Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hair Help

Hi she she me. I know hair isn't exactly your area, but I couldn't think of anybody else to ask! Recently I bought hair dye from a drug store and dyed my hair with it. It was only one shade lighter then my natural hair color. While dying it, my scalp burned a little and itched a little too. Now, while I am happy with my hair color, my hair is starting to itch and fall off. Not that much, but certainly a lot more than I am used to seeing. Is there any cure for this? Thanks she she me! Take care!

Well, darling girl, looks like you are starting down a slippery slope! Let's put a stop to that here and now! Speaking as one who has turned her own hair green (starving college student, what can I say?) and then paid a semi-substantial sum to rectify said greenness, I can in all honesty advise you to never color your own hair! But you already know that now, right? The burning and itching you felt were a reaction to the chemicals in the hair color, and an indication that you have a sensitive scalp. Because of this, you should always go to a hair color professional for any coloring, highlights, lowlights, glazing, etc. that you may wish to have done, because a professional colorist will have access to exactly the right processing for your needs.

That said, let's get to the problem at hand. (And you do promise never to color your hair at home again, right?) First of all, you need to sooth the delicate skin on your scalp, as well as treat the damage to your hair. One of the girls here at our offices had a similar hair coloring disaster, and not only did her scalp itch and burn, but her hair went all funky and fried too. She swears that Philosophy Shear Spendor Age-Defying Hair "Marinating" Oil saved her hair and her love life. Use it as a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment. My suggestion would be to apply it to your hair, cover with a shower cap to seal in the luscious formula, then soak in a nice fragrant bubble bath while listening to soothing music - voila! Rejuvenation for both hair and soul!

Another great hair treatment that might be a little more readily available and affordable is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. Again, use this as a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Also, use a daily conditioner to sooth your scalp and protect your hair. I love Philosophy Shear Splendor Conditioning Mask. You can use this daily, but use it sparingly so you don't weigh down your hair. Another great daily conditioner is Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-In Conditioner. Again, use in moderation for the best results.
Hope these tips help! Take care of yourself and take care of your hair!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Building a Basic Wardrobe

Dear SheSheMe, I have been prego on and off for the last 6 years, so now that I am back to semi-normal I am in need of pretty much an entire wardrobe. Anything that does exist in my closet either doesn't fit or is years past expiration. I am in search of a list or guideline of what basics to purchase to start building a decent wardrobe. The goal would be to go from permanently living in my workout clothes to the most stylish mommy at carpool. Thanks She She! Heather

Dearest girl, this is the dilemma of many a mommy and we are here to help! The key to building a new wardrobe is to think classic and timeless; go for quality over quantity. Here is my list of the basic building blocks for a fabulous wardrobe that will have you at the top of the Best Dressed Carpool Mommy List!

  • A fitted blazer. A classic neutral like brown, navy or charcoal can coordinate with just about anything. A blazer always adds an element of style and can be worn with jeans, trousers, skirts and even dresses. Choose a fit that flatters your personal body type and make sure it is very good quality fabric, cut and style. Don't scrimp here!

  • White button-down blouse. Another classic. Can be worn with the blazer and jeans for a great mom-on-the-go look, or paired with a skirt and heels for those PTA dinners.
  • Cashmere sweater. If possible, find a great cashmere twinset because you will get double duty from the shell and the cardigan. A v-neck sweater is also a great option because it can be worn over blouses and under jackets for very distinctive looks.

  • Fabulous denim jeans. Another no-scrimp item. Take an afternoon (and a very good friend who will be totally honest with you) and try on every pair of designer jeans in Saks, Bloomies or Nordstrom till you find the pair that is most flattering to you. Hint: Straight leg styles are universally the most flattering, but a slight boot-cut will usually work too. Now that you know which jeans looks best on you, scour the sales and keep an eye on great online sources for good deals and you'll never be without a great pair of jeans!

  • Wool trousers. One great pair of fantastic trousers in a not-too-wide-leg style, (but not skinny or flared either.) Think timeless style. Black, navy or khaki.

  • A-line skirt. The classic style. Always looks good, always flattering. Keep it about knee length or just above (too long and it looks frumpy, too short and it looks trashy). I love skirts because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you are going for. I love to wear a classic a-line with a great tee shirt, a denim jacket and a pair of wedges. Or, you can go glam with a shimmery top, elegant coat and classic pumps.

  • And speaking of trench coats, this is another of those must-have items. I promise, if you get a great quality basic trench coat today, you will still be wearing it in five years and probably in ten.

  • LBD. Every girl must have a great little black dress! Here, again, go with what flatters your figure the most. If you have a great waist, emphasize it in a chic wrap dress. If you have sexy arms, go with a halter-style or a sleeveless dress.

  • A great tote bag. Not too big, and keep it sleek for a timeless look.

  • As far as footwear: a great pair of knee boots. A pair of basic black pumps. A pair of chic neutral flats. A pair of mid-heel t-straps or Mary Janes. A pair of sexy, sassy skyscrapers to wear with the LBD!

Those are the basics! You can fill in the blanks with tops, tees and other separates, and you can add individual style with accessories. You will definitely make a splash at the next PTA meeting!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Perfect Coat, Anywhere, Any-weather!

Hi Shes!
LOVE, love, love your site. Thanks for keeping a twirty-something mamma of three from wearing mom-jeans and athletic shoes! My question is this: I live in coastal North Carolina, and although most of the year it is very temperate, it occasionally dips into "coldishness." Naturally, I need a fabulous coat to accommodate these moments. It cannot be too heavy, or it's useless. Would be open to a variety of styles/lengths/fabrics. Any suggestions? Any upcoming sheshes devoted to outerwear???? Devotedly, Angela

Darling Girl, when it comes to fabulous outerwear I have just one thing to say...trench coat! A classic trench coat is the perfect go-to outerwear item because it never goes out of style (honestly!) Remember Ingrid Bergman in Casa Blanca? Gorgeous trench coat. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Another fabu trench coat. Chic, stylish, sophisticated...a trench will do the trick every time.

And lucky for the stylish fashionista, there are oodles of gorgeous trench coats out there to choose from! From the classic khaki trench, to one with a more military style, to fun floral prints and polkadots. Another fabulous thing about trench coats is not only do they come in a splendid choice of styles, they are also very affordable.

My favorite classic trench is from Banana Republic. Great fit, great price, timeless style. I also love this twill trench for its edgy style. Love the foldover collar and the funky lime green lining!

You can also go designer with this classic trench from Juicy Couture. The quilted lining adds warmth without being too bulky or too hot. This gorgeous trench by Robert Rodriguez is a little more expensive, but is a great investment because you will get years of wear out of it.
For dressier occasions, go with something a little flirtier, like this grey swing style trench. Or even a fun taffeta or silk trench. The possibilities are endless!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What to Wear to a Wedding

Dear She She Me,
I have been invited by my boyfriend to attend his relative’s wedding in the fall (October) somewhere in Rhode Island. This means his entire family will be there, so a wedding plus meeting his relatives can be nerve-wrecking. Can you help me figure out something pretty yet also appropriate (meaning non-revealing) to wear for this fall wedding? I have never attended a formal wedding, so I need help with dress, shoes, and purse. (Is pantyhose even necessary? I’m so lost!) Thanks! ~ Mandy

How wonderful for you dearest girl, and of course you want to look your very best (it is always a great confidence booster!). There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to formal weddings: Number one: do not wear white (only the bride has that prerogative). Number two: if the wedding is during the daytime, do not wear black or sequins. If the wedding is an evening affair, black is perfectly acceptable, as is beading, glam accessories, etc. Number three: if the wedding is in a church, temple or synagogue, be sure to cover your shoulders with a dressy wrap or light dressy jacket.

For a formal daytime wedding, a dressy suit or knee length dress is fine. Choose something that is easy to sit down it (meaning it doesn't crawl up the thigh when you sit), especially if the service is at a church. I would go with something in a flowy, figure skimming fabric like chiffon. Also, considering that this event is taking place on the east coast in the fall, choose a wrap that is warm as well as stylish. As for your question regarding pantyhose, since this is a formal affair I would say definitely (they also add warmth!). Choose hose with a nice sheen for a very glam look. Shoes should be mid-heel, perhaps an elegant slingback or a pump with a little embellishment, but stick with leather or even snakeskin (satin and brocade are for evening wear). A gorgeous leather clutch will complete this very elegant look.

For a formal evening wedding, you can glam it up a bit more. A dressy cocktail gown or even a floor length gown would be a fabulously stylish choice. Bear in mind, that you are meeting the fam, and it is a wedding, so don't go too bare or too plunging with the neckline. A halter-neck style is elegant and stylish, but make sure that the neckline is not too plunging and the straps are not too flimsy. Stay away from anything spaghetti strap or strapless altogether. A gorgeous sleeveless gown would be a good choice, as would be an classic LBD. For the footwear choice, go with something a little more glamorous, perhaps with more of a heel - something that you can dance the night away in. A gorgeous satin or embellished evening shoe is perfection. Same goes for the bag; something that makes a stylish statement. You can also glam up a gown with great accessories - a unique necklace, earrings or bracelet - and an embroidered evening wrap would be a stylish addition indeed.