Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Power of Chocolate The Benefits For The Skin, Health and Mood

Dr. Howard Murad, FAAD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad, Inc., has said numerous times, “Before there was medicine, there was food. And before there was food, there was chocolate!” Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Chocolate invokes the feelings of comfort, romance and happiness. It’s given as gifts for major holidays and is an ancient delicacy that was exclusive to the upper class. But few understand the health benefits of chocolate, outside of its sugary sweetness.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dr. Murad is explaining what added bonuses chocolate can give you. Eat up!

  • Contrary to what you grew up thinking, chocolate does NOT cause breakouts
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids, which act as antioxidants and protect the body from aging caused by free radicals

  • Chocolate is a slight mood elevator, as it contains phenyl ethylamine.
  • The carbohydrates in chocolate raise serotonin levels in the brain, resulting in a sense of well-being

  • Cacao contains antibacterial properties that fight tooth decay

It’s important to remember to eat chocolate in moderation; a little goes a long way. But forget the myths and enjoy the chocolate goodness. Your skin, health and attitude will thank you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

GET THE LOOK: Aveda and Keri Russell - The Americans Premiere

Hairstylist Brian Magallones created Keri Russell’s modern take on a classic 50's look for the New York premiere of “The Americans.”  Keri walked the red carpet wearing pair of leather pants and suede top by Alexander McQueen.  “I wanted her hair to look glamorous and appropriate for the red carpet, yet still modern and edgy to complement what she was wearing,” said Magallones.

To achieve this look at home, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Start by taking 2 inch sections of hair and curling them with a curling iron and pinning them up in pin curls.  As you are curling, spray each section with Aveda Volumizing Tonic (SRP $9.50) to add volume and hold. Use a 1 inch curling iron around the face for a more defined wave and a large 1 ¾ inch iron for the rest of the head.  

Step 2: Once the pin curls are cool and set, remove each pin curl and flat iron the ends. The straight ends are what give this look that modern edge.  

Step 3: Next, create a deep side part for drama, and brush the hair to relax the curl and shape the wave around the face.

Step 4:  To finish the look, run some Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss (SRP $27) through to add shine, and add a light mist of Aveda Control Force Hair Spray (SRP $26) to hold it in place.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

LOVE Lady Gaga's new perfume - FAME

Now that we’ve seen the stars walk the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, we wanted to share with you some “red carpet chatter”! Kerry Washington, Scandal star, was interviewed by E! and raved about being a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s perfume, Fame. Kerry said, “I literally was one of the first people in the world to have her Fame perfume…I am obsessed!”

This perfume is literally one-of-a-kind.  It is black!  Seriously! It becomes invisible once airborne.  I love the press description of the perfume: 

The scent is haunted by tears of poisonous belladonna. The bitten "death cherries" that have created dark beauty for time eternal. Balanced with a black veil of burning incense. The obsessive, opulent note is brightened by dripping honey and luscious apricot nectar brushed with saffron.  A glorious floral layer of crushed jasmine sambac and pressed tiger orchid tops the scent with bruised beauty.

Sseko Designs | Tote bag for everyday, Accents for every style Pin it to Win it!!

From workday to weekend, every girl needs a great tote bag.  Sseko Designs has launched their first tote collection, and you definitely do not want to miss out!  From your casual handbag to a great accessory to take with you on any vacation, these on-the-go tote bags are perfect for just about any purpose – they can easily carry your laptop to even your weekend essentials. 

Not only are they practical, but it will add style to any look with Sseko’s bag accessories.  Whether it is on the beach or walking through the city, these tote bags can turn an everyday look to a night out with friends.  What’s even more exciting!?  From now until January 31st, 2013, you may even enter for a chance to ‘Win the Sseko Harbor Tote Bag for your next adventure’!  For more details, check it out here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hollywood Gets Red Carpet Ready with Murad

A Guide to Celebrity and Makeup Artist Favorites

Awards Season is here and all eyes are on the celebrities – dressed to perfection and dazzling the paparazzi on the red carpet. It’s a time when stars shine their brightest (and they certainly make it seem effortless) by putting their best face forward. But under all the fabric, jewels and makeup, what really makes them shine? Their skincare!

We’re spilling the details on which award nominees, makeup artists and stylists rely on Murad to get red carpet ready. Check it out here:

·         Emily Blunt, Golden Globe Award Winner: Emily Blunt, a 2013 Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice nominee, has certainly caught Hollywood’s eye and her red carpet appearances are just as captivating as her film performances. One of her favorite products, Murad’s Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30, works to restore suppleness, soften lines and provide essential sun protection to keep skin looking flawless. ($47) 

·         Jessica Lange, Academy Award and Golden Globe Winner: Jessica Lange is up for her second nomination for her award winning role in American Horror Story: Asylum. The classic Hollywood beauty knows what it takes to be camera ready, and that includes prepping with Murad’s Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Décolleté. It increases firmness to restore a more youthful smoothness and even tone. ($55)

·         Rachel Zoe, Celebrity Stylist: Rachel Zoe is known for creating some of best looks seen on the red carpet. She definitely knows the importance of looking your best, which includes having healthy and hydrated skin. No wonder she keeps Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture in her own beauty bag! ($65)

·         Catt Sadler, Entertainment Reporter: Catt Sadler, host of E! Live from the Red Carpet, knows what it’s like to always be camera ready. Catt uses an assortment of Murad Moisturizers to keep her skin glowing for any red carpet event.

·         Nadine Velazquez, Actress: Nadine Velazquez, actress in the Critic’s Choice nominated film Flight, visits the Murad Inclusive Health Spa when she wants to pamper herself and her skin. It’s the perfect way to relax before any big event!

·         Ande Yung, Makeup Artist: Makeup artist Ande Yung, who works on the Golden Globe nominated series Boardwalk Empire, understands the importance of youthful skin. She says Murad’s Time Release Retinol Concentrate has my official seal of approval.”  ($65)

·         Ellen Vieira, Makeup Artist: Ellen Vieira, makeup artist on the hit Golden Globe nominated show New Girl, preps her actors with Murad before applying makeup for the camera. One of her favorite products is Murad’s Active Radiance Serum, which improves the skin’s natural radiance and clarity. ($89)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun Valentine's Day Finds

With shades of rich mulberry, barely there pink, warm coral, and golden brown sugar, Lip Bliss™ from What’s Your Virtue® has the perfect hue to make lips irresistible this Valentine’s Day!  Lip Bliss keeps lips silky smooth with fortifying castor, cranberry, safflower seed and peppermint oils, plus the protecting properties of anti-oxidants, green tea extracts, and moisturizing vitamin E.  Lip Bliss™ is gluten free, not tested on animals, and contains no parabens.  http://whatsyourvirtue.com

Celadon Road is a complete line of high quality organic and natural finds including great skincare products to keep skin soft and silky.  The beauty line is made using Certified Organic plant oils, botanicals and essential oils. They are also packaged with recyclable and eco-friendly materials. http://www.celadonroad.com/products.php.

CorsetChick.com is a one-stop-shop for getting sexy for Valentine’s Day with a large variety of racy corsets, baby dolls, teddies, garters and more. The high quality line of lingerie is sold at extremely reasonable prices and has something for every couple. www.corsetchick.com

Style destination Roztayger has a variety of fun clutches and handbags for the ladies as well as briefs and messenger bags for the guys this Valentine’s Day!   This unique shopping destination offers a timeless and versatile selection founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis.  http://roztayger.com

With a variety of gift boxes to choose from, SurprisesByMail.com is a great resource for Valentine’s Day!  Box options can be customized with a personalized message and images and filled with your choice of sweets, chocolates, fudge, baked goods, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels and more.  Available in four affordable box options.  https://www.surprisesbymail.com

Golden Globes Red Carpet Alert: Zooey Deschanel wows the crowd!

Hollywood leading lady Zooey Deschanel wowed audiences at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards.  Do you want to see her stunning beauty look & discover what tarte products her makeup artist applied before she walked down the red carpet?

Here's what celebrity makeup artist, Jorjee Douglass, used to create her ultra femme and chicly retro look:

-    She prepped Zooey’s skin the night before with tarte’s pure maracuja oil to keep her skin soft and glowy.
-    To even out her complexion and ensure her foundation lasted she applied BB tinted treatment primer in fair.
-     Next, she blended tarte’s maracuja miracle 12-hr foundation to add extra radiance to her complexion. To conceal any uneven skin she used tarte’s maracuja creaseless concealer underneath her eyes.
-     She added a pop of color with tarte’s Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in frisky to the apples of her cheeks.
-    For a touch of shimmer, she applied maracuja blush & glow brightening lumiziner and cheek tint in candlelight to the tops of her cheekbones and set her t-zone with a light dusting of Amazonian clay finishing powder.

-    For a strong and defined brow, she used a mixture of tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil in taupe and medium brown.
-    To make Zooey’s blue eyes pop, she started by blending the bronze shadows from tarte’s beauty & the box Amazonian clay eyeshadow quad in “in the buff” all over her lids.
-    To create a cat-eye shape, she drew tarte’s multiplEYE™ lash enhancing liquid liner over her top lashline, with a dip at the outer corner.
-    Inspired by Twiggy’s lashes, she painted on tiny lashes underneath her bottom lashes with the precise tip of multiplEYE™ lash enhancing liquid liner.
-     She finished by applying two coats of lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara to add major volume and drama to her lashes.

-    Jorjee patted tarte’s glamazon™ pure performance 12-hour lipstick in bold over Zooey’s lips with her fingers to create a light stain and then went over it with LipSurgence™ lip luster in delighted to add extra shine

Check out all the fabulous products at tarte cosmetics! Receive a Free Sample with ANY purchase plus, Free Shipping on orders of $40 and up! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prevent Collagen Loss: Dr. Murad's Easy Steps

We’ve all been told that collagen and elastin are essential for maintaining youthful skin, but do you really know why? First off, it is important to understand exactly what these two essential components are. Collagen is a vital fibrous protein that is found all throughout the body; it connects and supports tissues including skin, bone, muscles, tendons, cartilage and organs.

The more collagen we lose, the more fine lines and wrinkles appear which is why it is essential that we work to increase our collagen levels as we age. We accomplish this not only through topical products, but also by living an Inclusive Health lifestyle, which addresses nutritional and emotion needs for optimal skin health. The three broad aspects of Inclusive Health are Looking Better (paying attention to the health of your skin), Living Better (paying attention to what you put in your body) and Feeling Better (paying attention to your sense-of-self), which all lead to the overall goal of being BETTER EVERY DAY.

I recommend the following Inclusive Health tips to help people prevent the loss of collagen and elastin and maintain your youthful glow, free of fine lines and wrinkles:


§  Wash, Treat and Moisturize Day and Night
Applying collagen to the face is ineffective since the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the dermis, so avoid products that make this claim. For building collagen and elastin, I recommend using products that contain antioxidants, such as winged-kelp, which boost anti-aging agents, helping to maintain skin’s collagen and elastin levels, and fight oxidative stress. Additionally, retinol stimulates cell production and helps boost collagen production to reveal firmer, younger–looking skin.

*Product Recommendation: Murad’s new Rapid Collagen Infusion, a fast acting, multi-tasking formula that fights wrinkles and loss of resilience by promoting collagen and elastin production while maintaining healthy hydration levels in the skin. It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 2 hours*

§  Use SPF Everyday
UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) rays weaken the skin’s support system of collagen and elastin – thereby accelerating the skin’s aging process. Protect your skin and keep your complexion looking its best by using sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection every day to avoid damaging skin!

LIVING BETTER              

You Are What You Put Into Your Body

Try eating foods that are rich in collagen boosting ingredients such as embryonic foods that contain amino acids (I like eggs beans and seeds), antioxidants, which inhibit damage to collagen (I like pomegranates and goji berries) and good fats (I like walnuts and avocado).