Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's been a bit crazy around here these days!  Lots of comings and goings and hopping about on crutches (wet sidewalk + stilettos = broken foot, surgery and 6 weeks in a cast) and I have reached the point where I am in desperate need of a little TLC and a lot of indulgence!

When I need to unwind my favorite thing to do is to pile my bed with pillows and put on a great chick flick (current fave is Downton Abbey - Mary ROCKS and Sybil has the sexiest voice of any repressed British aristocrat ever).  But I digress...

Anyhoo, back to unwinding.  And indulging.  Every girl knows that it is virtually impossible to unwind and relax unless there is something positively yummy and decadent to nosh on, right?  Well, I have very recently discovered the treasure trove of all sweet treats:  PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCES -  Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread.  My darling friend Girly stopped by with a tub of this exquisite chocolate spread, along with a plate of fresh strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and apple slices for dipping.  We devoured the fruit plate in mere minutes, then set to finding other snack fare to dip into the tub of chocolate decadence.  We discovered that pretzels, rice cakes and graham crackers all make very efficient vehicles for this yummy treat. 

And since we're all friends here, I'll admit to eating it straight from the container with a spoon!  It is so rich, creamy and delicious that  just can't help it!

PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCES comes in three luscious flavors:  milk chocolate, white chocolate and rich dark chocolate.  It's my perfect way to unwind and indulge - what's yours?

Real Chocolate blended with rich, creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Properly Mix Prints

5 Ways to Perk Up Your Wardrobe

It may be Spring, but Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo.  You know your winter wardrobe is going to have to keep you covered for several more weeks, so what do you do when you have fashion cabin fever? Here are a few tips for giving your seasonal fashions a style boost:

Add a pop of color. Your tawny tans, burnished browns, and muted greys will have a whole new life with a little pop of color. Switch out your brown jacket or blazer with a figure flattering jacket or sweater in a vibrant hue. Add a gorgeous ruffled blouse to your basic work suit. Or a pair of suede maryjane' s will really give your wardrobe some extra mileage.

Fabulous Florals. There is nothing like a floral print to add a little life to an ensemble. Trade out your basic black pencil skirt for a flirty floral. Or try pairing a floral sweater with that black pencil skirt, instead of your usual blazer. A pretty floral print dress worn with a belted sweater or jacket is also perfection!

Sweater Girl. Pair a gorgeous cardigan in a soft sherbet shade with your tweed or wool trousers for a sassy spring look. You've been wearing heavy sweaters all winter long, so choose something a little more lightweight, like a tissue cashmere or a soft silk knit. So many great styles — like the cropped-sleeve cardigan and the wrap cardigan, and a veritable smorgasbord of colors!

Ruffle things up
. Nothing adds a more feminine flair than ruffles. We're not talking Shirley Temple ruffles, but gorgeous textured ruffles on knits and sweaters, skirts and dresses, even handbags and shoes! Just remember: less is more when it comes to ruffles, so limit this trend to just one piece.

Accessory Accents. Every fashionista worth her Louboutins knows that the best way to give an ensemble a little oomph is with great accessories! And the best thing about it is that accessories can be mixed and matched with so many different outfits that suddenly the possibilities are endless! That's why I like to treat my accessories as investments. Excellent quality handbags and shoes, a classic and stylish watch, simple yet elegant fine jewelry and totally fun fashion jewelry. Accessories are like frosting on the cake, and let's face it, a cake without frosting isn't worth the time or the calories. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

It seems that life just keeps getting busier and crazier!  Do you ever feel like you are juggling while jogging on a treadmill?  I know I do, or at least I used to, but once I started to work smarter instead of harder I found that my life went much more smoothly.  In fact, I have even been able to carve out a little niche of time here and there just for me (mani/pedi anyone?)  Here are a few of my favorite ways to save time and keep on track:

Night Prep: Every night I set out everything that I will need to get me out the door on time the next morning including my entire ensemble, right down to accessories, that way I am not rushing around trying to find a missing earring or scarf.  For moms, this also means making sure book bags, lunch boxes and sports equipment are ready to go. Packing lunches the night before is a huge time saver!

Charging Station: This is a great way to keep all your electronics together and charged. My friend, Whitney (mother of four!) says that her kids all turn their cellphones in to her at bedtime and she charges them in her room so they are ready to go in the morning. This is also a great way to make sure your kids don't stay up at night texting their friends!

Lists: I am a big list maker - and I love checking things off! This is another thing I do every evening - I make a list of what needs to be done the next day so I can prepare. This gives me a way to review and prioritize, and delete the unnecessary.  It also frees my mind so I don't lie in bed wondering what I might forget!

Key Hook: I found a fun vintage style key holder that I installed by my pantry door - when I walk in the door at the end of the day I immediately hang my keys on the hook. I never have to search madly for my keys - they are always on the hook!

Multi-task: Honestly, I am the master of multi-tasking! I catch up on the news (or What Not To Wear) while riding my exercise bike or running on the treadmill. On the days I am able to go hiking or running out-of-doors I listen to audiobooks on my iPod.

Crock Pot: Seriously, I just discovered the joys of the Crock Pot! I stumbled across a great Facebook page with tons of fantastic recipes for absolutely everything you can cook in a crock pot. It just takes a few extra minutes in the morning to toss in the ingredients and set it to simmer through the day. And the aroma of hot chicken soup as I walk in the door after a long work day is so comforting!

 Try incorporating just a few time (and sanity!) saving tricks into your life and see how much better you feel!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What to Wear to a Wedding

Hi She She,
First of all, thank you for all your valuable insights to fashion/beauty! I am hoping you can help with this fashion dilemma. A very good friend of mine is getting married in roughly a month. (we've known about the plans for about a week) She is only having her 2 sisters as bridesmaids, and the rest of us will be considered "house party". We will have flowers and sit in the front, just won't be considered bridesmaids... which I think is great! Except, I asked the darling bride-to-be if she cared what we wore, and she actually wants us to wear coral...which is what the bridesmaids are wearing. Her day, her choice...but I am having a very difficult time finding something cute and affordable, without looking like a bridesmaid. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Hi darling girl!

How fun!  There is nothing more exciting than attending a wedding! (I love to go just for the fashions)  I recently attended a wedding where all of the bridesmaids (and there were SEVEN of them!) wore black and white dresses. No two dresses were the same, they were all different styles, different lengths, but all had a black & white pattern in either a floral, or a graphic and it looked GORGEOUS! So with that in mind, I think it would be perfectly fine to wear a dress in any length or style, solid, patterned, or floral, as long as it is in some shade of coral. This one from J.Crew is ideal - the surplice bodice is very flattering and provides great coverage with just a hint of curves.  The A-line skirt is great for sitting, standing and dancing!

Here’s another option - a vibrant floral print This is a dress that will carry you through spring and summer parties and festive occasions!

Another option would be to go with a white or cream colored dress, (which you could definitely get tons of use out of this summer) and accessorize with a coral scarf, lightweight sweater or statement accessories in coral. It used to be taboo to wear anything in white or black to a wedding, but those rules went out with matching handbags and shoes and wearing white after Labor Day. 

 If you do choose to wear white, make sure that you accessorize boldly with color. A vibrant scarf, a bold necklace or bracelet, an elegant clutch, a pair of gorgeous heels - any of these will add the perfect finishing touch to a white or cream dress.

Hope this helps! Happy bridal party shopping!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ONE DAY ONLY! tarte on QVC March 16th

Mark your calendars--the entire set (consisting of 8 pieces) will sell for under $60 for one day only--this 
Friday, March 16.

Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Beauty Resolutions

There is nothing more aging to a woman than tired, sallow skin.  But it only takes a few minutes every day to alleviate this problem and bring your skin back to glowing, dewy health.  Incorporate these give beauty resolutions into your daily routine and your skin will be forever improved:
  • My lifestyle will enhance my beauty. I will regularly exercise, cleansing my body from toxins to provide more nutrients to the skin and I will eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants and help to protect the skin from environmental damage.
  • I will clean up my act – makeup act that is.  Good hygiene is crucial to avoid breakouts and eye infections.  I will be sure to wash my brushes using brush cleanser or mild shampoo.  Then I will rinse and squeeze gently in a towel before letting dry over the side of the sink so air can circulate around the fibers.  I will never use a hair dryer to dry them as that will damage the brushes.
  • I will clear the clutter.  I will empty my makeup bag completely.  I will replace the following:
    • Mascaras: every 3 months.
    • Concealer, cleansers, cream foundations, liquid foundations and moisturizers: every 6 months.
    • Blush, eyeshadows, lipgloss, lipstick, loose powder, pressed powder, shimmer powder and toner: every year.
    • Eye and lip pencils: every 18 months.
  • I will always, always wear SPF.  Not only does this reduce my risk of skin cancer, but it will also help to limit 90% of the aging process that is traced back to sun exposure.
  • I will get to know my skin and the colors that work with it.  For porcelain, try shades of gray, blue and cool creams; fair skin works well with a wide range of warm and cool tones but avoid yellows and oranges; light olive is best suited for neutrals, earthy browns and mossy greens; dark olive shades should be paired with deep purples, plums, greens and rich golds and browns; and deeper skin tones should try bronze, burnt oranges, emerald green, sapphires and plums

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Celebrate International Women’s Day

March 8th marks International Women’s Day and we invite you to join L’Occitane in celebrating this special day with a limited-edition Women’s Day Soap.

 The women of Burkina Faso, Africa celebrate this holiday each year by wearing festive clothing, decorated with a different motif every year. For just $8, you too can commemorate this day with L’Occitane’s fund-raising, fair trade soap. The Women’s Day Soaps are produced in Burkina Faso as part of a development partnership with a local factory. The factory has been run entirely by women since 2010 and supports their economic emancipation.

About the soap:
  • The L’Occitane Foundation and NGO will use 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the soap to help build literacy centers for women in Burkina Faso
  • Made by the women in Burkina Faso
  • Formulated with shea butter (52%) from a fair trade producer
  • Engraved with “Women’s Day” in six languages
  • Enclosed in a box decorated with a motif inspired by Burkina Faso’s 2010 Women’s Day clothing

The limited-edition Women’s Day Soap is available at and in over 160 boutiques throughout the U.S

Monday, March 05, 2012

Subaru First Car Story

Memories are such a great thing.  Some are good, others not so good, some tickle your funny bone and others just make you sigh with contentment.  Which is what is so fun about  It let's you create a memory about your very first car, then animate and publish it!  I had a love/hate relationship with my first car, Bugaboo.  Pale yellow with artfully scattered rust spots, held together with duct tape, baling wire and more than one magical incantation, this little car took me to high school every single day, then on to college and even joined me in my first few years of marriage!  Even though she was easy to recognize by her faded yellow paint and rusty wheel hubs, she was tiny, so I used to duct tape a bright red plastic carnation to her radio antenna so that I could spot her in the school/mall parking lot! Toward the end of her life I found it necessary to park her on an incline, facing downhill, so that I could give her a little nudge, hop in and slowly coast long enough to pop the clutch to get her not-so-trusty little engine started.  Hey, when you are a starving student/newlywed you learn to make do, right? 

One day I was driving Bugaboo home from school, it was winter time and the roads were a bit icy so I was going very slow.  Suddenly, from out of nowhere a deer came bounding out of the trees at the side of the road.  I slammed on the brakes (which you should NEVER do on icy roads!) and immediately went into a skid.  There was no way to avoid hitting the deer.  Squeezing my eyes closed and clutching the steering wheel I braced for the impact.  Which never came.  As I opened my eyes I saw the deer leaping over the hood of my car, landing gently on the other side and prancing off into the trees. Whew!  More than one life was saved that night!

Everyone loved their first car. No matter how beat up or broken down, it was a taste of freedom and you loved it. Even though it lasted only for a brief time, that emotional connection is an experience that unites us all. Check out my custom illustrated story, you can submit one too at and bring your story to life with animation and music and share it with your friends.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the advertiser

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Angelina Jolie’s Show Stopping Leg

Angelina Jolie’s Show Stopping Leg

Octavia’s acceptance speech moved us and Meryl made us smile, but it was Angelina Jolie’s Leg that had everybody talking. To create the dramatic look Angie rocked at the Oscars, all you need is a high slit and great gams. Below are the essential products to achieve the sexy, flawless legs you’ve always wanted—just like Angelina’s.

Begin by slimming down and smoothing thighs with Vichy’s CelluDestock ($39.50). This breakthrough cellulite cream is formulated with five percent Pure Caffeine and Lipocidine to reduce the appearance of an entire cellulite grade in four weeks! Plus, “orange-peel” skin is smoothed after just seven days.

CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for the Appearance of Cellulite

Before you slip on your thigh-grazing slit, apply Dermablend Leg& Body Cover (SRP $27) directly on skin and blend evenly to cover tattoos or skin imperfections. This lightweight formula with high purity pigments offers 14 natural skin tone shades and 16 hours of consistent color.
Leg and Body Cover

Friday, March 02, 2012

Trending Spring Styles: Shine On!

Spring never quite seems to know when to declare itself, officially.  One minute the skies are blue and the birds are singing and the next I'm hurdling rain puddles while trying to keep my umbrella from turning inside out!  What's a busy fashionista with to do?

Well, this spring's fashion trends are wide and varied, can accommodate just about any fluctuation in temperature or weather, and will work well with your own personal sense of style.  I tend to go with fashions that are classic and timeless, then mix in eclectic accessories and funky footwear to give the look my own personal edge.

This spring I am going to let my style shine!  And by shine I mean a little glitz and glamour, a little sparkle and sizzle, and a whole lot of attitude.  The rule here, as with any trend, is "less is more".  A few key pieces in the chosen trend, mixed in with the classics already in your wardrobe, are all you need to make your statement:
Since I just broke my foot (and no one looks chic in a cast and crutches) I've asked one of the stylish young women here at She She Me to model my take on this spring trend.  Thanks Morgan!

I am absolutely loving the gorgeous tops and tunics in shimmery silks and satins. This gorgeous satin tunic is cinched at the waist and worn with sleek rhinestone embellished leggings and a pair of sky high patent leather skyscrapers.  Finish with a chain strap shoulder bag and a statement ring and it's good to go.  When the weather warms up -  lose the leggings and the skinny belt and slip into a pair of metallic sandals.  Either look is right on trend and can accommodate a 30 degree weather fluctuation!

When it comes to spring styles, this fashionista looks to Kohl's for the latest in fashion at incredible prices.  I love the fantastic selection of fashions, footwear and accessories available at Kohl's.  The quality is excellent and the prices are fabulous!  Check out the latest spring trends at Kohl's and let your style shine on!