Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Perfect Red Handbag

Dearest She She, I am desperately searching for a new red handbag this winter! It must be big enough to carry my essentials (quite a few) and not too slouchy or structured! I would also like my perfect handbag to cost less than $1,000. Any help darling?

Oh darling girl, the perfect red handbag is to die for! It is my signature winter accessory every year because I adore red! But to find that perfect bag is sometimes, well, difficult. Never fear, help is here! This gorgeous patent bag by Marc Jacobs fits the bill in every way. This exquisite bag is lined, with oddles of space, especially for holding magazines and papers! Brings to mind the glamour of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Another option is this fabulous bag by Dooney & Bourke. Sleek design with exquisite detailing, not too huge and a rich, luscious red.

I especially love the Belinas Kyle by kate spade. This buttery soft ca;fskin leather satchel is just the right size and oh so chic! Also, for a bit of edge, this ombre tote by Rafe New York is to-die-for! Great size and shape, with plenty of room and just enough edge to sass up your style. I own it in Smokey Topaz, but I am snapping up the red too!

For the technical girly girl, this gorgeous oversize patent tote is perfect. Plenty of room for a laptop, files and girly paraphenalia. For a less structured look, this textured patent leather bag by Rebecca Minkoff is ideal, and the patent leather dresses it up enough for any occasion.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gifts for the New Mom

Hi She She, My dearest girlfriend in the world is having her first child and I am totally in the dark about what to get her! I am completely inept in the baby department! I’d like to get something for her as well as for the new baby. I think after 9 months she deserves some retail therapy. Do you have any suggestions? Helpless at Home

Hello Anything-But-Helpless! Having been to a baby shower recently, I can honestly say that the most popular girl there was the one who was thoughtful enough to get a gift for the new mommy! Teeny baby gets a major haul, while mommy dear gets overwhelmed! But you are on the right track, dearest girl, so let's plow right ahead with the goodies.

For baby, I absolutely love, love, love the gorgeous swaddling blankets from Swaddle Designs. Soft, snuggly and just the right size to swaddle a newborn, it even comes equipped with a "how-to" swaddling tag on each blanket!
And don't forget the Baby Lovie! An adorable soft-as-can-be mini-blankee just the perfect size for a baby to snuggle with and a toddler to carry around without dragging it through the dirt. Adorable! They also have a great selection of matching burp cloths, stroller blankets and Pretty Mama's new fave - the zzZipMe Sack.

Another fun gift - Babylegs - perfect for protecting baby's little knees while crawling, keeping baby's legs warm, chic fashion statement, etc. Very unique and very useful.

For mommy, here's the gift that won hands down fave at the shower I recently attended: a gift certificate for a mani/pedi from her favorite salon and a darling little handmade voucher for an afternoon of childcare while mommy has her nails done! (You may want to brush up on your diapering skills before getting out the glitter glue and stickers!) Another great gift is a pair of comfy fleece-lined slippers to keep mommy's tootsies toasty during those up-and-down nights ahead. One final idea: a cozy "napping" blanket - perfect for snuggling with baby or catching a few winks whenever!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

TMobile G1 to the Rescue!

Have you ever had your entire career riding on just one meeting? Or, to be more specific, being on time for said meeting? Which, for normal people is not an issue. However, for the punctually-challenged (i.e. me) it can definitely be a problem. Case in point: My über chic mentor/boss had arranged lunch with a prospective client, and had very thoughtfully invited me to tag along, albeit with the caveat that I had to be on time. (Said client was a stickler for punctuality.) Knowing my propensity for chaos, my mentor presented me with a brand new TMobile G1 phone to make my life (and hers) run more smoothly.

Which, to date, has performed above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, this gorgeous little gadget has not only made my life a whole lot easier, but has literally saved my job! On the day of the aforementioned Punctual Lunch, my life followed its normal pattern. Which meant that I lost a contact lense, got a run in my tights, and in my rush out the door I left the directions to the restaurant on my desk. Par for the course. Anyhoo, G1 to the rescue! I used the barcode scan feature to scan the contact lense box and located a retail source just a mile from my office; was able to use the email feature to contact my optometrist and have her fax in a prescription so the lenses were ready and waiting for me! I was then able to use the map feature to locate a nearby Saks where I was able to snap up a new pair of tights. And, finally, I used the Google navigation to get me to the restaurant...on time!!! Oh, and yes, we got the account!

You know, I thought my über chic and stylish mentor/boss was beyond fabulous when she gave me that gorgeous Alexis Hudson tote bag for my birthday, but I think this nifty little G1 is my all time fave! Of course it is fully locked and loaded with all the latest cell phone features, but this phone gets major bonus points for all around fun and functionality. The 3.2 MP camera with auto-focus takes awesome pics, the video player allows you to watch videos and the one touch Google applications include maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, and Google Talk. The phone also comes with the Amazon MP3 store, which lets you buy songs and download them over the air directly onto the phone.
But the best part, in my fashionista opinion, is the Android Market, where you can customize and personalize your device to fit your life with a variety of software applications like games, social networking and on-the-go shopping. Download amazing services like ShopSavvy: using the camera in your phone, you can scan the barcode of any product to find the best prices on the internet and at nearby, local stores. And MyCloset, which manages photographs and information about the clothes you own, and coordinates and records your daily outfits. Automatically switches inventory (seasonal changing of clothes) to fit the season by setting the months during which each item will be used. CompareEverywhere helps you shop smarter using your phone. Scan a barcode to instantly check if that "sale price" really is a good deal. Read reviews to find out if those hiking boots will last a lifetime, or fall apart next month. Keep track of shopping lists, wish lists, and more.
The list goes on and on. From games to music to locating a great restaurant or calling a cab. Believe me, this is one amazing little gadget!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another Perfect Little Black Dress!

Hello Dearest Girls:

I have to attribute this gorgeous find to one of our wonderful readers! Check out this fabulous little black dress:

One word: gorgeous! An elegant double-V neckline enhances the style of this dress, with a deep V at the back and a more elegant and subdued V at the front, makes this dress stunning from every view.

The length, at just below the knee, making this the perfect little black dress for every social occasion.

And, bonus! It also comes in an elegant deep purple!

Thanks Personista, for the fabulously stylish and even more fabulously affordable suggestion!

Happy little-black-dress shopping!

She She Me