Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Wear a Short Sleeved Sweater Dress

Hi She She,

I just bought a short sleeved purple v-neck sweater dress, but wanted to know exactly how to wear it in colder months. Can I layer it with a long sleeve top underneath? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

You can absolutely layer a sweater dress! The thing to watch out for is too much bulk. Layer a close fitting turtleneck or even a cowl-neck long sleeve sweater under the sweaterdress for a sleek look. Pair with tights and a great pair of knee-high boots. Or even an adorable pair of chunky open-toe sandals!

For a more girly look, try a silky ruffle-front or tie-neck top in a vibrant print or pattern. Another option is a crisp button-down shirt under the sweaterdress. Cinch the waist with a skinny belt to offset any bulk, and once again, finish with tights and boots. Très chic!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dressing for Your Body Type

Hi She She,

I'm new to your blog but have learned much from what I've read so far. In one of the responses you gave someone has a similar body type to me with an elongated hour glass. The thing is I'm 5'3" with shoulders measuring 37 in., bust 36 in., waist 30 in., and hip of 37 in. and a bra size of 32 C so I don't think fashions that would work on someone who's 5'9" would necessary translate to someone who's 6 inches shorter. I'm having trouble finding tops that would fit right with my bust and wouldn't look like it's swallowing me up. Also what type of pants/jeans would work well with someone like me who has huge calves [aka they don't fit into skinny jeans that are my size].

Thanks bunches!!!!

Welcome to the world of real women dearest girl! That is to say women with real curves, which is a good thing believe it or not! While it seems that fashions are designed for women who are 5'10" with legs that go up to here, there is actually a fantastic selection of real girl clothes out there to be found!

You are indeed a petite hourglass. And first things first, there are many great jeans out there for you! Joe's Jeans Provocateur come immediately to mind. They are specifically for the petite girl, with a 31" inseam as opposed to the normal 35" inseam. Also, the Joe's Jeans Honey is great for a girl with curves. Stay away from skinny leg styles altogether. Go with a classic bootcut or a wider leg jean.

Another great denim style is PZI jeans, which are made specifically for curvy girls. They enhance your figure without flattening it out. Great pocket styling as well.

For dressier occasions, go with a trouser style pant with a wider leg. The leg should fall from the hip straight to the floor.

As for dresses, stick with dresses and skirts that hit right at the knee, or just above. Anything lower will draw attention to your calves and make your legs seem shorter. And go with shoes and boots that have a more slender line, nothing clunky or chunky. Delicate strappy sandals (no ankle straps however!), classic pumps, and sleek boots. Zappos has a great selection of boots for girls with wide calves.

For tops and blouses, there are so many choices! A great button-front in a fabric with a little stretch to it can be fitted, but not look like it is drowning you. Also, a wrap style top is an excellent choice, as it will emphasize your assets and make your waist look even smaller. V-neck tops are a good choice, but if you go with a low-V be sure to wear a tank or cami underneath. Boat necks will make your shoulders look too broad, and stay completely away from babydoll style tops - if you have any sort of a bustline they make you look preggers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bachelorette Party Style

Dear She She:

My Bachelorette Party is next weekend and I'm in dire need of help. I'm not sure what to wear. Here are the logistics: 80's bar with my best girlfriends, the weather will be cold, the club hot, will be a smoky environment (so nothing too fabulous that could get ruined), want to look sexy and fun but not attract the bad kind of attention, and something that is budget friendly. Do I wear a dress or should I do jeans and a cute top? It's the one time I hope to have this event and am just not sure what to wear. Desperately need your help!

First of all, congratulations on your impending nuptials! I agree that the look you should be going for is smart and stylish, but unavailable. And with the combination of outdoor weather and indoor environment the key here is to layer wisely.

As much as I adore a great dress, and the excuse to wear one, I would suggest going with jeans and a great top in this instance. Start with a pair of figure friendly jeans, mid or higher-rise. Pair with a flirty top in one of this season's supper-hot sheers layered over a shimmery or lacy tank or cami. Stay away from sweaters or knits as they tend to be too warm and retain body heat. Add a great jacket or blazer. (You can remove the jacket as things heat up.)

You have a couple of footwear choices here. If it is
snowy or slushy outside I would go with a pair of stacked heel ankle or knee boots. If the weather is not an issue, you can go with a great pair of skyscrapers. Finish with a fun little clutch or cross-body bag.

While your engagement ring is your primary accessory,you can still have a little fun with a great necklace and bangles, or perhaps a pair of statement dangles.