Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keeping it Cool When the Temperature Soars!

Hi there girly girls!

This week the temps went from 60° to 100° in two days. Needless to say, I was thrilled beyond belief the first day…balmy weather in the high 70's, perfect for an afternoon bistro lunch in a flippy little skirt and top and a great pair of sassy sandals. Not to mention a pleasant little evening stroll along the pier in this season's ultra-chic halter dress and pretty platforms. But by the next day I was absolutely melting! A girl usually gets a little lead time on the über-toasty weather, no? Suffice it to say that pit-stains do not become a twirty girl. (Note to self: invest in more 100% cotton and silk for wilting weather!)

A girl usually has the opportunity to ease into the warmer weather. You know, several weeks of toting along the requisite umbrella and cashmere sweater, wearing pumps and feeling brave by sporting peep toes and thinking twice before going the full monty with strappy sandals. Not to mention a few sessions at the spa for toning and spray tanning before donning those shoulder and leg baring styles. Therefore I was caught just a tad off guard when the temps skyrocketed into the triple digits. I have been slathering my winter-weary skin with a rich body butter in the hopes of staving off the crocodile scales on my legs, but as the mercury climbed, my yummy body butter melted into rivulets that ran down my bare legs and into my Jimmy Choo's. My elegant coiffure ended up in a ponytail, (albeit a very chic ponytail, as I followed Girly's instructions on wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic band—trés Jennifer Garner!) And my once-chic blouse is wilting on a hanger, awaiting resurrection at the dry cleaner (aforementioned pit stains).

So what does a girl do to keep cool when the temps climb? I did what any sensible twirty girl in similar circumstances would do. I left work early (I was doing no one any favors by staying at the office and representing myself and my employer with such flagrant disregard to style and personal hygiene) and went back to my nicely air conditioned condo to hole up with a stack of glossy mags and very, very tall glass of refreshing iced tea. Just what the style doctor ordered!