and you are the epitome of stylish elegance.

Another very flattering look is an empire style gown. This style is particularly great for girls with more womanly curves. Just be sure to keep the empire waist a couple of inches below the bustline (not directly under the bust like a babydoll dress) and then the dress flows out from there.

A wrap-front style is also especially flattering, because it emphasizes the narrowest part of a women, which is her waist. A pair of sexy t-straps, a snappy little bag and a pair of chic earrings will complete the ensemble.

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous LBD! I like to mix it up just a bit whenever I go with the little black dress, and do something a little more funky with the footwear. My absolute fave is a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps or peeptoes because that red sole gives the perfect little flash of color whenever you walk. Check out these Oh Deer! pumps as an affordable alternative to designer shoes.
As far as jewelry, whenever you are going with a chic and sophisticated look, the less bling the better. I would opt for no necklace at all (let the neckline of your gown make its own statement), a simple tennis bracelet or thin bangle and diamond or pearl stud earrrings.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fashions for a Wedding Registry Attendant

Dear SheSheMe,
I am the registry attendant at an upcoming wedding. The wedding is at 5pm with a 6pm country club reception to follow. As the registry attendant I have no idea what to wear! I have hunted through all the popular bridal websites and books to no avail! I am not really in the wedding party but I will be helping guests as they arrive and I will be in the program. The wedding party is wearing light blue, tea length dresses. Should I try to match them or wear would I would have worn to the wedding anyway? Do you know the protocol on the registry attendant attire? Thanks so much for all of your fashion wisdom! Sincerely, Jen

The guest book attendant is actually considered part of the wedding party, and while it is not necessary for you to actually match the bridesmaids, it might be a nice gesture for you to try to coordinate your attire. At a wedding that I recently attended, the bridesmaids were all wearing a lovely soft periwinkle color, and the bride's bouquet had a variety of flowers in white, yellow and periwinkle. Since yellow was being used as an accent color in the wedding, the guest book attendant wore a gorgeous soft yellow dress.

Check with the bride to see what her colors are, and what her accent colors are, then try to find a dress to coordinate. If all else fails, a classic LBD will always work. Just don't wear anything white (never compete with the bride!), and don't wear anything either too severe or too bare.

Also, since your main duty is to get guests to sign the guest book, be sure to get the parents of the bride, the parents of the groom and all of the wedding party to sign (they often forget!) Best of luck!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Setting the Tone in Fashion

Hi She She!
I am in a quandary! My dear husband is a serious musician and as such, I will be attending my first music festival in a few weeks. It sounds like it will be sweltering and dusty most of the time (except at night, when it will get chilly), and I don't know how to pack and be comfortable but still look stylish. It is only a long weekend and supposedly there are shower facilities but I am still a little bit worried. Can you help me out? Thanks so much! Anne.

My dearest girl, you can never go wrong with a classic sundress. This fashion staple will be absolute perfection for a music festival, especially when the temps will be scorching one minute and breezy the next. Keep cool and stylish in a comfy cotton knit sundress, while looking like one hot mama! Knit travels well, and any wrinkles that happen will fall right out a few minutes after you don your darling confection.

Pair your sundress with wedge sandals, not too high, but supportive and comfortable. You will most likely be on grass, dirt and asphalt surfaces, so it is important to keep your tootsies cool and comfortable, while providing a stable walking surface. Another option would be a pair of gladiator type sandals, which will give your sundresses a bit more of a bohemian feel.

San Francisco Shoe Style

A question for your What To Wear blog! My husband and I will be taking a backpacking trip in August to San Francisco where we will be walking or riding public transportation everywhere, and carrying all our things in backpacks a good deal of the time. I agree with the theory on your blog post of "no clunky tennies", but am perplexed as to what I could possibly wear on my feet for 7 straight days of heavy walking that wouldn't leave me in pain, but wouldn't make me look like a Gramma or look completely out of place with the rest of my potentially bohemian-chic look (avoiding the hoodies and jeans here, obviously). Would love to read your ideas on what to wear on my feet and even the rest of myself, which would pack easily but keep me walking comfortably for an entire week! Love your weekly newsletters and have recommended it to all my friends! Sincerely, Jenny

Dearest Jenny, Fashion-on-the-go, always a dilemma, but this one is easily solved! First of all, the key to comfort when visiting the San Francisco area is layering! You never know what the weather is going to do. For instance, yesterday it was 85 degrees in the downtown area and today it barely hit the 60's, so plan accordingly.

For sightseeing about town I would suggest knit sundresses and comfortable sandals, along with a great little sweater to toss over your shoulders when it gets brisk (which is every evening!) Sundresses and skirts are great because they are casual enough for day wear, but can be bumped up a level or two for dinner out or evening activities. Stick with knits, especially jersey, since it packs well. I would suggest a cashmere sweater because it adapts wonderfully to your body temperature (keeps you warm when you need it but doesn't suffocate).

Stay away from baggy tee shirts and sloppy clothes that scream TOURIST! A great pair of jeans will take you almost anywhere in the Bay area. Go with a straight leg or very minimal bootcut as those are the most universally flattering styles, and stay with a darker wash because it can be dressed up more readily. An empire style top is so much more flattering than a tee. Or a chic wrap top. Choose one in a silk or knit that can be rolled up and tossed in your backpack.

Another great option is a pair of stretch capri trousers. Again, a style that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion and the location. Paired with a chic girly top and you are ready for lunch at a bistro. Toss on a denim jacket and you're ready to catch the ferry to Sausalito.

Footwear options extend beyond the clunky tennies. A great pair of chic flats will bump up your style, while still providing hours of comfort and miles of walking. Also, think comfort when looking for a pair of sandals. Look for good arch support, non-chafing straps (leather) and a snug enough fit that your foot won't slide around and cause blisters.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Country Club Chic

Dear SheShe,
My company is a sponsor of a PGA golf tournament and I have been asked to host one of the corporate guests for the Pro Am tournament. This means that I will be at all the dinner parties and around the golf course all day. The problem is that I don’t really know much about golf, nor do I know how to dress for it! One of my co-workers(male) said that the dress is “country club casual and preppyish.” What does that mean???
Help! Any ideas? Lost in the Golf World

Think Ivy League meets Junior League - Bree from Desperate Housewives for example! For daywear, on and around the gold course, you will always be on target in a pair of classic chino trousers and a crisp white blouse. You could even do the preppy thing and add an argyle vest. Because you are representing your company, I would stay away from crops or shorts.

Another option would be a knee length skirt in a twill or cotton, and a knit polo shirt or short-sleeved blouse. Once again, because this is a company sponsored event you should probably not go sleeveless. You will most likely be spending a great deal of time outdoors so it would be advisable to wear a chic sunhat (not a visor, or you may be mistaken for one of the pros!) to keep your hair and skin protected from the sun. Be sure to wear an SPF 40+ sunscreen and reapply often. While it is not particularly necessary to wear golf shoes (unless you are expected to actually be on the playing course itself, not just along the sidelines) do not wear shoes with any type of heel. They are very damaging to the grass. A nice, chic flat sandal or skimmer is perfect.
For dinner parties, go with a lovely summer dress or chic wrap-style dress. Don't go too short, keep it at knee length or just below. Also, don't go too bare. Stay away from deep plunging necklines or backless dresses. You can wear gorgeous heels here, since you will be in a dining room or on a patio or deck, but stick with mid-height to keep it business appropriate.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Dear She She Me -
You were a huge help with a question I had several months back, so I want to thank
you for that, first of all! I'm also hoping you can help me with this dilemma. I have been absolutely coveting this jacket. I know, it's a little crazy (erring close to the side of tacky), but it just calls to me. Being D&G, the price tag is way, WAY out of my range. Can you help me find a cheaper version? The most important things are fit and price. Thanks, love!

Hey doll! This is a bit of a toughy, but we'll see where we go with it. While not exactly the same, this D&G quilted leather jacket from Net-a-Porter is exquisite, as well as half the price! And anything D&G, especially classic styling, is going to be an investment.

Heading in a little more affordable direction, there are a couple of options. The fit of this gorgeous supple leather jacket is perfection. Nipped in at the waist (gotta check out the rear view) with exquisite details like rouched shoulders and notched gussets allow for freedom of movement as well as a flattering fit.
If you are looking for something that is in the hot, hot, hot range, check out this red hot motocross style jacket. Fits like a glove.

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