Thursday, February 15, 2007

Frizzies Fix

Hi She She! Recently, I have traded my long waves for a short layered 'do. I love it, personally, and others agree. It's carefree, bold, and chic. However, since my hair is wavy, I am having trouble with the fly aways and frizzies. Any suggestion for how to fix my hair other than just letting it down? Thanks MUCH!
xxxx's and ooo's, Esther

Hi Esther! I always thought I had straight hair - until I cut a ton of layers into it and discovered WAVES that I never knew I had!! And with those waves (and Bay Area weather) comes brillo-head frizz. I have three products that I absolutely SWEAR by:

Steven Knoll Hair Masque. I use it once a week to help heal my hair. It helps seal the shaft and control split ends and fly-aways.

Citre Shine Anti-frizz Serum. Still the best anti-frizz serum I have ever used and I love it because I can buy it at Target!

Tamz. This little wonder wand is something I keep in my handbag, in my desk drawer, in my car glove compartment and anywhere else I can stash one. It is like a mascara, but you sweep it across any little fly-aways on your head and they magically disappear! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

One suggestion: Use the products very sparingly, or else it really weighs down your hair. Hope that helps!

Keep Your Shoes On!

Help She She! Barefoot, my shoes stay put. With pantyhose, my feet slip out and walking is extremely difficult. Is there a trick to pantyhose?

lLuckily, dear girl, this is an easy (and inexpensive!) fix. Try Foot Petals. They are fabulous. Not only do they help keep your feet planted firmly in your fashionable footwear, but they give your tootsies and/or heels a nice comfy cushion! They are especially great for high heeled shoes (especially sexy peeptoes) because they keep your toes from sliding through and hanging over the edge.
They have a fabulous line of products for every possible shoe situation you could think of. Strappy strips for sandals, Killer Kusions more complete coverage, pedicure socks, heel protection, you name it - they have it! I even use them in my ballet flats because they keep my shoes from flying off when I am making a mad dash across a busy intersection!

Stylish Puppy

Hi She She! I realize this isn't your usual area of expertise, but I would love to find a cute stylish dog tag for my 15 lb boy dog. A budget-friendly ID tag would work best! Thanks,Tag-less in Texas

Darling girl are you ever in luck! My own dearest Zac sports a fabu dog collar from Pup-Pup Designs. Not only is his name spelled out, and the collar is trimmed with seasonal cha-cha's so he will always be in style, but I also have an ID button with his license number and another with his contact information in case the little darling ever wanders off (heaven forbid!)

So fun and so many darling little buttons and cha-cha's to choose from! It has become my number one gift for my fellow doggie parents!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What to Wear Under a Sheer Dress

Hi She She! I have this cute bright green dress - the color might sound weird, but it really is pretty, but here is the problem: it is thin, and sheer. The thinness can be taken care of (seamless thongs), but I don't know what to do about the sheerness. If I wear it with jeans, it still looks good, but I would really like to wear it separately. It is strapless and comes down from mid thigh to right above knee; its the kind where you can adjust the length. Any suggestions for coverage and support? Thanks!

Your dress sounds darling, and you are on the right track with the no panty-line thong idea. For further coverage, because of the sheerness, my suggestion would be a strapless shapewear slip. This is how all the celebs get away with wearing sheer and skimpy dresses and still look fabulous (no lumps, bumps or panty lines!) There are several choices, some with underwire support, others with supportive padding. One of my favorites is by Donna Karan. It has a little lighter control and skims gently over your hips and things, but stays put.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What Shoes to Wear With Trouser Suits

Dear She She, I am new to wearing pants suits and honestly have no idea what the right heel height is for my new suit. I have yet to alter my pants and need your recommendation before I get them altered. What type of shoes do you recommend for pants suits? Type and heel size. Thanks! Jennifer

Hi Jennifer! Trouser suits can be extremely chic, but it all depends on the shoe! Never underestimate the importance of a great pair of heels. This is why I would not recommend anything BUT a heel worn with a trouser suit - NO FLATS! Flats are for casual wear - jeans, khaki skirts, capris, etc. And nothing chunky or clunky. You are going for sleek and sophisticated, so your footwear should reflect that also.

I would recommend a shoe with a heel height of between 2 to 3 inches. (If you are short, you could possibly go as high as 3 1/2 inches.) Anything less is too casual and anything higher is a little too sexy for professional wear. Heels worn with pants give you added height and allow for the hem to break more smoothly and naturally. One thing to bear in mind also, when choosing a pair of heels, is that a pointer toe will elongate the leg even more. So, if you are short, a little higher heel with a pointy toe is the way to go.

I would opt for a classic pump, or perhaps even a slight platform pump. Slingbacks are more acceptable as business wear, but the professional trend, unless you are in fashion or a fashion-related industry, is still toward closed-toe shoes. Peep toes are still considered a bit flashy for business wear, as are sandals.