Friday, October 31, 2008

The Right Style for a Slender Hourglass Shape

Hello! I've always had problems finding clothing that fits well and with the current fashions it isn't getting any easier. My measurements are: shoulders 37', chest 37″, waist 27″, hip 38″. My bra size is 32 DD. My height is 5 foot 9'. What would you wear if you had my shape? Exactly what shape DO I have and WHERE do I find clothing to flatter my shape? I've always liked my body but the fact that fashions aren't very adaptable is really starting to tire me out. I really love your blog and I hope you can answer my questions and provide me with some tips on how to dress.

Hi Darling Girl!

You, my dear, are actually an elongated hourglass, which is when your bust and hips are the same size, and your waist is around 8-10 inches smaller. Not quite as much in and out variation as the true hourglass, but also a bit on the short-waisted side. Your best bet is buying separates, since you will be able to buy larger sizes to fit your shoulders and bust, and small sizes to fit your waist and hips.

With your broader shoulders you will look best in v-neck tops and dresses, button down blouses, classic blazers and cardigan type sweaters. Since you are a bit short-waisted stay away from high-waist trousers - stick with low-rise or mid-rise jeans and trousers. Do not give into the temptation of the super-low rise, however, as this style will flatten your rear view and make your shoulders look even broader.

Show your small waist to its best advantage with narrow belts and wrap-style dresses and tops.

A gorgeous look for you this winter would be a v-neck sweater dress that hits at the knee or a few inches above (show off those gorgeous legs!) paired with tights and knee-high boots.

When it comes to accessories, stick with necklaces that rest in the hollow of the throat or at the collarbone - do not wear necklaces that dangle down into your cleavage (trashy). However, an extra-long chain style necklace worn with a figure-skimming (not skin-tight)turtleneck or sweaterdress would work fine.

For footwear, make sure you wear a substantial heel or a wedge heel. Stay away from skinny, skinny stillettos or pointy toes. Stick with pumps, rounded or peep-toes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What to Wear to a Wedding When the Temperature Tumbles

Dear She She,

A good friend of mine is getting married at this gorgeous old historic house. The entire wedding and reception is outside. I just found out from the lovely weatherman that it is going to be around 50 degrees. I am perplexed as to what to wear. It's an evening wedding and I had an adorable cocktail dress. I don't want to do pants (or, heaven forbid, a suit), but I don't know how to be my fashionable self without freezing to death. There are sacrifices that I'm willing to make for fashion but I don't want to have an awful evening. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Dearest Perplexed Fashionista,
Mother Nature can sure wreak havoc on one's style sense can't she? And I can imagine that the bride is none too happy with the weatherman's predictions either, right? However, anyone who plans an outdoor wedding and reception in mid-October has most assuredly taken inclement weather into account. I am sure there will be a lovely tent filled with lovely patio heaters to help keep all of the guests toasty warm and happy. But just in case this little detail has escaped someone's notice, let's make sure you are properly and stylishly attired so there is no worry of freezing your adorable little keister off!

Since you don't want to consider trousers (even though a pair of dressy palazzo pants paired with a gorgeous cashmere sweater would look très chic and be toasty as well) I would opt for a dress in a just-below-knee length, that can be worn with warm tights and a pair of very stylish boots. Add a gorgeous cashmere or silk jacquard evening wrap, a great statement necklace and earrings, and finish with a unique evening bag.

Also, one of this season's über-chic sweater dresses (especially if you can find a great long sleeve turtleneck!) would be ideal, as long as it is on the dressy side (stay away from cable knits, argyle patterns or anything that looks too casual). For warmth, again I would go with
tights and stylish boots, or perhaps a closed-toe dressy pump or wedge. Add an elegant wrap and don't forget a little bling and a great evening bag.

Another great wedding look is to go totally glam with a taffeta skirt, dressy blouse and gorgeous pumps. Very Mad Men. Go with opaque hose, which will add warmth as well as glamour, and finish with great jewelry.

Happy shopping dearest girl!