Friday, November 28, 2008

The Perfect Holiday Little Black Dress

Every fashionista knows that there is nothing quite like the perfect little black dress. The interesting thing about it, however, is that with an ever increasing number of festive occasions, which often vary widely in degree of formality, seldom does a girl find just one perfect LBD. Each individual social engagement calls for a different LBD. You wouldn't want to wear that strappy little cocktail number to a genteel luncheon at your mother-in-law's club; not would you be caught dead in that oh-so-prim Jackie O sheath at your fiancée's class reunion. Ergo, one might just find the need for two or three (or four!) perfect little black dresses.

For those times when one needs to exude that certain Audrey aura — demure and proper, yet chic and sophisticated — a classic sleeveless little black dress is ideal. Go with something that skims over your figure without resting too snugly in any one area - a sheath or shift dress is perfect. The idea is to flatter the figure without drawing undue attention. If you aren't a sleeveless dress kind of girl, opt for a jersey knit dress in a flattering wrap style, being careful not to let the neckline plunge too low (a cami will solve that issue).

What about a great party dress? I just adore a dress with a flirty skirt that will swirl around my legs as I twirl on the dance floor or even just sashay across a crowded restaurant. Satin ribbon trim accentuates the waistline of this adorable Juicy Couture party dress, and satin banding delineates the flounces. Perfect party-worthy!

So many choices! And (thankfully) so many parties! And to keep that LBD looking perfectly party-worthy throughout the holiday season, Degree Ultra Clear deodorant goes on clear and protects against odor and wetness. So wear that LBD with complete confidence with Degree Ultra Clear.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Perfect Diaper Bag

Dear She She: I'm 27 glorious weeks pregnant and am in the process of preparing for my little boy's arrival, and am COMPLETELY stumped on finding the perfect diaper bag. I have looked at a million online and it's so overwhelming! I like the thought of something functional that can hang on the handles of the stroller - perhaps something that would match the car seat/ stroller/theme of the nursery, but then again, do I really want to carry around something babyish on my shoulder? I'm thinking that perhaps I should go with the "fab mommy" theme. You know, like "fashion plate was blessed with a baby" type of bag... But then again, I don't want to spend TOO much... So how does one combine all those factors into the perfect diaper bag? Again, I'm stumped. Do you have any suggestions on a really fabulous, yet reasonable and functional baby bag? Please help! Meredith

First things first - CONGRATULATIONS DARLING GIRL!!! What an exciting time this is for you! One of my dearest friends recently had her first baby, and was going through the very same diaper bag dilemma. After much research and polling of every new mother that she came in contact with, she came up with the following criteria and suggestions:

First of all, make sure the bag is large enough to carry the basic baby necessities, but not so huge as to be mistaken for an airline carry-on. An abundance of pockets and compartments is a must, with a special waterproof pocket for baby bottles. A waterproof changing pad is another must-have, and can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes after each use, then stored in a side pocket. Make sure the access points are easily reachable with one hand and that the shoulder strap is comfortable. Also, it is nice if there is a zippered area for your wallet, cell phone and other personal items.

In following these guidelines we located what we think is the perfect diaper bag: the diaper/nappy bag from Jimeale. The gorgeous chocolate brown exterior has just a hint of color in the piping along the sides, and a coordinating colorful interior. There are two side pockets for bottles and an outside zip for easy access to personal belongings. The bag is very lightweight and has an adjustable and very comfortable shoulder strap. A matching changing pad and bottle insulator is included, and the bottle insulator Velcro's in place to avoid spills. There are lots and lots of pockets inside, as well as two more zip pockets and a key hook (a MUST-HAVE!)

One of the best things about this bag is that it is stylish enough for you to carry with pride, but not so girly that your husband or partner will feel like a doofus lugging it around. This bag has been a hit with many of the new mom celebrities out there too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pencil Skirt for the Holidays

Hi! Would a black pencil skirt be acceptable as part of a holiday party outfit, or not dressy enough? Any ideas for completing the outfit? Thank-you! Karen

Hi Karen!

One of the best things about the holiday season is the excuse to get all decked out in festive finery, and a black pencil skirt can absolutely fit the bill - as long as it is made of a nice quality fabric (nothing too casual like cotton or denim). A pencil skirt is also one of the easiest pieces to dress up!

A silky, sexy blouse in a soft clingy fabric would work very well with your skirt. Cinch in the waist with a metallic or patent leather belt, add opaque tights and a pair of killer skyscrapers. Finish with a little bling at the wrist and ears. Toss a gorgeous little evening bag over your shoulder and you are good to go!

Another look would be a chic and sophisticated cream knit shell or tank, topped with a tuxedo style jacket. (You can remove the jacket for dancing or when things get a little too warm, as holiday parties tend to do.) Let your accessories do the talking with a bold necklace and edgy stacked bangles. Add shimmery hose, a pair of platform strappies and a little evening clutch to complete the ensemble.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

kate spade private sale!

Calling all She She Girls! Polish up your online shopping skills, darlings! You are invited to the kate spade private sale - your chance to purchase items at an exclusive discount. Save up to 60% from November 11-14. Be sure to act quickly, as inventory is limited. All sales are final. Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Perfect Signature Necklace

Dear She She: I am looking for a gold pendant necklace with my initial on it to wear as a signature piece. Do you have any ideas of where I could start looking? Thanks! Jill

Hi Jill!
What a coincidence – I started looking for a pendant initial for my sister-in-law’s birthday last month! Check out the fantastic pendants at Max and Chloe – by far the best selection and best quality that I found.
For my sister-in-law, I ended up getting the Ariel Gordon pendant, with it's sleek simple lines and fun beaded chain it fits her edgy style to perfection.
And then I absolutely fell in love with the double tag necklace from Christie Martin. The long tag has space for eight letters, so you can put your name or a favorite word or saying, and then the small tag has an icon and you can pick from several - star, heart, sun, flower, cross, Jewish star, snowflake and moon. (Too bad they didn't have a shoe because that would have been sooooo ME!)

Best of luck! She She Me

Friday, November 07, 2008

Styling a Peacoat

Hi She She! I just bought a 3/4 length cropped peacoat, but I'm not exactly sure how to wear it or what to wear it with. I think I have a good idea, but I wanted to ask you so that I would know for sure. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

First of all, darling girl, I must compliment you on your choice - I bought the same coat in emerald (it brings out the gorgeous green in my eyes)! Once again, proof that stylish minds think alike! Now, to get down to business:

The look with a peacoat is more on the casual side. With that in mind, I am going to wear my canvas peacoat with a pair of straight leg denim jeans, a snuggly turtleneck sweater and funky boots. I am also going to accessorize with a soft (and warm!) scarf and finish the ensemble with a casual handbag.

You can, however, dress it up a bit for work if you choose. I would wear it with a skinny sweater (to avoid added bulk) and a chic A-line or pencil skirt, tights and ankle boots or shooties. And to give it an added style boost, cinch it with a great belt. Add a great professional style handbag and you are good to go!

You will find that your peacoat can be quite versatile. You can wear it with corduroy jeans and sweaters, dressier trousers and a silk blouse, or even with a skirt and top! Just remember to keep the look on the casual and relaxed side. It will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe - and better yet, peacoats are one of those classic items that are always in style.