Monday, September 29, 2008

What to Wear to a Fall Beach Wedding

Hi She She,
I have been an avid reader for years….I need help with a very perplexing situation. What in the world do I wear to a beach wedding taking place in the evening in November?!! Keep in mind that I live in the South, which means the weather may be cool, it may be hot. What is a fashion-minded girl to wear? Stacey

Dearest Stacey,

A beach wedding! How wonderful! I absolutely adore attending weddings since I have the perfect excuse to get all girlied up. And I agree, your particular situation is perplexing indeed, considering you have just as much a chance of sweltering in satin as you do of shivvering in shantung. In these circumstances I would strongly suggest wearing a dress made from natural fibers such as silk or cashmere, since they adjust well to the differences between outdoor temperature and body temperature.

I would go with a knee length sleeveless, one-sleeve or strapless dress in a natural silk fabric. You can then add a cashmere sweater or elegant wrap in case the weather turns brisk. Since it's autumn, you can go with a deeper, richer color palette. While the LBD is always an elegant choice, I have a tendency to stay away from black at weddings. I would choose something in a rich vibrant hue to celebrate the season.

Since you will be at the beach, I would go with a mid-height wedge soled sandal, which is easier to walk in when outdoors, especially on the sand. Finish with an elegant patent clutch bag and a really great pair of earrings.

Just in case the weather takes a truly serious turn for the brisk, an elegant brocade coat or satin trench would be a fashionable addition.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fabulous Fashions of Duchess

Hi there girly girls!

I am positively swooning (don't you just love that word? It makes me feel like such a belle!) over the gorgeous-beyond-belief fashions from The Duchess starring Kiera Knightley. I absolutely adore period dramas (have completely worn out two entire dvd sets of Pride and Prejudice!) and while I will always fancy a truly great love story I am really only in it for the fashions. Honestly, I was born into the wrong century. I think I was meant to wear satin and brocade, lace and frills, not to mention enormous pieces of jewelry! And who wouldn't appreciate being able to hide those pesky problem areas with a handy dandy bustle? Not sure sure about corsets, as I am a great fan of being able to breathe, but all in all the fashions were fabulous. Yes, if bathing were more of a priority and deodorant had been invented I truly think I could have enjoyed living in the 18th century (provided I was a member of the aristocracy and not a bar wench.) But I digress...

Anyhoo, being a devoted fan of said 18th century romance, I am absolutely in love with The Duchess. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire was the original "It" girl, and was touted as the Empress of Fashion. Anything she wore immediately became the rage and was copied by everyone in the ton. In fact, she once appeared wearing an enormous ostrich feather woven into her coiffure and overnight it became the most important accessory in any lady's wardrobe. It was an age of excess and Georgiana excelled in excess. She was most definitely an original. In fact, it was the Duchess who was credited with giving military style apparel its original cachet.

While I adore all things Georgian/Regency, I would find it a tad over the top to appear adorned in lace and brocade, with a 3-foot hair tower adorned with feathers and dripping in jewels. Instead, I am going to adopt Georgiana's style with this gorgeous military style jacket, worn with a lacy ruffle-front or tie-neck blouse. Next, I will bring it into the new millenium with a pair of gorgeous designer jeans and these perfectly perfect stacked heel boots.

I think I'll give the ostrich feathers a pass...However, I do believe I will indulge my passion for baubles with a beautiful jasper stone bracelet.
So check out The Duchess and bring a little romance into your style!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking Back: Emmy's Best Dressed

Oh darling girls! Just when I thought fashion couldn't get any more exciting - after my whirlwind of a week in New York for the Spring shows - along come the Emmy Awards and I am once again caught up in the excitement of seeing the brightest stars of television flaunt their fabulous fashions and finery! I just adore the Red Carpet. In fact, I just bought a nifty little red hall runner so that I can slip into my new Catherine Malandrino and sashay up and down my miniscule hallway, smiling, waving and peering back over my shoulder with a come-hither stare. One never knows when one might have need of such skills...but I digress. Where was I?

Oh yes! The Emmy Awards. Looking back at last year's Emmy's, and most especially the gorgeous gowns, I must admit that my very favorite look was Kate Walsh. She wore a red satin bias-cut gown by Pamela Dennis, shoes by Jimmy Choo and jewelry by Neil Lane, along with crimson nails and lips. She looked drop-dead gorgeous! Satin is a difficult fabric to get away with - it shows every little bump and bulge - and Kate was clearly bulge-free. But I have to say her best accessory was her gorgeous-beyond-belief hubby, Alex Young. Ahh, to be gorgeous and in love...and a celebrity!

Tune in September 21st for the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and check out the hottest fashions on the best bods in Hollywood!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Perfect Outfit for Fall!

Hi there girly girls! I don't know about you, but I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the fabulous selection of styles out there for fall. It seems that all the fashion bases are covered, from wide legged jeans and bohemian style tops, to the perfect little black dress and pumps, to the always chic and sophisticated trenchcoat and trousers. I love the fact that designers have made it possible for girls of all shapes and sizes to be on trend and still look fabulous.

But sometimes when there is so much to choose from, it is really hard to pull together a great ensemble. Should I go for chic and sophisticated? Casual and sporty? Free wheeling bohemian? Professional working girl? (As in my chosen, not world's oldest!) Choices, choices, choices...

Well, I always think the best place to start is with a classic and timeless look. With that in mind, I have chosed my Perfect Outfit for Fall. Start with a pair of classic bootleg jeans. (Bootleg jeans are the most flattering style for every body shape, which makes them perfect!) I like a darker wash, since it tends to be more slimming, but I adore the more "lived-in" washes too.

Next, add a crisp button-down shirt. I just adore a fabulous white shirt, but I love to mix it up a little with ruffles, bows, or pintuck details, since it has a more girly flair than a basic button-down. Also, there is so much you can do with a great white shirt. You can wear it under a fitted vest or a belted sweater, you can wear unbuttoned and belted over a sparkly or lacy cami, and it works equally well with trousers, jeans or skirts. A definite wardrobe essential.

Next, top with a stylish belted jacket. While a classic blazer work just fine, this season I am going with this gorgeous motorcyle jacket. I love the way the belt emphasizes the waistline, and the angled zip pockets are also very flattering.

Finally, a pair of classic leather boots. The best thing about boots is that they can be worn with jeans, trousers, dresses and skirts! Very versatile. I like a boot with a 2 to 3.5 inch heel for added height (plus, it makes my legs look very long and gorgeous!)

Don't forget accessories! A stylish cross-body bag is ideal, and the perfect size for toting along all your girly goodies. Since the biker jacket has zipper details you can skip the necklace, but grab a pair of big hoop earrings and a substantial bangle or two.

Friday, September 12, 2008

DAY EIGHT Highlights: Spring 1009 New York Fashion Week

Where has the time gone? It is absolutely true what they say: time flies when you're having fun! And this week has been more fun than any girl should possibly have all at one time. So here's to another fabulous fashion week and staying in style! The grand finale:

Ralph Lauren

Think Casa Blanca circa 2009. I almost expected Indiana Jones to make an appearance brandishing his whip (that's a good thing, but the way!) The feel was very safari/Moroccan, and the silhouettes were relaxed and right on target for Spring. Lots of metallic touches, buttery leather and elegant silk. One of my favorites was a black silk evening jumpsuit,(and I am sooooo not into jumpsuits), which looked very chic and utterly modern.


This was Calcutta based designer's third show in New York, and he presented to a full house. When asked about his inspiration for the fashions Sabyasachi Mukherjee made reference to several French designers, but admitted "inspiration gets completely blurred. I just believe in making good clothes." The gorgeous separates showed the detailing that the Indian designer is famous for: the exquisite hand embroidery, quilting, and beading is truly fabulous.

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka celebtrates 20 years together, and if this Spring's collection is anything to go by, the collaboration is as strong as ever. The whole look and literal feel of the show was light and airy. The gowns weighed mere ounces, which makes a pleasant change from the heavily encrusted details of past collections. "We just sprinkled it like fairy dust," Badgley said of their Spring embellishments.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

DAY SEVEN Highlights: Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week

Am really hitting the groove now, pacing myself from show to show, mentally keeping my Visa in check! Am also considering the possibility of cloning myself so I can have even more opportunities to don all the lovely fashions I am seeing! Now, for a few of today's highlights:

Vera Wang

Always a winner, this Spring's collection was signature Vera. A little artsy, very romantic and with a few little surprises tossed in for good measure. "I wanted to play. There was toughness, but also magic kingdom pale neon colors. It was like being an artist; it's girly with a tough act. That's who I am. I'm girly but not goth," explained designer Vera Wang. Lots of sheer layers, a smattering of menswear styling and Vera's classic chic styling.

Rebecca Taylor

The collection ran the gamut from floral dresses to tunics to equestrian styling, but somehow it all seemed to come together. "She's a world traveler," Rebecca Taylor said backstage of her Spring girl. "She's cool, carefree, and unencumbered." And these styles are definitely geared to making a girl feel like a girl!

Zac Posen

I adore Zac Posen. It's a fact. And, as always, his Spring collection did not fail to wow me! Even the gigantic earrings and overly frosted lips on the models did not detract from the exquisite femininity of the fashions. There was a little something for everyone, from leopard print dresses and bead trimmed cocktail gowns, to flirty girl frocks and drop dead gorgeous LBD's.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DAY SIX Highlights: Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week

Moving right along, or perhaps I'm getting my second wind! So many gorgeous fashions for day and night, work and weekend, party and play! Am thinking it would be a very good idea to revive the tradition of past centuries where one changed one's ensemble several times a day! That's the only possible way I will ever be able to justify all my spring must-haves! Now, for today's highlights:

Richard Chai

The Spring collection was very feminine, as each model seemed to float down the runway in a cloud of billowy fabric. The entire collection felt very Gatsby-esque, with hints of masculine style, which Chai is known for, in the slouchy trousers, layered vests and long jackets. An absolute breath of fresh air!

3.1 Phillip Lim

Although the backdrop of carved Moorish arches was our first clue that we were headed to Andalucia, there was (thankfully) not a flamenco flounce in sight. Geometric shapes juxtaposed with soft prints, delicate ruffles and fringe took the runway by storm. And several different versions of this season's emerging trend: the jumpsuit.

Nanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore made a statement with "Save the Garment Center" splashed across the set backdrop, and on buttons, pencils, and staff T-shirts, then appearing to take her bow with her adorable daughter in tow, both attired in the same girlied-up slogan tee. Her fashions went floral in shades of poppy, turquoise, and jade. Ruffles took center stage in virtually every look for an overall exquisite collection.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DAY FIVE HIGHLIGHTS: Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week

Over the hump darlings! While we may have peaked as far as time goes (Day 5), the fashions are anything but on the downward slide. They continue to astound, inspire and positively take my breath away! Here are the days highlights:

Cynthia Steffe

Ultra feminine styles with a hint of biker chic. "I was thinking about this urban girl going to the country club. I wanted to play with sport-chic, with delicate, feminine details," designer Sean Kearney explained. And while I absolutely adored the laser-cut lace detail, the full frilly skirts (with pockets! I am mad about pockets!) and the feminine smocking, I think I'll leave off the leather fingerless gloves and tennis pro visors. And I can absolutely see myself in the red floral cocktail the country club!

Monique Lhuillier

Gorgeous ultramarine blues, sandy neutrals, vibrant corals and sunshine yellow graced the runway. "It's about tropical-island getaway, but for the chic Monique woman." explains Monique Lhuillier of her Spring 2009 collection. Known for her elegant eveningwear, Lhuillier is venturing further into day—much to the delight of the chic Monique women everywhere.

Sophie Theallet

From white to beige to florals to deep vibrant ethnic colors and patterns, the look was gorgeous and the feel was very feminine. Belted shirtdresses and a few frills, waist ties and exposed zippers brought details to the forefront. "Freedom, color. I was thinking about costume of the south of France where I'm from," explained Theallet. "I see similarities with North African nomads and Native American Indians. It was very chic and very polished. I didn't want to go to the traditional costumes so I made the girls look beautiful."

Monday, September 08, 2008

DAY FOUR HIGHLIGHTS: Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week

Well dearest girls, we have reached the halfway point in our Spring 2009 fashion expedition. How are you holding up? Any blisters or bruises? Well, it's definitely time to buck up dears, there is so much more to come! Here are a few of today's fave's:

Carolina Herrera

Definitely one of the high points for this fashionista! My dream (along with 90% of the free world) is to be wed in a Carolina Herrera gown. Or perhaps attend the Oscars in a Carolina Herrera gown. Or maybe even just try on a Carolina Herrera gown! Anyhoo, her designs for Spring are positively heavenly. With Renée Zellweger front and center (and, honestly, I could imagine her in every single confection that came down the catwalk) Herrera presented designs that were feminine, chic and sophisticated...and left many a fashionista positively drooling.

Jill Stuart

Another hit. I adored this collection of ultra feminine fashions. Flowy dresses, off-the-shoulder pieces, leggings, layers, and oodles of chiffon all gave a very elegant and seductive feel to this collection. Delicate head wraps, strappy heels, and a temperature appropriate jackets and wraps are reminiscent of a coastal jaunt in the convertible. With a dashing beau!

Peter Som

Peter Som's inspiration for this Springs's styles came from wwo of the driest places on earth: the Sahara Desert and the Arabia of Sir Lawrence. But what a refreshing result! "I wanted to do something optimistic and slightly escapist. I used neutrals and oasis colors, offset by bright saturated oranges and reds, for a sexy twist," said Som, of his designs. I absolutely adored the plaid sheath dress, as well as the magenta cardigan and flouncy skirty. But my fave of the day is the metallic safari dress with wide leather belt.Über-chic!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

DAY THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Spring 2009 New York Fashion Week

We are well on our way to another fantastic Fashion Week! Am trying to pace myself. Have a tendency to overload at the beginning of the week, then crash and burn toward the end, thus making it difficult to retain the experience of an entire week of scrumptious styles. Here are today's favorites:


DKNY celebrates 20 years! "The city streets never cease to inspire me," said designer Donna Karan and she proved it with this mix-and-match collection. Signature pieces were front and center: the jumpsuit, the DKNY tee, utilitarian pants, the ubiquitous trench, denim and the must-have jersey dress. A very boy-meets-girl mix with a boyfriend jacket worn over a patterned mini dress and a striped fitted tee under a denim jumpsuit (not my favorite look). I fell in love with the dresses! Every single one of them.

Tracy Reese

Naming the “progression of nature and form” as well as “modern romance and strong femininity” as themes for her spring-summer 2009 collection, Tracy Reese delivered perfection. From pleated “lantern” skirts and trousers (beware those of us with hips!), beautiful peplum dresses (perfect for flattering womanly curves) and gorgeous tops in satin and silks to a myriad of floral prints and stylish linen trenches. Vibrant colors, architectural shapes, sheer ethereal fabrics and laser-cut lace. All in all a fabulous collection. My personal fave? You guessed it — the black lace cocktail gown!


For the Gap this season, Patrick Robinson said the collection was all about "a new American optimism." And what could be more optimistic than a little reality-based style? These are clothes that a girl can relax in! Definitely weekend wear, with nary a chiffon flounce in sight. Cotton, jersey, knit and denim are the way to go. From a women's blazer made out of jersey to the brightly hued color-block swimwear collection, you'll be ready to party this spring!