Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sassy Commuter Shoes

Dear She She, I live in the city and work in a conservative setting (think suits and hose). I commute to work by walking several blocks on cement sidewalks and lovely east-coast cobblestones. This makes wearing my heels to and from work near impossible, as they get destroyed by weather and wear - not to mention the damage to my tender tootsies. I need some fashionable yet practical advice on what shoes to wear during my commute. I've tried a comfort-clog which does the trick as they have enough heel to keep my pants from dragging on the ground - but they aren't the cutest. Any other suggestions for me?

What a lovely commute you have my dear! But it's hard to enjoy the ambiance when your feet are killing you, so let's get to work finding a stylish solution for your troubled tootsies~

You're on the right track, those comfort clogs are perfect for lots of trekking, but a bit of an eyesore. I would suggest a low to mid-heel wedge pump or mary jane. The wedge heel gives stability as well as style, and if you go with a chic patent leather you have definitely upped the chic factor.

Another great option, especially at this time of year, is a fabulous pair of boots. Ankle boots can be work with dresses as well as trousers, as there are so many different options out there. Stick with a classic style, and again I would go with a wedge heel, or perhaps a low to mid stacked heel.

There are many great options in flats as well, and great brands like Ecco, Naturalizer, Life Stride, Naot, Rockport, and Sofft (as well as oh-so-many others!) are known for their style as well as their comfort and wearability.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sensa - Join the Weight Loss Revolution!

Do you want to lose weight, but hate dieting? Well, darling girls, join the Sensa Weight-Loss Revolution! Sensa was developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, whose ongoing research on the effects of smell and taste on eating habits, ultimately leading him to spearhead one of the largest studies ever conducted on weight loss. Sensa uses tastant technology, or your senses of smell and taste, to help you get more satisfaction from eating less. Each Sensa shaker contains "salty" and "sweet" Tastants. You simply sprinkle the sweet Tastants on all sweet foods and the salty Tastants on everything else. If you are unsure if a food is sweet or salty, then use the sweet Tastants. Before you know it, your body is craving less and you're losing weight.

Get your FREE 60-day Sensa Trial Kit* and receive a $25 discount card to www.glow.com. Glow.com is the next generation beauty e-tailer. It's where shopping, socializing and beauty addictions come together with access to over 170 brands offering the best in skincare, makeup, hair care, bath & body, fragrance and more!

*Product is free to try for 30 days. Pay only $4.95 shipping & handling fee. Customer responsible for return postage.

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Ask She She Blog: Sue Deavitt Beauty Invitation to all Fashionistas!

Ask She She Blog: Sue Deavitt Beauty Invitation to all Fashionistas!

Sue Deavitt Beauty Invitation to all Fashionistas!

A Night of Fashion and Beauty with Tracy Reese & Sue Devitt
Thursday, December 17th from 5-10 p.m.
Tracy Reese Boutique
641 Hudson Street

Receive a complimentary professional makeup application and an exclusive gift with any Sue Devitt purchase. Exclusive 25% discount on all regularly priced Tracy Reese merchandise.

Please RSVP to: rsvp@suedevittbeautycom & include preferred time to secure makeup appointment.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bringing a Little Comfort to the Holidays

I've always said that a timeless dress, classic accessories and a killer pair of shoes is all it takes to give a girl confidence. And I stand by that. However, I've recently realized that when it comes to boosting one's confidence it's best to start with the underlying basics, and I do mean underlying. As in undies. A girl cannot expect to feel confident and self assured when she knows that underneath that spectacular little black dress, she's wearing grannie panties with a serious loss of elasticity and a brassiere that has the straps stapled on. (Don't ask.)

Case in point: this past weekend I attended a little industry "do" with my uber-chic mentor/boss, and knowing that she would look chic and stylish (because she always does) it was very important that I project a chic and stylish image as well. Anyhoo, due to an extra-long work day and an unanticipated laundry crisis I found that the only clean lingerie I had were the aforementioned ratty grannie panties and support-challenged bra. Sigh.

Oh well, no one will ever know right? And besides, I had that spectacular new lbd and those killer slingbacks to wear so it was all good. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, I had not anticipated the ineffectiveness of said grannie panties, which rode further and further up with each step I took, resulting in one wicked wedgie. And let me tell you, darlings, there is nothing that will derail a girl's confidence faster than spending an evening trying to keep her rear-view out of view in case said wedgie is actually visible through the somewhat clingy fabric of her dress. Not to mention the temptation to de-wedgie the wedgie! And I won't even go into what happened when the staples in my bra strap started poking me in the back...

Anyhoo, lesson learned! I am now fully stocked up on comfortable and invisible-beneath-the-clingy-dress panties that won't ride up, as well as several of these amazing bras with built-in concealer petals - no more headlights! Bring on the holiday parties darlings!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Open Hearts

Despite the ups and downs of today’s economy, nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they are living with an Open Heart – the philosophy of keeping your heart open, despite adversity, thereby resulting in something positive. According to a nationwide survey commissioned by Kay Jewelers, the issues most frequently mentioned as requiring an Open Heart for guidance and solutions are unemployment (52 percent), followed by religious differences (48 percent), financial difficulties (48 percent) and the economy (45 percent).

“Americans are resilient,” actress Jane Seymour said. “Even in times of difficulty, people find a way to overcome adversity by keeping an Open Heart.”

The survey was conducted to explore attitudes around Seymour’s Open Hearts philosophy that keeping an Open Heart despite adversity can bring a wealth of love, hope and inspiration into life. The survey is part of a campaign to launch keepanopenheart.com, an online community where visitors can share stories and engage in a dialogue about living life with an Open Heart.

“Sharing inspirational stories about overcoming difficulties in one’s life and then moving forward to do something positive can have a great impact on others,” said Seymour. “And that’s the premise behind keepanopenheart.com.”

After a difficult period in her life, Seymour began painting and noticed that the hearts she painted were always open. This led Seymour to create an Open Heart symbol that mirrors her mother’s advice that only when you can love yourself and keep your heart open can you best give and receive love.

To help promote the Open Hearts philosophy, Keep An Open Heart LLC is sponsoring a sweepstakes where consumers can enter by articulating how living with an Open Heart allowed them to overcome adversity and create something positive, such as helping others or giving hope and love. The first 100 entrants to submit an eligible entry will receive a sterling silver Open Hearts necklace from Kay Jewelers. One grand prize winner from all eligible entries received through Dec. 31, 2009 will receive a 14 karat white gold Open Hearts by Jane Seymour™ diamond necklace valued at nearly $1,300. There is no purchase necessary for the sweepstakes and full sweepstakes rules are available at keepanopenheart.com.

At keepanopenheart.com, you can:

  • Browse stories of inspiration in video or written form
  • Submit their own story (and be entered in the Open Hearts sweepstakes)
  • Sign up for text messages & e-mail newsletter from Jane
  • Send an Open Hearts e-card to family & friends
  • Be linked to Open Hearts by Jane Seymour on Facebook & YouTube

Monday, November 09, 2009

Best Travel and Makeup Bags

Check out the gorgeous selection of bags for your every need at Jimeale! Chic cosmetic bags, terrific travel bags, sassy shower caps, chic diaper bags, and men's toiletry bags all at 30% off at Jimeale!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

When all else fails...improvise!

Don't you just love it when you have a chance to get all girlied up and strut your stuff in style? There is nothing quite like a gorgeous lbd, a pair of sexy skyscrapers and a little bling to put a big smile on my face and a little sass in my step! Which is why I was more than a little miffed to find myself in a bit of a sticky situation on my recent cruise to Cabo.

There I was, on a luxurious cruise ship with first-class accommodations (a double bed, sitting area and private balcony) all to myself. When I arrived in my room I found that the porter had already delivered my new luggage so I set about unpacking all my lovely new cruise wear, swimsuits, sundresses, cocktail dresses, sandals, stilettos, etc. I was just so excited to actually be on a real vacation for the first time in so long that I didn't realize until I was dressing for dinner that several key wardrobe items were missing from my luggage. In fact, an entire piece of luggage was missing! I couldn't believe it! I swore I would never again travel with more luggage than I could carry onto an airplane, having been the victim of the old airlines-have-lost-my-luggage scene once too often. Yet here I was, on a cruise, with a fabulous new wardrobe, and nary an "unmentionable" to be found in my possession (other than the tighty-whities I had on!)

But, as I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I am a glass-is-half-full-let's-make-lemonade kind of girl, so I did what any fashionista with a lick of sense and a black bikini would do. (Although I have to admit that a lycra bandeau bikini top does not really offer the full support one would require for an 80's disco dance contest, even if I did win the trophy!)

Anyhoo, I learned a valuable lesson - always carry spare skivvies, and if the need arises, swimwear can do double duty. Oh, and it turns out that the airline didn't lose my luggage after all...the bag was still in the trunk of my car! Oh well, all's well that ends well. And now I have a whole new selection of lovely little lacies to enjoy now that the vacay is over. Bonus!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sensa: No Diet, No Hunger Weight Loss System

Sensa Weight-Loss Program: The Accidental Discovery That's Transforming the Way People Lose Weight (Hardcover)

This is not a diet book. The Sensa® Weight-Loss Program is a complete, overall health system that is anchored by the Sensa® Weight-Loss product and helps you to lose weight while eating. The program not only includes an explanation of how the product was developed, but goes further to include an exercise plan, foods and fabulous recipes that you can include in your regular meal plan. This book will explain how our ability to taste and smell is part of the protective mechanisms that encourage us to eat, and is also part of the system that sends signals to the satiety, or fullness center in the brain that tells us to stop eating. The Sensa® Weight-Loss Program is simple and easy to incorporate into your everyday activities.

Written by Dr. Alan Hirsch, the
the Neurological Director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago.

"Dr. Hirsch presents a most practical and innovative approach to weight loss, incorporating as well the tenets of his prior works on taste and smell--an enjoyable read." -- Dr. Edward, J. Herba

This book is available for pre-order through Amazon.com and will launch on November 3rd. Order your copy now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sensa Free Trial!

It's time to lose weight
It’s time to look beyond dieting. Sensa is an entirely NEW, clinically proven method of losing weight, and it is unlike dieting in three very important ways:

Sensa works with your body’s natural impulses, not against them
With Sensa, there are no food restrictions. It is designed to help you overcome the biological urge to overeat, so you can reduce your calorie consumption and lose weight while continuing to enjoy the foods you love and feeling fully satisfied. It works gradually, with no shock to your system.

Sensa is based on 25 years of research and testing
At the heart of the Sensa program is a patent-pending technology 25 years in the making. Sometimes referred to as “sprinkles,” Sensa Tastants use your senses of smell and taste as allies in weight loss. Sprinkling Tastants on your food makes you feel full faster by stimulating the part of your brain that tells your body it’s time to stop eating.

Sensa was proven effective in one of the largest clinical studies ever performed on a non-prescription weight-loss product.
Over a 6-month period, 1436 women and men between the ages of 19 and 55 who sprinkled Tastants on everything they ate lost an average of 30.5 pounds. No other weight-loss product has such extraordinary clinical results.

"Sensa works with your sense of smell to curb your hunger without affecting the taste of your food. This induces something called 'sensory-specific satiety.' It makes your brain perceive that you've eaten more than you have and, thus, you eat less and lose weight."

Try Sensa for free* and get a $25 glow.com gift card!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Best Fitting Jeans Ever!

Dear She She, I need to buy (desperately) a kickin (read... super sexy, awesome, never want to wear out) pair of jeans. What do you recommend?

Hi there! I have to admit to owning at least 20 pair of designer jeans - but the ones I am always willing to pay money for are Paige Premium jeans. I think these are the best fitting, and definitely most flattering jeans of all. On the Paige Premium website there is actually a Fit Guide page, which really helps steer you toward the best style for your particular shape. My personal faves are the Montecito style, because they fit my "curves".

Also, if you are looking for an all around figure flattering style, the bootcut is perfect. Watch the rise - too low and you end up with muffin top; too high and you end up with "mom jeans". I would stick with a 7.5 inch or 8 inch rise. Paige Premiums don't go super low, which is good because no one wants to look at butt cleavage.

Remember, your footwear is what will determine the "sexy" factor of any pair of jeans. Strappy heels or metallics will ALWAYS bump up the volume. Ankle boots or flat boots will give you an edgier look. Sneakers or flats will make the ensemble casual.

Hope this helps darling!! Happy denim shopping!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embracing Hope - the New Hope Diamond

The vote is in! To mark the 50th anniversary of the world’s most famous diamond being donated to the Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Channel invited the American public to cast their vote on a new commemorative setting for the Hope Diamond, from three designs created by Harry Winston Jewelers. Now, with over 100,000 total votes being cast over the last month on Smithsonianchannel.com, the winning setting has been chosen and was revealed today, September 23rd at the Smithsonian’s National History Museum today in Washington, D.C. The winning design is called “Embracing Hope.”

The diamond will remain on display in its natural form with no setting at all, in the Smithsonian Museum’s Winston Gallery in the Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals until April 2010, when it will be being displayed in its new setting.

The unveiling of the diamond in its new temporary setting next spring will coincide with the premiere of Smithsonian Channel’s “Mystery of the Hope Diamond” documentary—a high-definition film about the full story of the diamond, from its birth to its mysterious journey through Europe and to its final home at the Smithsonian.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Beautiful Bride!

Hi darlings,

Don't you just adore weddings! Even if you aren't part of the wedding party, and sometimes ESPECIALLY if you aren't part of the wedding party and all tarted up in a fluffy dress looking like an enormous meringue. Well, I just HAD to post this gorgeous photo of the bride at the latest wedding I attended...

And this fun photo of the bridesmaids - I love it that they were all in different dresses, all with a black & white theme and accented in Tiffany blue. And that their shoes were all different styles but the same color! What an excellent way for the bridesmaids to show their individuality and style!

And lastly, can you say chemistry?

Ahhh, young love...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grunge Goddess Rocks!

The tough chick look this season is a bit of pretty, a little rock 'n' roll, and a lot of attitude. Embrace the refined rocker trend with staples like leather, studs, and black, but make sure your choices are bold. Complete the look with some metal -- statement accessories are a must! Your inner glamour and grunge will shine in fall's coolest trend.