Monday, June 15, 2009

What Would You Do With $300

Isn't that the universal question? This has taken a great deal of thought on my part I must admit. Normally, I would grab the cash and make a mad dash to the nearest shoe source for a stiletto fix. However, with the economy in its current situation (i.e. up-the-creek without a paddle, the boat has sprung a leak, my life vest has fallen overboard and I'm frantically treading water), I feel that this is the time for a girl to take matters into her own nicely manicured hands and show some social/economic responsibility in the aforementioned matter of just what to do with $300.

It's time to get back to basics girls! If three crisp Benjamin's were to miraculously appear in my wallet I know exactly what I would do. I would put together a chic and classic look that would be able to take me anywhere, anytime in complete comfort and style.

I'd begin with a great pair of Levis jeans — nothing is more classic than a pair of Levis. In fact, if you were to poll any celebrity they would say that their go-to pair of jeans is a pair of Levis. Anyhoo, I'd choose a pair of classic Levis denim in a figure friendly cut. My personal fave is the 501 Boyfriend Cut, Patched & Repaired. Boyfriend jeans are all the rage this summer, so I'll be right on trend. I love the relaxed straight leg style because it gives a leg lengthening effect. Total cost: $78.00 (excellent value!)

Next, I'd add a simple white tank —- I love the classic look of a figure-hugging stretchy white tank with slouchy denim. Very retro-chic. And the best part is the affordability! ($8.00) To give the look more of an edge I would finish with a great motorcycle jacket, one of this season's hottest trends ($44.62).

For footwear, I want to go with a sky-high pair of strappy sandals. By that I mean excellent quality leather strappies that will make my legs look long and lovely, as well as give the slouchy jeans an updated girly feel. ($79.72)

In keeping with the whole biker-chic look, add a funky studded bag…like this fabu little number made from actual motorcycle tires! ($49.30) Complete the ensemble with a gorgeous pair of hip earrings. ($25.00)

Well darlings, looks like I have met my goal! A gorgeous ensemble, a little ladylike, a little edgy, a whole-lot fabulous, and at a grand total of $284.64! Oh what the heck, toss in this funky leather key chain to snap onto my biker-bag and I'll never have to look for my keys again! Does this fashionista know how to make the most of her Benji's or what? I just love it when I come in barely under the wire!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

How to Style Business Casual

I am 44 and starting a new job at a in a few weeks. People there wear business casual with a lot of jeans thrown in. I am 5’2” and a size 10 - so no skinny jeans for me! However, I would like to look stylish without looking like I’m trying to be 25. Do you have any suggestions without breaking the bank? Thanks, K. C. in Seattle

Dear K.C.

Congrats on the new job! You are absolutely correct about the business casual/jeans aspect of the industry (been there, done that, bought the tee shirt). I find that many women who work in a casual office make the mistake of being too laid-back in their attire. The key is in finding a good balance between casual and professional without, as you mentioned, looking like you are trying to be a college student. The good thing is that there are so many alternatives these days to the basic jeans and tee shirt.

A pair of great khaki trousers is a good place to start. Khakis or chinos are very versatile because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the look that you want. Update a basic tee shirt with a knit v-neck with feminine details like shirring and delicately puffed sleeves.

For footwear, since you are petite, you can go with a platform or wedge heel for added height as well as added style. I love platforms because they are easier on the arches of your feet and more comfortable. Same with wedges. I also find that a more substantial heel is great for ease in movement.

Finish with workable accessories. Bracelets and bangles tend to get in the way when you are working at a computer, so go with statement necklaces and fun earrings. And don't forget a great handbag for toting around all your goodies!

Another great option is a casual dress, like a wrap-style dress, a fitted shirtdress or perhaps a casual pencil skirt and feminine top. Again, platforms or wedges are a great way to go with footwear.

When it comes to jeans, especially for casual Fridays, I would opt for a trouser-style jean. They are a little dressier and more flattering to your petite frame. You can also dress them up with your choice of top, instead of a basic tee. A chic pair of platform MaryJanes and an edgy handbag will finish the look.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Ideal Gift

Hi Darling Girls!

When it comes to giving (and receiving) gifts it has often been said that it's really the thought that counts. And that is particularly true when you know that a great deal of thought has gone into a particular gift. I mean, honestly, how much thought goes into a generic gift card? Or a bouquet of flowers from the bucket in front of the gas station? Not much.

So where do you go for truly unique gifts? Head to for fresh, fun and truly amazing jewelry and gifts.

I absolutely adore the Betty Collection. This whimsical interpretation of the classic bow is an ode to rocking femininity. This trendy and chic collection of Tous is made of burnished sterling silver with an XL link chain. In a word: gorgeous!

For the girl who is a little more bohemian, the Ova Collection is ideal. Spectacular opaque ivory Murano crystal set in sterling silver creates a nude effect, which looks stunning and is extremely flattering to all skin tones and complexions. I particularly love the juxtaposition of the different sizes of stones, all set into one necklace or bracelet in perfect balance.

Show your appreciation for nature with one of the truly unique and beautiful pieces from the Wood collection. Each piece is made from faceted and highly burnished walnut wood and set in 18kt yellow gold. This carved cuff is a particular favorite of mine because of the richness of the wood grain and the whimsical Tous bear emblem engraved into the cuff.

The capricious charm of the Glacee Collection, with its floral and butterfly motifs shape this delightful medley of pieces made from burnished sterling silver. I just love this adorable floral bracelet, which would add the perfect touch to either a summer sundress or even jeans and a tee! It is the perfect accessory for summer.

With the exquisitely beautiful Kylie Minogue as the face of Tous, you can see why I love this fabulous collection has won my heart, and will win yours as well. Go to today and check out the wonderful selection of unique, beautiful and of-the-moment jewelry which you will love and treasure for years to come.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Open Your Own Virtual Lemonade Stand

Hello Darling Girls!

Do you want to have fun this summer and support a great cause? Well join me, Kelly Ripa and Electrolux in supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fun and open a Virtual Lemonade Stand!

For every stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF* to help fund research to find a cure. Plus, you can sell virtual glasses of lemonade to help raise even more funds for this important cause.

It's a fabulous cause and it's fun to boot! You can choose three unique and wonderful flavors of lemonade to sell at your stand (I've chosen Rosemary Watermelon Lemonade , Citrus Lemonade and Sparkling Ginger Lemonade - very sophisticated flavors if I do say so myself!) When

you open a lemonade stand, you are automatically entered in the Open a Stand Sweepstakes for a chance to win an elegant new French Door Refrigerator with Perfect Temp Drawer™ from Electrolux.

Now get your friends in on the fun! Send a note to your friends via Facebook or email, post to Twitter or place a badge on your Web pages. The first time you visit your stand each day and take an action, you are automatically entered in the Visit a Stand Sweepstakes for a chance to win a French Door Refrigerator. Check back weekly to add new flavors of lemonade to your stand and even download delicious recipes for a "real world" lemonade stand

You and your friends can donate to OCRF by buying a virtual glass of lemonade. With your first donation each day, you're automatically entered into the Donate to a Stand Sweepstakes for a chance to win a French Door Refrigerator!

*As part of its lemonade stand campaign, for each stand opened, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF (with a minimum of 10k and a maximum of 15k).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Super Style for the Semi Girly Girl

Hey She She -
I'm in an epic fashion rut and need your help! Actually, there are a few problems:
1) I cannot find a chic look that will suit me. 2) I cannot find a dress that will look good on me. 3) I'm on a budget.

Ok, so I've always been that girl, the one that can always be caught hangin' out with the guys more than with the chicks - aka I'm a bit of a tomboy. Jeans, sneakers, and a snug, well-fitted tee comprise of my typical outfit. But even I know that one needs to dress up for interviews and graduation pictures. But my body type is just all wrong. Cursed with the fastest metabolism in existence, I'm on the too-skinny side, with a height of 5' 1" and quite the small upper body. I've been on the hunt for a dress to wear to my (high school) graduation, and it's getting tough. Strapless, I feel will not work. Halters and spaghetti straps emphasize my already bone-thin shoulders. On top of all of that, I'm on a budget. What to do? Some ideas I've contemplated are perhaps long skirt + tee may suit me for a more casual, but still someone feminine look. But how about that dress? Help please! Skater Girl Minus Skater

Dearest SG(-)S,

This is truly a fashion dilemma - however, do not fear! We'll navigate this style situation and have you looking gorgeously girly in no time at all!

First things first: You are most definitely a petite girl, which could be why you are having a difficult time finding a dress that looks right on you. You need to be shopping in the "petite" department - steer clear of the women's section, and stay far far away from the little girls' section! Petite clothing is cut shorter through the torso as well as the legs to accomodate a smaller frame and more diminutive height. Dresses from the petite section will hit exactly where they should instead of flapping around your ankles. All major department stores have a Petite section - Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomies and Saks, as well as some of my favorite boutiques like Anthropologie, Shopbop, J.Crew, Banana Republic and the Gap.

Next, because you have a small upper body you might think you should avoid styles which emphasize your narrow shoulders - like halters, spaghetti straps and strapless styles. However, there is the fabulous concept of layering, which adds a whole new dimension to your style, not to mention giving you even more fashion options! For instance, you could take this gorgeous classic sheath style dress and layer it over a crisp white short-sleeved blouse and you have the perfect interview ensemble! Add a pair of mid-heel black pumps or slingbacks and a sleek handbag. Finish with a streamlined watch and small hoop earrings. The look is chic and sophisticated, not skater girl at all!

You could also wear a gorgeous tissue tee under a tank dress or spaghetti strap dress. In fact, this is exactly what my neighbor Amanda is going to do for her high school grad night. She just had an enormous mole removed from her shoulder and still has the bandage, so she is opting for a short sleeved tissue tee under this flirty little dress and a pair of sassy wedge sandals. Very chic and trendy!

Luckily, this season there are so many gorgeous styles out there to choose from, like this slinky satin belted dress from Banana Republic. The style is loose and sporty, but the satin fabric totally dresses it up. Best of all - it's on sale! I would pair this dress with metallic gladiator sandals and a fun little handbag. Finish with easy accessories like funky dangle earrings and a bold bracelet and you are good to go!

Another option, as you mentioned, would be a great skirt/top combo. However, instead of a long skirt (which actually would make you look even shorter) I would opt for a dressy knee length skirt, a gorgeous top and killer skyscrapers - they will add the illusion of height, as well as dress up the ensemble. Add a chic handbag and a little bling and you're on your way!
Well, darling girl, I hope this gives you a head start for your graduation and interview apparel quest. One word of advice: buy the best quality items that you can afford - no need to break the bank or go deep into debt. But it is much better to have one pair of excellent quality black pumps than five cheap pairs of shoes. And you will save money in the long run by not having to replace fashion staples as often.